Monday, July 30, 2007

Of Pomo's Evangelical Friends!

The plight of the latest contingent of Postmodern 'victims' is such, that I will drop everything else: from the particulars of Postmodern language skills, to the third way Socialists' personal relationship with a viper's nest in the Balkans, and the question why the Germans cannot seem to shake the safety of collectivism, the lot!

The latest Postmodern (Pomo in Pomo lingo) cohort concerns a branch of American Evangelical Christians who describe themselves as Vanguard, Emergent or Emerging Church. Although they don't realize it yet, Submerging, is more like it!

I don't propose to go very deep into the matter. For one, I am no expert on Evangelism, American or otherwise. As far as Postmodernism is concerned, I have written about it ad nauseam and have already given it far more attention than this vile heap of devil's dung warrants.

I am usually merciless in the face of Pomo, considering:

- its origins: the Counter-Enlightenment movement, as exemplified by Rousseau, Nietzsche, Karl Marx c.s., etc.);

- the content: a Carnival of Fallacies! Subjectivism, Relativism, and by extension totalitarian tendencies as displayed by multiculturalism and political correctness;

- the aim: destruction of Western civilization in analogy with Rousseau's and Marx' 'narratives' of Oppressed versus The Great Oppressor, the latter personified by the archetypal "White Patriarch";

- the means: the self-proclaimed nobility of the end, literally justifies ANY, Any means, and that includes wars and terror, revolution and pestilence, but also destruction from within (the present is a typical example of that tactic).

Since however I am to understand that among these Emergents is a group of honestly misguided, good-willing Christians, let me address them in the appropriate fashion as made famous by C. of E. author C.S. Lewis, correspondence between two of Satan's scions, a letter from old Uncle Screwtape to his young nephew Wormwood, demon in waiting. I call my interlocutors, Uncle Pomo and Nephew Relativo.

Dear Relativo, dear boy,

I am so very proud of your surprising success in turning the tables on the Guys of the Other Side, so that some of their people are now working on our cause (see for example here, here and here), even if they don't know it yet. What a shocker that will be, once the penny drops that they're on our payroll!

It is so delightfully ironic that it's exactly His People you have been able to enlist with the help of our Unique Selling Propositions (USPs). The very delusion, that there isn't one set of Rules for everyone, no Right, no Wrong, Truth nor Lie, is of course the very opposite of what The Great Adversary and His Son have proclaimed, but as long as they don't realize the mutual exclusiveness of the two positions, we will have them working on our side!

I think we got them hooked when they became recalcitrant over all the science, technology and reason as promoted by the free-thinkers. Those years were tough going for us, as humanity got hold of all kinds of stuff that's good for them, from water-closets to vaccines.

Until I myself, as a young student, graduated on the idea of getting our Soviet servants to drop the idea in the West, that morality is outdated and that The Great Adversary is really The Great White Oppressor. From then on things started moving again. Enlisting the faithful was sheer brilliance on your part, Relatibble!

I must admit I've had my moments of doubt, when you allowed adversaries like Greg Koukl of Stand to Reason, In Plain Site's Todd Kappelman, and David Klinghoffer of the Claremont Institute to debunk our USPs: I nearly had a fit when that Koukl guy explained there are hardly any proper relativists, since you'd have to be an amoral sociopath to actually be one! We must safeguard our USP for Counter-Enlightenment Christians, for example the advantage of no longer having to deal with reason, but give free reign to basic instincts and emotions, what they perceive to be a postal service for messages from The Old Guy! For us there's the sheer beauty of bringing our agenda to the people, without having to conform to laws of nature as old drools like Aquenobnox ... Aquinas demanded - the oppressive regulations of nature that our Great Adversary in His Unmeasurable Wisdom has set out.

The subtle trick is to make them believe those laws are just for one group of people, and that other people live in another reality and have another set of natural rules and regulations. The satanic shrewdness of the plot lies in the infernal idea that our people believe, they're doing good to the whole of humanity: fighting for poor and oppressed groups against the all-powerful Great Advers ... White Oppressor, while in fact there is no such fight going on at all, the Old Man disgustingly loving all of these vile creatures equally; no matter what their contribution to our cause might have been, he'll forgive, if asked sincerely enough. But as long as our people believe they're in the Epic Struggle, and we can prolong this delightful confusion of ideas, we are on hot charcoal!

I am aware you are working on ways to convince also other groups of our USPs. I think you are right to work first on dulling the brain cells with daily bombardments on the exploits of victims that have gone before them: young, dumb, blond relativists who have already taken leave of their senses and are unable to distinguish right from wrong. It is not just the example that does the trick, as much as the ceaseless repetition that convinces the viewer this is the real state of affairs, and if he or she doesn't follow, they are out of the human loop.

Let me make you a recapitulation of the present progress with the following groups. I suggest you convince them for starters that our USPs aren't our agenda, but that it somehow is a trend, a Zeitgeist, a natural consequence of this stage of human development, and therefore unavoidable. Alternatively, pretend it's a historical period: the epoch after modernism, or something similarly vacuous. That'll keep 'em off the scent, and set us on the right course for years to come.

I'm sure you now see the virtues of the tactic to first enlist the intelligentsia, academics and especially the media who now serve as our faithful mouthpiece. Here goes:

- the business side of things: marketeers and consumers;

- forensic scientists: a measure of success;

- legal experts: proud of this one, promising field of operations! Here you see evidence that people side with us, even against their own better judgments, simply because they believe we may have solutions to problems they cannot solve! This one - so many years after the ascend of great uncle Kinsey - still labours under the oppressive social construct that pederasm is unnatural!

- amateur literary critics: not much joy there;

- bloggers: just a reminder, keep a watchful eye on the blegosphere;

- philosophers: who cares?

- theologians: keep working on that one!

- culture: faithful minions, safe-house;

- youth culture: here matters get real hot, as youth means the future; we must never forget to safeguard the next generation of relativists;

- parents and pedagogues: education is indoctrination, very important!

Keep up the evil work!
Your ever hating Uncle, Pomo.

Good News Sunday

Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Line in the Sand: Brussels 9/11

In yesterday's post on Islamic designs emanating from Albania, on Kosovo for starters, we have spoken of the line in the sand of the Kosovo Polje. While Islamization is taking the West by stealth, it would appear that the process in Kosovo, being played out since the eighties of the last century, took more overt modes of operation.

Little did the West know - or even care - what happened behind "the Iron Curtain", the place where Yugoslavia resided. That may also have been the reason the public was so easily hoodwinked by the unfolding effects of 4th Generation Warfare, viz. spinning the facts into favourable public perceptions, a trick the Socialists By The Third Way (viz. Messrs Clinton & Blair c.s.) have elevated to a form of fine art. I will come back to this shortly in another post, but right now I'd like to showcase Europe's line in the sand, because there always is sooner or later... a line in the sand.

The question is, where, when and how? Where? Well, for one in Denmark, the country that hosted the Mohammed cartoon row, causing all that Muslim rage and indignation. On the initiative of Danish political party SIAD (Stop the Islamization of Denmark) Europe's indigenous grievances are to be taken to Brussels. A Europe wide demo is to be staged on 9/11. I'm not sure what that date means: American style 11th of September, a symbolic if dramatic choice indeed, or the European way of indicating the 9th of November? I hope that will be cleared up.

The SIOE (Stop Islamization of Europe) site further clarifies that "researchers at the University of Copenhagen, after conducting population studies, have calculated that the ethnic Danes (the original population) will become a very small minority in their own country by the end of this century." This is true for a great many European countries.

While politicians, from the ill-informed to the naive, from the KGB ideologically demoralized baby-boomers now in power, to the plain evil and treacherous - urging unwilling indigenous populations to submit and integrate themselves into the Muslim culture - the character of the continent is in the process of being changed forever beyond any recognition.

The Reverend Monseigneur Georg Gänswein, Pope Benedict XVI's private secretary, in a recent interview with the Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin warns Europe not to underestimate the dangers of the increasing Islamization. He underlines that the persecution of Christians in the Dar-al-Islam has increased dramatically. And according to repeated assertions issued by the president of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the count-down for the destruction of Israel has begun.

"The dangers associated with a changing identity of Europe may not be ignored out of erroneous considerations. The Pope's Regensburger speech was supposed to work against a certain naivety." Personally I don't see it any longer in that favourable, innocent light, having gone from naivety to conceit and plain treason. "Erroneous considerations" probably being Ideologically Correct Silence or possibly, the Postmodern (Neo Marxist, relativist, subjectivist) fallacy of holding one culture as good as any other.

