Saturday, October 31, 2009

"Mr. Smith Goes To Washington"

In honor of Doug Hoffman and individual patriots like him ...

"Mr. Smith Goes To Washington", posted with vodpod
Details of this 1939 film Frank Capra film on IMdB. Starring the one and only ... James Stewart! The story is shockingly relevant!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Relevant Anniversary: "Time for Choosing"

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mission to Moscow: A Very Short History of PropArt

Barack Obama's intimate relations and conference calls with aspiring artists at National Endowment for the Arts may come as a shock to purists, it is anything but a novelty!

New York Post: "To Russia with love", by Lou Lumenick

The lost film that shows how Hollywood — and Washington — embraced the Soviets

On Christmas Eve, 1942, screenwriter Howard Koch was packing for a trip to New York when he received an urgent summons to meet with his bosses, Warner Bros. founders Harry and Jack Warner.

After thanking Koch for his contributions to “Casablanca,” which had opened a month earlier, the moguls ordered a reluctant Koch, as his patriotic duty, to whip out a script for an unusual pro-Soviet propaganda epic to be directed by “Casablanca” helmer Michael Curtiz.

Mission to Moscow,” which arrives on DVD Tuesday (at after decades in obscurity, turned out to be Warner Bros.’ most notorious production, an eye-catching jaw-dropper labeled by a critic as a “$2 million love letter” to dictator Joseph Stalin, now best remembered as the No. 2 mass murderer of the 20th century.

Most remarkably, the film Jack Warner would call the only one he ever regretted making — after a grilling before the House Un-American Activities Committee that sent Koch into blacklisted exile — was personally commissioned by the President of the United States, who asked Warner Bros. to make it as part of Hollywood’s efforts to whip Americans into a patriotic frenzy during World War II.

President Roosevelt himself asked Harry and Jack Warner to assist in educating, entertaining and enlightening the American people,” says Harry’s granddaughter, film historian Cass Warner. “Little was known about the Soviet Union, who were our allies at the time, [but] this never came to the forefront even when the film was used as evidence of the Bros. making subversive films during the McCarthy Era.” (...) >>>

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Is the War on Public Enemy #1 Obama's Waterloo?

The People's Cube: "Obama's War on Fox News Becomes a Quagmire", by Red Square

THE WHITE HOUSE - Despite the President's promise of a swift and decisive victory, Obama's War on Fox News has developed all signs of an unwinnable quagmire, making the White House even more isolated in its unilateral attempts to crush the growing media insurgency.

As the war continues to grind on for a second month, public opinion is shifting towards a quick and complete withdrawal. While many observers still agree that the "War on Limbaugh" is a "just and necessary war," even the former supporters of the war effort are now labeling the War on Fox an "unnecessary war of choice" and claim that the cable channel had nothing to do with Obama's falling approval numbers. (...) >>>

No comment.

The view on the White House banana leaf from the guys at Trifecta:

Pajamas TV: "The White House Declares War on Fox News"

As we said earlier on Politeia ... the Presidential stature is crumbling.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Condemning Multiculturalism

Here is one of those viral "Thomas Payne" videos on which more in this post on Big Hollywood.

The subject is the tearing apart of America by the multiculturalists of this world. But replace America by any other country in Western Europe, and the argument works equally well.

What keeps sticking in my mind is the lie I once heard one of the proponents utter: "we love cultures so much that we think everyone has the right to pursue his or hers to the full wherever he or she is."

It sounds nice, doesn't it? So sophisticated, so respectful, so - well, cultured. Yes, and it's a load of crap!

The full implementation of that wish means balkanization, the forming of ghettos and the surging of tribal and sectarian warfare; the end of the world as we know it!

Precisely! It's the postmodern dialectic at work again: the destruction of Western civilization is indeed what the proponents are after. The habitual traitors are advocating to "delete the border" because borders - indeed nations - are immoral! They want a new, egalitarian world order!

What they can't get their thick skulls around is that - if everything is basically of equal value - nothing is worth anything and result is anarchy and nihilism: it equals suicide. But as I said, what they are after is destruction.

Why don't we let Thomas Paine explain it:

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Obama Mobilizes the Nation Towards a Common Goal

Sitting in the image archive is a picture defining what precisely constitutes totalitarian culture. We've used it on the blogs before, but have been holding off on posting it again in relation to the Obamazation of the US. After all, we don't want to monger fear, do we?

Forget about "achieving socialism", as this a covert operation owing to Americans' allergy for the term. They'll think up a innocently sounding epithet at some point, like "social justice".

But news is breaking tonight on Big Hollywood and - while not unexpected - it is not good. We'll work on it later on, but for now, let's get to it. Here's the gist, but only from the first part, so go to the site to get it all.

In the meantime this creepy piece of State propaganda has surfaced about the "enemy within". Since there is no Bill this beggars the question what the facts precisely are?

Big Hollywood: "LEAKED NETWORK MEMO REVEALS: Obama Controls Your Television Set", by John Nolte

On September 10th of this year the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF) posted a press release informing the world that “from October 19-25, more than 60 network TV shows [will] spotlight the power and personal benefits of service,” and that this “unprecedented block of TV programming is the first wave of a multi-year ‘I Participate’ campaign.”

On its face this all sounds rather benign in that silly, liberal do-gooder kind of way. The networks have launched these kinds of campaigns before and other than some clunky exposition awkwardly inserted into your favorite show to meet the mandate — no harm, no foul. (...)

Like the NEA story, once again we see the same buzzwords pop up; suggested topics pitched to an overwhelmingly left-of-center group: Education, health, environment, the economy and lastly — almost as an afterthought as some kind of “bi-partisan” cover – support for military families.

We’ll have to wait until next week to see what effect this initiative will have on the 60 television (and news) programs in question, but thanks to the intrepid Patrick Courrielche and Stage Right, today we can answer the simple question of…
“What’s wrong with this?”

Doing the work the Kamikaze Media (many of whom are participating in this event rather than digging for the story) refuses, and with the help of Big Government’s Dana Loesch, Patrick and Stage Right have discovered that when it comes to this White House – whether it’s the NEA conference calls or EIF’s iParticipate programming — all roads funnel into one place: online volunteer portals, including, where if you plug in “health care” all kinds of Planned Parenthood openings pop up along with a video dispelling those ugly “myths” knocking ObamaCare.

There’s scarier stuff, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise *cough*Trutherism*cough* (...) >>>

Thursday, October 08, 2009


A parody video takes on Will Farrell's ad for Move On: