Friday, November 30, 2007

The Ancient Art of Pugilism

And now for something quite different. Dutch art gallery Simonis & Buunk are highlighting an extraordinary piece by the painter J.W. Sluiter. It depicts a box match which took place in London in 1920, of Joe Beckett versus Tommy Burns. Further details on the site of the gallery (Dutch).

Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Sum of Wonders

Following the post on "The Other Case of Art Appreciation: Nazi Loot" in which Gustav Klimt's portrait of Adele Block-Bauer featured prominently, here's what you get when the wonders of Klimt's are crossed with the drama of Giacomo Puccini's: a Sum of Wonders!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Christian Heritage

Chiesa: "How to Paint a Homily, with the Brush of Luke, Evangelist and Painter", by Sandro Magister

A book by Timothy Verdon comments on the readings for the Mass with the masterpieces of Christian art. It is a "preaching through images" that blossomed for centuries in the Church. And the current pontificate wants to revive it. (...)

From the sixth century on, the lectionaries that collected the Gospel and Epistle readings for the Mass did not need any separate commentaries. They were, in themselves, an illustration of the pages of the Sacred Scriptures, a visual guide to understanding them.

These lectionaries explained the Scriptures with images that were placed alongside the texts – for example, the splendid miniatures of the medieval codices. These images served as guides and commentaries for a clergy and a people already accustomed to seeing the events and personalities of the Sacred Scriptures depicted upon the walls of their churches.

And now, just before the first Sunday of Advent, a book has been published in Italy that gives new life to this tradition. It is a commentary on the lectionary of the Sunday and feast day Masses of year A – the volumes for years B and C will follow – made up of images from great Christian art. Images more eloquent than many words.

The author is Timothy Verdon, a priest and art historian, professor at Stanford University and the director of Florence's diocesan office for catechesis through art. He is also the author of important books on Christian art and on the role of art in the Church's life. >>>

The book is planned for translation into other languages: Timothy Verdon, "La bellezza nella parola. L'arte a commento delle letture festive. Anno A", Edizioni San Paolo, Cinisello Balsamo, 2007, pp. 378, EUR 43,00.

English translation by Matthew Sherry, Saint Louis, Missouri, U.S.A.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Enter the Cabal (II): Transnational Progressivism

~ Continued from Part I: "Towards a Common Purpose" ~

By far the most efficient way for opponents to deal with inevitable but inconvenient conclusions like the present, or the one outlined in Part I, is to label them 'conspiracy theories': it's a prompt, if rather blunt stopper. Not just the conclusion is rendered harmless by dispatch to the realm of urban myths, also the writer is turned for life into an unreliable nutter at best, a paranoid borderline case at worst. Either way, end of story: no serious person would ever stoop to argue with such wild, unscholarly conclusions.

In defence I can only say that there's a difference between seeing ghosts and connecting the dots that are available in open source material for anyone willing to face them; the nuthouse has of course traditionally been the place for dissidents and other thinking undesirables; it will also be so in the totalitarian future: I, for one, am not impressed (intimidated, that is).

It is the duty of organizations like Common Purpose (CP) to smooth the way towards an easy re-alignment of nation states, turning them into regions that make up the post-democratic power blocs (modelled on the old Soviet Union in the case of the EU): to ensure that in the popular perception and in public consensus this is a positive development.

Third Way New Labour in the U.K. - under whose umbrella CP resides - have elevated spin doctoring beyond improvement. The connection of CP with the tarantulas in the web, the Tavistock Institute for the Promotion of the Hive Mind with the Frankfurt School for Intellectual Leftism in the West, clinches the matter (not to mention the omnipresent Rockefeller Foundation, for some reason ever in attendance when some form of social engineering is indicated). For those young enough not to know, the Frankfurt School was simply a hugely successful Fifth Column of Cultural Marxism, that managed to irrevocably subvert entire generations of Leftist Westerners.

Having over the last 30 to 40 years eliminated the encouragement of independent thinking from the educational curriculum, people's cognition today largely remains on the passive, perceptional level, where feelings and emotions are being triggered by outside forces, left unchecked by autonomic rationalization. (Semi-)subliminal manipulation of public opinion has become a black art in which many elitists excel. Nothing new there.

During the German occupation of Holland between 1940 and 1945 some 600 aristocrats, intellectuals and scholars of assorted political affiliation were interned in a seminary in the south of the country, in the village of Sint Michielsgestel. They were in fact hostages, to be lined up and shot in retaliation for eventual acts of resistance.

The ad hoc think-tank that thus took shape, had ample time to work out at leisure how the post war world should be moulded. They came from all walks of life, but the ones that with hindsight took the lead and mostly worked behind the political scenes, can hardly said to be Paleo Conservatives or Classical Liberals. But to state they were all Socialists, or plain Communists, would be telling a lie.

