Sunday, June 20, 2010

"The Three Terrors"

Produced by Latma TV

There's a rather interesting phenomenon at the periphery of these productions that is very informative about the role of the media in this respect. As is well known the Arab media have a toxic culture of jew hating satire. The Nazis are mere tinkerers in comparison. We don't hear much about that in the Western media.

But when Israelis produce high value productions such as these, they're screaming Racism! with much moral indignation.

But then this is coming from the same people that call Tea Parties racist, whereas these have nothing to do with race, but everything with the size of the government.

Despite the bigotry, these people are mentally very confused and likely go nuts from their own cognitive dissonance.

They present themselves of course as unbiased and completely balanced, entirely in the service of the non existent 'peace proces'.

Moments such as these lay bare their utter hypocrisy and double standards to the fullest extent.