Monday, March 08, 2010

A Sea Change in Hollywood?

The observation of a single swallow doesn't mean it's summer, as a local proverb goes. But hey, we're talking Hollywood here. Roger L. Simon has the good news.

Pajamas: "Did the 2010 Academy Awards Mark the End of “Liberal Hollywood”?"

The 2010 Academy Awards may not have marked the end of “liberal Hollywood” as we know it, but they certainly put a solid dent in it. With the pro-military “The Hurt Locker” winning over the enviro-pabulum of “Avatar” and Sandra Bullock garnering the Best Actress Oscar for a Christian movie, the times are a-changin’ at least somewhat, maybe even a lot.

But one thing is now certain. It is time for conservative, center-right and libertarian filmmakers to stop feeling sorry for themselves and go out and just do it. Their “victocrat” days are over. No more excuses. “The Hurt Locker” and “The Blind Side” have proven that it can be done. Get out of the closet, guys and gals. If you want to make a film with themes you believe in, quit whining about Industry prejudice and start writing that script and trying to get it made. That’s not an easy thing, no matter what your politics. (...) >>>

Check IMDb for the entire list of winners of the 82nd Annual Academy Awards and all the photos from the big night: the red carpet arrivals, moments from the show, the press room happenings, and the after-parties.

- "The Hurt Locker" on IMDb
- "The Blind Side" on IMDb
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