For the most part they were "free-thinking", moderate, Protestants, which in the Dutch social and political kaleidoscopic landscape is not an oxymoron, but an actual denomination, that only in the last decade or so merged with the Left Green Party (GL). Their clergy are of the type that state they don't believe in God anymore, but stay in the job because of the 'social aspects' (great candidates for the Emergent Pomo Church, or How-to-Destruct-the-Church-from-Within!).

The broadcasting network (VPRO) that showed the video footage on the war time hostages just recently, is a remnant of that time. It went from Free-Thinking Protestant (Vrijzinnig Protestant) to Pacifist, and from Socialist to Green and mainstream. It is telling for the state of affairs that this network has been voluntarily delegated the unofficial public broadcasting rights to all historical theme programs! Here's the footage from VPRO's "Andere Tijden" (Dutch).

After liberation a number of hostages entered the institutions of higher education, government and most importantly, they founded and manned forerunners of international fora.

Max Kohnstamm is a typical example. After graduating in history he went to the United States in 1938-1939 to "study the New Deal". After the war - from 1945 to 1948 - he became Queen Wilhelmina's Personal Secretary. From 1952 to 1958 he was Secretary of the High Committee of the Communion for Coal and Steel, the core forerunner of what is now the European Union (EU). He worked shoulder to shoulder with founders Jean Monnet and Schumann. Kohnstamm was VP of Monnet's Action Committee for the United States of Europe, and was of course involved in Bilderberg Conferences. From 1976 to 1981 he was the first President of the European University Institute in Florence and Honorary President of the European Policy Center in Brussels.

Another pedigree worth studying is that of Hendrik Brugmans, one of the intellectual leaders of the European Movement and co-founder and first president of the Union of European Federalists. From 1950 to 1972 Dean of the College of Europe in Bruges, his contribution to the discussions at the ad hoc hostage think-tank being his insistence of the suspension of democratic government for a period of at least five years after World War II.

Willem Schermerhorn, the first post World War II Socialist Prime Minister, ruling The Netherlands from 1945 to 1946, was also the first Dutch Prime Minister who came up with the novelty of appointing civil servants with political backgrounds, never mind the separation of powers! Examples are Jacob (Koos) Vorrink and aforementioned Hendrik Brugmans (nicknamed 'The Schermer Boys").

Vorrink fathered later Socialist Minister Irene Vorrink, who showed her totalitarian credentials by proposing to lace potable water with fluoride compounds with the purpose of combating tooth decay. As her son busied himself with aforementioned "free-thinking" Protestant broadcasting network VPRO, reading for its radio service the daily market rates of pot and grass, mother Irene - as a Minister of Health - diligently worked to get 'soft drugs' legalized and out of the criminal justice system - an accomplishment giving cause to smiles on criminal faces today as far afield as southern Greece. Illustrious people indeed.

Of course these 'builders' didn't reckon with developments in Iran and the Middle East, where national awakening had shifted towards religious identity based on a Dark Age death cult. Muslim emigrants are presently moving all over the globe - in Europe making up for demographic inbalances, a result of Socialist 'familiy planning, or How-to-Destruct-the-Family-Unit-from-Within. Islam is spread like wildfire by means of legal and social blackmail, extortion, intimidation and open aggression, demanding snippets of Sharia law to the imposed on Muslim and infidel alike.

The general idea among the 'builders' is, that the only solution their vision foresees in, is that Islam will just have to adjust, liberalise and be absorbed for The Greater Good. Hence the appeasement in the face of bullying tactics. The builders initially thought in terms of syncretism, intermarriage and pluralism. In the end we move towards Apartheid, multiculturalism's cultural ghettos, prisons to all independent thinkers from whatever background. But terrorism and terror also play into the building hands, as it forms an excuse for enforce and control.

The new Empires will accommodate many races, cultures, religions and ethnicities within virtual, shifting border areas, what today in Europe are termed Euregions. One such, is for example the Maastricht area in the southern Netherlands, with a nearby airport in Germany (Aachen) and an economic dynamic spreading well into Belgian territory (Liege).

Parts of southern England (PDF) are thus becoming twinned to areas in Northern France (PDF: more on EU Truth) of which the capital is Paris. Be prepared for the creation of more such shifting, provisional, legal entities that nominally would reflect linguistic, ethnic and cultural realities on the ground, but that in fact crisscross nation states, creating fault lines and breaking points. No nation thus undermined, will be left standing.

Organized crime will be happy to note that physical borders will become a thing of an unenlightened past when narrow minds thought in geo-political terms of autonomous, assertive nation states. Russia supposedly will align with China, expanding their sphere of influence to the Middle East. The future status of Africa, South America and Australia still seems in doubt, but it is clear that an alignment of Australia with parts of Southeast Asia may be well on the cards.

The North American Union (NAU), constituting the US, Canada and Mexico will include Latinos of Amerindian descent yearning for Aztlan, as Eurabia will include both Shia and Sunni Muslims with dreams of the Caliphate. There will however be no place for such limited interests in the enlightened, interconnected, Kantian realm of perpetual peace that lies beyond history: large post-democratic multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-racial power-sharing entities, in competition with each other for resources. It is driven by geo-economics and presently by rivalry with the sole remaining super power, the United States of America.

This globalization is much closer than we realise. The single, autonomous nation state is actively being phased out. The EU is a fact of life, the NAU seems inevitable, and Eurabia's project is happily advancing along as Europeans are largely unaware of such developments, not being consulted as oligarchies with totalitarian tendencies sign away their native lands.

Problems of integration of Muslims and Latinos are mere symptoms of the ongoing geo-political re-alignment and actually deflect attention away from the main developments, perhaps the reason why problems in that regard are left inexplicably unremedied.

Global warming serves a number of purposes. It is a cash cow for the environment industry and a taxation base (control mechanism) for governments; it is also a myth conduit (see PMF, number 5: Truth by Survey Does Not Exist), as well as a deflector. But more importantly, if it starts looking remarkably like a religion, this is because it is. Environmentalism serves the purpose of a religion in that it focuses the world's attention on a common purpose beyond the narrow mundane, interests - Salvation - and serves a deity to whom sacrifices and libations must be made by the rich: harking back to paganistic animism? Perhaps. But foremost it's Marxist dialectic in action on a global scale.

While the minds are occupied with that and other, bleached means of deflection residing in Hollywood, attention is focused on scarce resources, as the power blocs silently take shape beyond democratic control.

The world is swimming in oil; we're just electing not to exploit and market it (links). It is in fact the creation of an artificial scarcity and all the consequences that entails: high price levels, (arguably) less consumption (if it were a 'normal' commodity), high taxation, government control, distribution, lines and coupons, black markets, crime, and the rest associated with a scarce but essential product. Suggestions invited.

In the nineties - just after the fall of the Berlin Wall - the discussion within libertarian circles was about wealth creation and freedom, in the sense of free markets and creativity versus totalitarian dictatorships, scarcity and poverty. The idea was that wealth is produced by free, democratic countries; the creative process is allowed free reign to produce the innovation driven free market economies. No more.

The world's diplomatic talking shops - the World Trade Organization for instance - have allowed The People's Republic of China to become the global mass production factory of what not, from cheap light bulbs and tooth picks to exclusive brand socks, fridges and cars. China and Vietnam are proving that democracy and civil liberties have nothing to do with the creation of wealth and free trade. Wealth creation is perfectly possible under conditions of global economic planning and unenlightened dictatorships, Communist or otherwise. Money keeps the world go round irrespective of liberty, democracy and free trade!

With that data in hand the global re-alignment into the post-democratic power blocs, empires with elaborate power-sharing arrangements but with limited personal and civil freedoms, with global economic planning, upholding trade barriers in so far as they are part of multilateral agreements - and yet remain wealth creating, has become a real possibility. Either the Soviets did it wrong, or the Union wasn't large enough.

I am merely connecting the OSINT dots. It is not even very relevant if these extrapolations are the result of conscious decisions made by a global cabal, or even a subconscious process supported by a global oligarchy. But I draw the line at it being a natural process or an Act of God. Here's a reminder of the nature of transnational progressivism. Whatever the case may be, the direction of a number of political and economic policy developments is currently taking us in the direction as outlined above.

It's no good asking the builders to leave well alone: scorpions, by nature, sting - builders build. But regarding the matter of freedom, creativity and wealth I just mentioned, I think they'll find that mass copying on the contrary, equals stagnation.

~ You can join the discussions, on this and other subjects, on the Politeia Forum. ~

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Posting Will Be Slow ...

After over twelve hours of soft torture I was informed at 02:45 early Saturday morning that I'm in the process of being upgraded from a mere mortal broadband user to an exclusive "Lightspeed" (whatever its name is) client. Such being the blessings of a HoL (Hellas off Line) customer!

It look me the better part of the day, listening to a soothing, canned, female voice, perpetually informing the esteemed customers that for "safety and quality reasons their messages will be recorded". This is typical postmodern, legal morality which says that everything is allowed as long as it's regulated, meaning that the customer must be priorly informed. "Excuse me, we will now be subjecting you to subliminal torture, but it's alright! We just informed you!".

The female legal disclaimer was merely background to a specially devised tune with a rhythm just under heart beat - to suppress the excitement of waiting, and adrenaline flow induced by being treated like a non-entity; the lyrics conveying the message that "the sky is clearing, it's a beautiful day, open up your window, let the sun shine in ...". Apart from interruptions by the disclaimer, this musical brainwash is set loose on the esteemed clientele, 24/7. I told you, I know when I'm being manipulated, but apparently entire hordes are taken in by this piece of corporate BB psychology from hell.

Having over the last 30 to 40 years eliminated the encouragement of independent thinking from the educational curriculum, people's cognition today takes place largely on the perceptional level where feelings and emotions about themselves and the world surrounding them, are being triggered by outside forces and flow unhindered by the conceptional level on which active, conscious cognition is supposed to take place. (Semi-)subliminal manipulation of public perception has become a black art in which many professionals excel. The initial idea then, that you're dealing with a bunch of autistic amateurs is grossly unjustified. This sample of customer repellant is well thought through.

As said - the night shift being less occupied with customer management - at 02:45 a.m. I finally got through to a live technician appraising me of the happy message. It would take only three to four days for the transfer from 'basic' to 'upgraded customer' to take place, only at the price of living without broadband connection for the duration. My wodka induced protests of being 'on to them' were promptly punished by the duration being increased to one week.

Never mind prior warning in writing - snailmail not being their medium of choice - perhaps email or a telephone message would have been indicated since they have the specifics on record for obvious technical reasons. But the only form of human-to-human communication you'll ever get from the corporate policy turned autistic amateurism is a monthly bill, payable exclusively by inconvenient methods.

I could of course take my business elsewhere, but that would also involve an off-line transition period, as well as the technical problems associated with a new connection, and well the new media cartel knows it! Besides, they're all the same, wherever you go on the planet, the new businesses dealing in cell phones, internet and all their paraphernalia are all subject to the same postmodern message of non-communication, conveying the message that the customer is basically irrelevant to the bottom line: virtual anonimity guaranteed.

In short, posting will be a bit slow in the coming week while I'm dealing with withdrawal symptons, doing offline chores. My podcast interview with Andrew Riley and Duane Lester of "Field Guide to American Politics" - if at all - will be conducted from the local Internet café from which I am posting present message. CU next weekend. Can't wait ...

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Demolished Heritage

If you happened to have read my post yesterday morning, you'll know what I've been up to. I went into town on assignment, hot on the trail of a building in distress. As it happens, it is actually no less than an entire community, and a place representing our very roots, that's in peril! Here's the related blog: "Dionysiou Areopagitou 17: A Monument in Danger".

To fully appreciate what we're dealing with, picture the following. The building concerned is a 1930's, Art Deco specimen, that is perfectly embedded in a classical Greek setting; it was built and designed by award winning, international artist and architect Vasilis Kouremenos, a friend of Pablo Picasso's. More details in this post.

It has recently been restored and the adorning marble relief work and mosaics are as fresh as if applied only yesterday. Some of the interior art work is simply exquisite: there's a slide show accessible here.

This perfect architectonic period piece flanks the road the Apostle Paul is said to have walked; it lies on the foot of the Acropolis mountain, in the heart of the old town of Athens. The buildings in this area are traditionally of the Neo-classical period. Some sadly have been abandoned by their impoverished owners and ran to seed in the course of two and half centuries; the vast majority that hasn't, have recently been restored to their former glory. It is a truly unique place, in the physical sense as well as historical and cultural.

It had to happen ... inevitably ... Postmodern politicians, planners and architects being what they are - the deconstructionists of a past and a place they revile and despise, having made its atomization the centre-piece of their vacuous lives - not content with dumping a linear glass monument to nihilism smack in the middle of this paradise - are now threatening the annex historical build-up with extinction.

It simply couldn't stand: deconstruction of the place that symbolizes the cradle of Western civilization, is to them the height of accomplishment. The challenge has long stood firm, taunting them to lift up their barbaric hands against her; at last she's succumbed to the relativist onslaught! The Postmodern oaf boasting his accomplishment can be viewed in the video embedded in yesterday's post.

The owners, occupants and a great number of other defenders of the remaining buildings in peril, are making the case for the proverbial line in sand that will not be crossed. No more! The excuse is too feeble for words: as if one demanding visitor, one exhausted tourist, would ever forfeit their refreshing cuppa or G&T after a long, hot haul with the spirits of the Parthenon ... because of an obstructed view!

Instead of the oaf adjusting his 'artistic efforts' to fit the environment in which it stands, the plan was of course all along to adjust the heritage to fit the nihilist design!

I'm begging any human being with a cultural or historical bone in his or her body, to sign the petition that will help the brave activists keeping the deconstructionists at bay. You can help stop the Postmodern wreckers by entering a short comment in the commentary box (blue coloured text at the bottom of the top post, titled Action - click on: ΣΧΟΛΙΑ).

With gratitude, on behalf of the cradle!

More photos, videos and other material is available on the Politeia Articles Blog.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Demolishing Heritage

Your intrepid civil reporter is today on assignment. Reverting asap.

Monday, November 05, 2007

The Plague of Pirates and Romantics: Arrrgh!

Military.Com: "Navy Gives Pirates Cause to Cry 'Argh'"

Somali pirates gave up control of two ships hijacked months earlier and U.S. Navy escorted the boats to safer waters Sunday as it stepped up efforts to bring security to the seas off the chaotic Horn of Africa nation.
The pirates climbed into small skiffs and headed back to Somalia after speaking by radio to U.S. naval personnel. A Navy ship and helicopter guided the South Korean-owned boats Mavuno 1 and 2 further out to sea.

It was the third time in a week the U.S. has intervened to help ships hijacked by Somali pirates. Sailors boarded a North Korean ship to give medical assistance to crew members who overpowered their hijackers, and a U.S. naval vessel fired on pirate skiffs tied to a Japanese-owned ship.

(Cmdr. Lydia Robertson of the U.S. Fifth Fleet in Bahrain) said the increase in U.S. military interventions was mostly due to the a surge in piracy. As the Navy moved ships into the area to respond to one incident, increased contact with other hijacked ships in the area was more likely, she said. "It's not that it's a change in focus," Robertson said. "But we had the opportunity to put some pressure on the pirates >>>

Forget romantic notions about the Revolution, Afghan warlords, latter-day Robin Hoods or piracy. Rather than the picture above, today's pirates come in shapes like this. Not unlike pirates, romanticists are equally a plague. Their tendency to reject the harsh light of reality tends them to look upon the facts of life from a skewed angle. Where decisive measures are required in perhaps preventing even worse, the romantic suggests options of sentimentality.

He does so, not out of empathy with the culprits, but out of consideration for what is the centre piece in his life, his own feelings. Easy scoring against some 'righteous soldier of truth' boosts his self-esteem in no mean measure and - not unimportant - it saves him the trouble of having to deal with the psychological blowback that comes with the territory of accepting responsibilities. Sentimentality actually, says the grandfather of psychology C.G. Jung, is a superstructure covering brutality. This is also philosophically correct, as I shall explain presently.

How romanticism has influenced religion is set out by David Klinghoffer in his book "Why the Jews Rejected Jesus". Besides spilling the beans on the real Judaic view on Jesus (it already being in the public domain for some time), he tells the story of Rabbi Baeck (1873-1956). This revered leader of German Jewry before World War II described how historical periods of moral rectitude since times immemorial have been alterated with epochs, dominated by "romantic tendency that revered not ethical action but emotional experience, that gauzy, swooning sensation of feeling and glorying in being personally 'saved'. This essentially Narcissistic, passive version of religion loves sacred music and wafting incense but can look with indifference on injustice and tyranny."

"By contrast, the Judaic classical counter-tendency thinks less about the self and more about the wrongs done by human beings and directs a focused passion to setting things right on earth. In Baeck's retelling of Christian history, the religion of the historical Jesus was classical while the apostle Paul's was romantic. The romantic and classical tendencies were balanced in the medieval church. With Luther's Reformation, the pendulum swung to the romantic side - which would explain how German Lutheranism could be so indifferent to Nazi violence. In his essay "Romantic Religion", Baeck was already writing on this theme in 1922!"

Germans seem to be in a constant peril in this respect, being described as "incurably romantic' by some authors attempting to capture European national traits in a few pointed words (or what a particular nation would do with a hammer). I can think of a few other tribes as well. I use the word 'tribe' with good cause: according to Justin Halter, blogging Professor of Comparative Religions, the admirer of totalitarianism may be justified in typifying his society of preference as 'tribal'.

Politics is no less subject to these pendulum swings of classical realism versus romanticism. The historical period of Romanticism can be traced back to Rousseau and the movement of Counter Enlightenment of which he was the originator. His idealistic picture of the Noble Savage simply drools unrealistic, romantic notions. The offloading of five of his children on the Paris orphanage tells the story of the innate brutality of the sentimentalist. Somehow it's the children that always suffer most.

It is the same Subjectivist (Relativist) rejection of the real world that is plaguing us today. Not only does it feed the delusion that objective reality does not exist, in the process it also ejects all notions of morality: good and evil do not exist in a make-believe personal cosmos in which everyone is right from his or her personal perspective. In today's terms we call this watershed between reality-based and the delusional the political right, and the political left side of the aisle, respectively.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Other Case of Art Appreciation: Nazi Loot

Art Daily: "National Archives Announces Discovery of "Hitler Albums"

Today at a National Archives press conference, Allen Weinstein, Archivist of the United States, Michael Kurtz, Assistant Archivist for Records Services and Robert M. Edsel, author of Rescuing Da Vinci and President of the Monuments Men Foundation for the Preservation of Art, announced the discovery of two original leather bound photograph albums documenting art that was looted by the Nazis during World War II, both of which Mr. Edsel will donate to the National Archives under separate terms.

These albums were created by the staff of the Third Reich’s Einsatzstab Reichsleiter Rosenberg (ERR). This special unit was organized in the summer of 1940 under Reich Leader Alfred Rosenberg, initially to collect political material in occupied countries for exploitation in the "struggle against Jewry and Freemasonry." The ERR established its base of operations in Paris in July 1940 and on November 5, Hermann Goering assigned the ERR the responsibility for the confiscation of "ownerless" Jewish art collections.

Caption: recovered Klimt's portrait of Adele Block-Bauer

On November 18 of that year, Adolf Hitler ordered that all confiscated works of art be brought to Germany and placed at his personal disposal. During the next several years, the ERR would be engaged in an extensive and elaborate art looting operation in France that was part of Hitler’s much larger premeditated scheme to steal art treasures from conquered nations.

The Archivist hailed this discovery as "one of the most significant finds related to Hitler’s premeditated theft of art and other cultural treasures to be found since the Nuremberg trials. It is exciting to know that original documents shedding light on this important aspect of World War II are still being located, especially so because of the hundreds of thousands of cultural items stolen from victims of Hitler and the Nazis that are still missing. Documents such as these may play a role in helping to solve some of those mysteries and, more importantly, helping victims recover their treasures. >>>

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Support Burma!

Received following from Action Alert: "Speak Out: Stand with the People of Burma". Drawing also special attention to the posts listed in related material at the bottom of present post. Sometimes protesting can be fun (sort of)!

Yesterday, Myanmar’s military junta continued a violent crackdown on its own people. Just a few hours after the departure of a U.N. envoy, soldiers went through homes looking for monks, and at least eight truckloads of prisoners were hauled out of Yangon, Burma's biggest city.

We cannot let the violence go on. We need to act now to protect monks, activists and innocent civilians from further abuses and to support them in their struggle for freedom.

Myanmar has an appalling human rights record. Thousands of political prisoners are detained in deteriorating prison conditions and the use of child soldiers, forced labor, and torture are common.

The recent violence has shown the world the extent of Myanmar’s brutal crimes. Urge the United Nations to take urgent steps to get Myanmar’s junta to stop the crackdown.

Sign this petition and stand with the people of Burma

Thank you for speaking out on their behalf.

Present status:
Signatures: 23,259
Goal: 50,000
Deadline: Ongoing...


- "Politeia supports Burma": Blogger Jotman is live blogging the situation in Burma from Bangkok (video material)

- "Burma Update": The Truth Shall Set You Free: "Weird News: Women's Panties Combat Totalitarianism", EUX: "Playlist with Myanmar videos now on EUX.TV" (video wall)

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Enter the Cabal: Towards a Common Purpose

This morning I set out to peruse two Wiki entries. Going through the one for "New World Order" doesn't engender happiness. A wild vista of paranoia unfolds before your eyes. The problem is - considering myself quite a sane person - feet firmly planted in reality - that quite independent of all these conspirationalists, some of my findings happen to coincide with a number of the least outrageous fantasies described in this entry.

Also I don't often write about my personal life, the blegosphere being already saturated with self-fixation. But the present seems a good time to say a few things about my character. I am fiercely independent, always have been. And I hate being manipulated. In fact, I am so allergic to it that I sense manipulators miles off, setting in motion a chain reaction of movements aux contraires. I'm acutely aware we're being manipulated at present.

Looking back on the roaring seventies of the last century - when most of us were to all intents and purposes, consciously or subconconciously die-hard commies - it was quite the thing to undergo sensitivity training. During those sessions the subject's psychological defences were broken down. All you believed in, or knew to be true, was rendered at least in doubt, but mostly ruthlessly ejected. In short, the subject was stripped of his psychological personality. Something was supposed to fill the vacuum, but the amateurs that dabbled in this mind-game from hell were blissfully unaware of this objective; these being usually slightly power-mad pocket potentates with a bent for 'social sciences'.

Something during the night must have triggered my memory of this, so I thought I'd look it up on the Wiki. Bear with me, here's the text:

"Kurt Lewin laid the foundations for sensitivity training in a series of workshops he organised in 1946 to carry out a 'change' experiment, in response to a request from the Director of the Connecticut State Interracial Commission ... Kurt Lewin, who met Eric Trist in 1933, influenced the work of the London Tavistock Clinic, both in its work with soldiers during the Second World War and in its later work with the Journal Human Relations jointly founded by a partnership of the Tavistock Institute and Lewin's group at MIT."