The SIOE site posts an article - a cry for help really - by French philosopher and secondary school teacher Robert Redecker, first published in Le Figaro on 19th September 2006. It is just one of many stories of Europeans, exercising their right of free speech, only to see it answered by threats against their lives: fatwas setting them on the run in the own countries, even to the point of protective custody, as was the case with Geert Wilders and Ayaan Hirsi Ali in the Netherlands.

Dr Sanity's psychological analysis - always insightful - is particularly fruitful the last days. Those still at a loss what moves our Muslim brothers and sisters might be well informed by reading the following joint efforts by the entire Sanity Squad:

- A Deer in the Headlights;

- The Ring of Power;

- Paranoia and Projection in the Arab World: the Externalization of Blame for Arab/Islamic Dysfunction **UPDATED**.

The problem very briefly boils down to the fact that the 'superior' faith of Islam should have brought the faithful prosperity, knowledge and riches. Instead it has rendered the opposite: it led to ignorance, poverty and squalor. Faced with the intractable dilemma between that, or giving that pernicious faith up, they now project all evil that is of their own making, externally.

If only Israel didn't exist, if there was no 'Palestinian problem' the Middle East would be a prosperous place. If only they were no Christians, Islam would rule the world. This is the reason Muslims are incapable of accepting criticism. Crisis point has been reached, it now being full blown pathological paranoia. In fact, were peace to break out tomorrow, they wouldn't know what to do with themselves. This being the reason things are unsolvable.

I don't want to leave you without sharing Dr Sanity's post of today, which particularly moved me: inspirational and beautiful, if reality weren't so bloody brutal. Here's an excerpt from "The Cost of Freedom: Fighting and defeating the new barbarians will exact a great toll. The question is, are we willing to pay it?":

"Remember how quickly the West was willing to compromise our freedom of speech in the Danish cartoon matter in order to accommodate the enemy's threats? Consider how many other accommodations many of us are willing--and eager--to make to ensure the Death-Eaters of our own world won't get angry or upset with us over anything.

"And we can't even criticize their insane religion/ideology of death without having the priests of multicultural nihilism swoop down upon us. Very soon, we will have compromised away all that matters to us for the sake of "peace" (but which is really a sort of voluntary enslavement enforced via a societal suicide pact); and in the end, we will no longer have either our precious freedom, nor will we have peace.

"Good people sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf."

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Door in Kosovo

We're back at the crucial subject of the independent Muslim state in the Balkans: Kosovo. Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs on Monday hosted her weekly Blogtalk Radio Broadcast and devoted it largely to the situation on the Balkans. In particular of further evidence what really happened in Bosnia during the war and the intricacies relating to the establishment of an independent state in the Serbian province of Kosovo, currently being relentlessly pursued by the 'international community' in the cause of a Greater Albania.

Listen to Pamela's
radio interview with the intrepid independent reporter Julia Gorin, who has sought out the truth and James George Jatras, Director of the American Council for Kosovo (Save Kosovo).

There is a marked lack of factual knowledge about the subject in the West. The established view of politicians and public alike, is based on indolent mainstream media reporting, egged on by public relations firms, paid in Saudi Peninsula petrodollars.

Interestingly in that version of events the clock started ticking when the late President Milosevic drew a line in the Kosovo Polje, beyond which the Serbs decided the harassment on the part of the Ottoman remnants would be endured no more. As a consequence they were seen as the jingoist culprits, accused of anything from mass murder to genocide, turning the other parties - by a curious polarization mechanism - whiter than white. Facts, created by all sides, are harder to come by however .

y latest post on the matter was
"Counter Terrorist Blog Swarm Wanted", an initiative of 1389 Mobile Blog. It lists a number of links to further reading, as does Julia Gorin's blog and the site of Save Kosovo, which carries a comprehensive library of articles and news items, as well as links for those willing to take political action.

Here's the latest above average quality article on Ioannis Mechaletos'
Strategic Analysis & OSINT Management blog, relaying an article from Malaysia Sun on the basic principle of territorial integrity: I'd to see them get that past the Chinese and Russian seats on the U.N. Security Council!

On the recently censored
Jihad Watch blog is an interesting read about a door in Kosovo. Especially the related comments and discussions are instructive. The fact that liberals in the West have declared taboo and shut up people, reporting on who it was, that was probably responsible for it, typifies the mind and speech control emanating from Leftist political correctness. It fills some people with nausea and disgust to call a spade, a spade. In some circles denial of facts is an existential matter!

The relentless persistence with which the establishment of an independent Muslim state in the Balkans is being pushed, just makes one wonder what is behind it all. How can the willful creation of an independent state in an area, that is historically mixed up with brigantry, drug trafficking and sex slavery, ever be an asset to stability of the Balkan Peninsula? The Balkans of all places, what once used to be known as Europe's powder keg, is a notorious source of larger conflagrations, usually euphemistically identified as "some darned thing in the ... (yes) Balkans", the Great War of 1914-1918 being one of them!

Is it an easy way to prove to the Dar-al-Islam that the West isn't a Christian club, or anti Muslim, but just anti Jihad as John Lantos is keen to do, and never mind the fate of the other populations? Or is it giving in to the threat of AKSh violence and pestilence? It is a way to officially overturn a prior U.N. Resolution, proclaiming Kosovo an integral part of Serbia? Or could the attraction possibly lie in the creation of a precedent, by which multi ethnic national states can be broken up, should NGOism - in the interest of stability and world peace - find it expedient to do so?

Postmodern Transnational Progressivism sees the national state as a creation from a bloody past that presided over "wave after wave of ethnic cleansing". It views it not as a symbol of (multi)ethnic identity and unity, but as a casus belli against other such entities, and an open invitation to vicious nationalism.

The postmodern Kantian, Utopean view foresees in areas and territories rather than countries being integrated into larger federations of interdependent states. Examples are the 'highly succesful' European Union and the North American Union, currently being hatched. The Kosovo precedent would certainly make the way to the new world order a whole lot easier.

Update: Thursday 26th July 2007 at 14:55 l.t.: exploding the myth that there are no designs of a Greater Albania!

This is the map of Albania. And see the animation on this site, right under that waiving American flag, for the real Albanian territorial ambitions. And while at it, have a look as well the news items: "Former Soldiers of the United States Atlantic Battalion Ready to Defend Kosova Again" and "Albanian American Civic League". That's royal class P.R. for you!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Of Real Art and Excerpts from "Welcome to Baghdad"

Military planes leave Kuwait every couple of hours for Baghdad International Airport (or BIAP, pronounced BIE-op). The United States Army’s media liaison in Kuwait dropped me off at the airfield so I could take a flight “up.” ...

All night I waited for a flight and was bumped again and again by soldiers on their way to places like War Eagle, Victory, and Fallujah. Finally I got on a manifest and gathered around a gruff barking sergeant with everyone else. “I want you all back here in 20 minutes,” he bellowed. “First, I want you to go to the bathroom. Then I want to see you standing in front of me with a bottle of water.” ...

The plane was windowless and loud as 100 lawnmowers. ...

Don’t fall asleep,” said the soldier next to me. “When you see the rest of us grab our helmets, put yours on, too. We’ll be beginning the spiral dive into Baghdad.” ...

We dismounted the plane and I stepped into harsh blazing sunshine. ... Sunlight burns like a blowtorch. If you don’t wear a helmet or soft cap the sun will cook your brain. ...

I watched helicopters fly over the city in the distance and launch burning white countermeasure flares to confuse heat-seeking missiles as the pilots flew over hostile parts of the city. This was the only evidence I saw that I was in a war zone. I heard no shots fired, and I heard no explosions.

After having spent several days in Baghdad’s Green Zone and Red Zone, I still haven’t heard or seen any explosions. It’s a peculiar war. It is almost a not-war. Last July’s war in Northern Israel and Southern Lebanon was hundreds of times more violent and terrifying than this one. Explosions on both sides of the Lebanese-Israeli border were constant when I was there.

You’d think explosions and gunfire define Iraq if you look at this country from far away on the news. They do not. The media is a total distortion machine. Certain areas are still extremely violent, but the country as a whole is defined by heat, not war, at least in the summer. It is Iraq’s most singular characteristic. ...

Baghdad is gigantic and sprawling. ... The sheer enormity of the place puts the almost daily car bomb attacks into perspective. The odds that you personally will be anywhere near the next car bomb or IED are microscopic. ...

For only the second time in a week, I got to sleep in a bed. And I was one lucky bastard. The embassy annex, and the bed I got to sleep in, was at the grandest downtown palace built by Saddam Hussein. The tyrant is dead, and I got to sleep at his house on my very first night in his capital. What better welcome to Baghdad could anyone possibly ask for?

The entire article, in its full independent glory, can be read here >>>

Up next on Michael J. Totten's blog: Night patrols on foot with the 82nd Airborne in a Sunni-majority neighborhood of Baghdad’s Red Zone.

German cultural English language site Signandsite (yes, the veritable treasure trove of postmodern madness!)report there's quite a bit of cultural activity developing in Iraq as well. Those of us naive enough to take that as a positive sign are quickly cured of this deception by author Najem Wali, warning us in Neue Zurcher Zeitung "not to confuse the state support of culture in Iraq with a renaissance in cultural life. What's really going on: artists are being paid to glorify their patrons. "Unfortunately, politicians find their equivalent in precisely those groups of artists who were trained under Saddam to deal opportunistically with the power structure and learned the advantages of satisfying the needs of their 'patrons'. One needn't be too surprised that no cultural renaissance has taken place since the American invasion – but rather an extraordinary explosion in the number of festivals and new 'cultural advisory boards'." Read a feature by Wali on the Arab Writers Union in "The Dictator's Orphans"."

I could of course add that the great artists of the past were almost exclusively working in commission, which produced true master pieces of human endeavour. These were technical expressions led by love of beauty, rather than politically driven incarnations of man's most basic instincts. But that would be 1. spoiling the free flow of American Derangement Syndrome, and 2. you cannot possibly expect postmoderns to consider that art in any real sense, which - as proof of Marxist intellectual activity - must involve at least one human bodily function or one platitude.

Atlas Shrugs has more insights on "Iraq and Media Deception".

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Of Homeland Security and the Most Discredited Profession

Dr Sanity, in "Reprise: The Neo-Marxist Fascism of the Left" posts that John at Power Line in "More Revelations From the Intelligence Community" ...

"... makes a startling discovery in the text of the most recent NIE report, recently splashed all over the headlines and leftist blogosphere as "proving" that the Bush Administration has put the US in more danger by its actions in the war on terror:

"Remember all those news stories about how a secret report--still secret, I guess--said that we were now in as much danger of terrorist attack as we were prior to September 11? Well, that's not what the NIE says. It says the opposite (my emphasis), in a paragraph that I have yet to see quoted in a newspaper:

"We assess that greatly increased worldwide counter-terrorism efforts over the past five years have constrained the ability of al-Qa’ida to attack the U.S. Homeland again and have led terrorist groups to perceive the Homeland as a harder target to strike than on 9/11. These measures have helped disrupt known plots against the United States since 9/11."
"This is a perfect example of what I hate most about the MSM and the left."

Well, what can you say? Journalism surely must be by now The Most Discredited Profession after the occupation of Freedom Fighter ... Read all about John's revelation here, and the doctor's valued comments on the Carnival of Insanities here!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Building the Case of the Left's Culpability

When posting "Of Political Entertainment and Slumber" a few days ago, on the ludicrous dithers and slithers taken by the U.S. Democrats, so as to convince the anti-war grassroots of the Democrat defeatist credentials, in an update I linked to the latest Works and Days article by Victor Davis Hanson "Defeat and Flight from Iraq". His comments and outline of the inevitable, long term, geopolitical consequences of white-flagging the Iraq war, are very ominous indeed.

Going through the entire article again I stumbled upon two 'angry' letters he received - otherwise known as hate mail - that are quite revealing. One is from a 23 year old postmodern who in a quite unreasonable tone, based on his exploits in Chinese, claims to be more capable of reasoning than the accomplished writer himself: it is of course typical of people in certain stage of development to make such miscalculations.

Both letters are from recent arrivals in the United States. In the one case his parents probably took considerable risk to illegally move from Mexico, so that their children would have better opportunities in the U.S. He's now a orthopedic who cannot spell, so that was probably the right career move on his part.

The 23 year old postmodern with Bush Derangement Syndrome, apart from the mastery of Chinese and his obvious accomplishments in Marxist Critical Theory, suffers from a whole lot besides, but that is not the point I'd like to make.

