Saturday, October 17, 2009

Condemning Multiculturalism

Here is one of those viral "Thomas Payne" videos on which more in this post on Big Hollywood.

The subject is the tearing apart of America by the multiculturalists of this world. But replace America by any other country in Western Europe, and the argument works equally well.

What keeps sticking in my mind is the lie I once heard one of the proponents utter: "we love cultures so much that we think everyone has the right to pursue his or hers to the full wherever he or she is."

It sounds nice, doesn't it? So sophisticated, so respectful, so - well, cultured. Yes, and it's a load of crap!

The full implementation of that wish means balkanization, the forming of ghettos and the surging of tribal and sectarian warfare; the end of the world as we know it!

Precisely! It's the postmodern dialectic at work again: the destruction of Western civilization is indeed what the proponents are after. The habitual traitors are advocating to "delete the border" because borders - indeed nations - are immoral! They want a new, egalitarian world order!

What they can't get their thick skulls around is that - if everything is basically of equal value - nothing is worth anything and result is anarchy and nihilism: it equals suicide. But as I said, what they are after is destruction.

Why don't we let Thomas Paine explain it:

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