On to the entry for Tavistock Clinic we read that:

"A history of the Clinic can be found on the website of the Tavistock & Portman NHS Foundation Trust, of which it is the major part. This NHS ownership began in 1948 when the British NHS was founded, other Tavistock activities being continued by other organisations, in particular the Tavistock Institute ... John Rawlings Rees also worked at the Institute for several years prior to World War Two and became its Medical Director."

So far so good. On to the "Tavistock Institute" where Wiki states that:

"The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations (!) is a charity concerned with group behaviour and organisational behaviour. It was launched in 1946, when it separated from the Tavistock Clinic ... The Institute was founded in 1946 by a group of key figures at the Tavistock Clinic including Henry Dicks, Leonard Browne, Ronald Hargreaves, John Rawlings Rees, Mary Luff and Wilfred Bion, with Tommy Wilson as chairman, funded by a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation .... Kurt Lewin, a member of the Frankfurt school in America, was an important influence on the work of the Tavistock, according to Eric Trist, who expresses his admiration for Lewin in his autobiography."

I mean this ... if one isn't a conspiracy theorist, one becomes one. Connecting the dots? Aplenty has been written lately about the nefariousness of "Common Purpose". I'll put a file on the Database, containing my entire dossier for anyone who cares to peruse it. But two efforts are worth mentioning at this stage: kudos to Britannia Radio for a comprised overview for those as yet unfamiliar with the subject: read that and you're up to speed; and to Lord James at "nourishing obscurity" for sorting out the mess and producing an in-depth pin down of the bstds in parts (1), (2), (3) and (4). More may be in production and the project is of course ongoing.

Britannia Radio states the following in relation to above mentioned Tavistock Institute, which does seem to be fairly representative:

"... to manipulate agreement on a range of issues that then become the norm to be defended from all challenge and true diversity. It has been developed by organisations like the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations in London which was funded into existence in 1946 with a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation and is one of the Illuminati's global centres for developing the 'hive mind' mentality or 'group and organisational behaviour'. Tavistock works closely with 'public sector' (state-controlled) organisations including the UK government and the European Union and the Orwell-speak on its website could have come straight from the pages of Common Purpose."

Common Purpose is related to Tavistock and from a chart produced by "Exposing CP" pioneer Brian Gerrish, it might not be an overstatement to conclude that CP was a Tavistock invention.

Picking up the Tavistock connection with the Soviet Advanced Polit Bureau in the West, the Frankfurt School for Cultural Marxism, Gerrish writes:

"In the 1960’s we had some communist subversion in England. A dozen New Labour Ministers who are in positions of real power, like John Read and John Prescott were communist activists. Since the signing of the 1972 EU treaty the communists have switched their allegiance from the Soviet Union to the European Union, and subversion has exploded."

Between my own independent investigations conducted over a year, and this statement, isn't a millimeter of disagreement. "The techniques are broadly based on the Frankfurt School, the University department bought by the Soviet Union in 1935. The Soviets asked it for the best methods of undermining other nations so it could bring them under its control. The EU has been implementing these techniques in Britain since the early 1960's." Yes, deconstructing the Old Order is the sole purpose of Postmodernism, or Cultural Marxism.

The idea behind 'sensitivity training' was to psychologically break down the subject, filling his head subsequently with Marxist doctrine. In other words, this was originally an indoctrination or a brainwashing technique turned foul Leftist parlour game.

To connect but the last two dots in these series, which is the result of only pulling two loose ends on an average Tuesday morning, James Higham sums up the blegosphere conclusions on the founders of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations as follows:

"One of the Tavistock founders, Dr. John Rawlings Rees, who also became co-founder of the World Federation for Mental Health, talked of infiltrating all professions and areas of society - 'Public life, politics and industry should all ... be within our sphere of influence ... If we are to infiltrate the professional and social activities of other people I think we must imitate the Totalitarians and organize some kind of fifth column activity!' 'We must aim to make it permeate every educational activity in our national life ... We have made a useful attack upon a number of professions. The two easiest of them naturally are the teaching profession and the Church: the two most difficult are law and medicine.'" At which point it may be useful to reintroduce my handy Chart II The Subversion Program.

James poses the rhetorical question, "what common purpose?", (CP) only (to) say it is "beyond authority" and when pressed as to what that means, answers that it’s to open up leadership opportunities to those not actually in positions of authority. Again, for what common purpose? They are silent."

But ask yourself: I know of only one species of humanity who are having kittens upon hearing the A-word: "Authority!" They built an entire subculture around it, as well as a pernicious dialectic that pervades the entire Western world. After decades in process they still haven't got over their fixation complex with 'Authority': the time warped Boomers, to whom any order emanating from the Frankfurt School was holy dogma. They never managed to "snap out of the Marxist dialectic".

To assume leadership "beyond authority" so as to "produce change beyond their direct circle of control" is an act of rebellion, of subversion. Ask Captain Bligh if in his book this isn't a Mutiny on the Bounty. CP's guress - Julia Middleton, author of the book "Beyond Authority" by her own admission stands for "how to lead when you haven't any authority". Here in her own words. It's the rush for the power grid and the television station, taking control of the country once the axe drops! What's on the book cover? A maze. Right, a maze! What does that tell you?

Let just for a minute sink in what the extent is of a subversive organisation, that has training programmes in every major town and city in Britain, and since 1989 is involved with more than 60,000 people, delivering 20,000 'leaders', who have completed one or more programmes, with tentacles in France, Germany, Ghana, Hungary, India, Ireland, Netherlands, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and United States. They have infiltrated local and regional government, including vital segments of society such as the police and the army.

The existence of a fifth column like the Communist Party ... eh CP, is entirely consistent with the disastrous situation on the ground. Don't kid yourself, it is! When I was first confronted with CP a few weeks ago my reaction wasn't one of surprise or shock, but rather "ah, there you are at last!".

The common thread that pervades everything that is touched by the cabal, seems to be the focus on "altered reality". This state of mind is necessary for lowering the acceptance threshold and increase susceptibility to suggestion: the suspension of the faculty of reason to better absorb the lie.

Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) is a technique of using words to re-programme the body computer to accept another perception of reality, presumable like sensitivity training", sounds like another mind-game thought up by the scions of Marx.

Subjectivism (or Relativism) is the philosophical tenet that there is no objective reality (rejecting morality in the process), only individual versions called narratives. Postmodernism (Cultural Marxism) is entirely based on this fallacy. I have written about it extensively, lastly in "Masters of their Universe". The basic message is not to trust reason based on sensory awareness as a source of knowledge. Look at the subliminal message that is conveyed here. Philosophically, the adherents have taken leave of their senses as well as of epistemology. It 's also an ideological aid to advance acceptance of the lie.

There's a virtual clinic of mental health experts blogging and podcasting away every day about the pathologies that are gripping entire countries and classes of populations: mostly Narcissism induced denial of reality.

How come - and this is only the extent of my limited knowledge - an estimated fifty percent of Dutch women live on mood levellers and mood enhancing medication? This is a country of dysfunctional zombies, who are no longer in touch with their emotions! As a consequence they have become virtual sociopaths: empathy in the interaction with others is no longer an issue. The sheer size of the scandal is unprecedented since divorced women-hood came off sherry and Valium in the eighties.

We have the obsession of the Third Way Socialists with public perception. Bill Clinton, out of whose first presidential campaign came the platitude "It's the economy, stupid" started the spin-doctoring of public perception and the media. This black art has since been taken beyond perfection by Tony Blair's New Labour cronies; as far as I am able to conclude they're also the spare time stewards of CP, given the connection of PC's Chief Executive Julia Middleton, who doubled in John Prescott's Office of the Deputy Prime Minister as his Personnel Manager.

Given the above, the conclusion is justified that the world is dealing with a particularly hostile and ruthless branch of humanity. Not only do they have the arrogance of Lucifer in deciding for themselves what's best for humanity - global, post-democratic, Socialist Super Empires run by collectivist oligarchies (transnational progressivism) - they also have no qualms whatsoever, using whatever means necessary to establish their goal, including mental manipulation. There may be other groups like Common Purpose. Retracing the origins back to the totalitarian Frankfurt School, that existed but for one purpose - culturally deconstructing the West - is very disturbing news indeed. Blair to begin with, may well be running Eurabia.

I do believe though that this lot should not be collated and confused with others working in the private economic sphere, who are on the whole in another league and far less hostile than conspiracy theorists may believe. As far as they are concerned it stands perhaps to reason that some body of people in the know orchestrates the entire global, interconnected, macro-economic, geo-political situation, given that every one's prosperity is at stake. In such case it might as well be the combined talent and experience of the Bilderbergers.

But no one has any business not declaring themselves and socially engineering humanity beyond history and the democratic process. But then, democracy is a chaotic and messy undertaking with unforeseen outcomes: not at all the thing for under-cooled planners and controllers. It is certainly not the favorite game of Narcissistic power-mad psychopaths. To them let the warning from history be, that absolute power corrupts absolutely, nothing lasts forever, and certainly not constructs based on lies.

This morning I chanced upon a telling subtitle I gave this blog a year ago: "an in-depth investigation into what social engineering from hell is destroying Western civilization as we knew it".


- The CP links dossier is available on the Politeia dBase.

- Visit the Video Collection related to this blog. There are a number of Brian Gerrish' speeches and interviews available.

- For backgrounds of the Frankfurt School, this video may provide insight.

~ Continued in Part II: Transnational Progressivism ~

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