Both letters simply ooze envious hatred, for the author, towards white culture, for America in general, and by extension towards - what I would like to term by now, The White Patriarch paradigm: the archetypal Counter-Enlightenment Oppressor, the litany well known by regular readers of present pages: white, rich, powerful, Christian males and all they stand for.

That's when it hit me that - while these two crass examples are probably new Americans of Hispanic descent, and Europe has similar experiences with Muslims of any part of the Dar-al-Islam - these immigrants don't come to their adoptive country out of admiration for customs, people or culture, but out of sheer hatred with a view of milking it for what it is worth.

Their objective isn't integration into these societies as proud new citizens, taking thankful advantage of all the opportunities that free, liberal, Western societies have to offer, they come as conquerors who hate the people that made the West what it is today. If they didn't set out as such, I'm sure there are quite a few indigenous, postmodern adherents to Marx' and Rousseau's narratives of Oppressed versus Oppressor, to brief them on the subject.

If all this sounds like stating the politically incorrect obvious, then why - for crying out loud - are we pretending it isn't the case, convincing ourselves instead that immigrants come with all the good intentions? This, with the usual caveats and disclaimers about obvious heaps of well intentioned, sincere ...... etc.

Frontpage relays an article by Ed West in The Catholic Herald of 18th July, "Jihad Will Destroy Us If We Don't Act Now". It is an interview West had with Robert Spencer, author of "The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (And the Crusades)" and blogger on the recently censored Jihad Watch.

Contrary to the predictable prejudice from the multicultural Left, the author has a broad and thorough background studying Christian heritage, as well as Islamic scripture. He too noticed the reasons why the cooperation of broadly The Left and Radical Islamism in the Unholy Alliance isn't strange or even a coincidence!

While I call my argument of the Straight Red Line, based on the brilliant analysis of Stephen Hicks into recollection (here's the chart and here's a link to the first part of the series), in Spencer's words:

"There is a deep ideological affinity between the Left and the jihadists. Whenever the hard Left gained power they instituted a reign of terror in order to create what they envisage as a just society, brought about by force. Islamic law works in much the same way: utopia created by force."

What they share is of course - for starters - the subjectivist, primacy of consciousness base [1] of the Counter-Enlightenment, which basks in the cruel sun of Rousseau's and Marx' political justification of violence to bring about social change.

Spencer too mentions the numbers game - the disastrous demographics which the Left has reframed into the tired 'advancing geriatrics' excuse instead of facing the truth, viz. the exceedingly low birthrates, the result of problems created by Socialist policies: the gradual and deliberate destruction of the family as the operative unit, and other advancing forms of social engineering (see also Neo Totalitarianism (6): Liberty for Social Security and Chart II: The Subversion Program).

Spencer is spot on in his perception of the widening gap between on the one hand the persistent push of the postmodern multicultural elite for Western society's integration into an "Eurabian" culture (see recent remarks by a Dutch senior government minister to that avail), a goal shared and propagated by both the mainstream national political parties and the boys in Brussels, and on the other hand the actual situation in the streets of cities and towns all over the West, the growing discontent of the voters.

Any attempt of as much as naming the taboo, causes the mainstream to break out in knee-jerk apoplectic shock, recalling visions of Nazi Germany and pictures of the holocaust - which by the way doesn't keep the Left from currently developing nasty cases of unadulterated antisemitism, a reminder of the Collectivist common necessity of a scapegoat, to blame the negative effects of otherwise picture perfect policies on.

Psychologist Dr Sanity is also at work on above article by Victor Davis Hanson, but leaves the hate mail for what it is and moves on to a similar case of the Left's responsibility for Spenser's cataclysmic vista of civil war: in "Without a Blink" she observes correctly:

"Interesting to note that what 'gives the pre-modern fascist killers a pass' is the post-modern rhetoric and dogma of the left. It is precisely this inherently psychologically dysfunctional cognitive strategy that is able to shift, 'without a blink' from one subjective conviction to its exact opposite without a shred of self-awareness or mental dissonance."

She draws a comparison of Radical Islam with a malicious physical condition: likewise it "has manifested itself today and is spreading rapidly for pretty much the same reason, having been given an ideological carte blanche by the political Left ... with its political correctness and relativistic multicultural fantasies have managed to suppress and otherwise short-circuit the natural defense mechanisms of Western civilization."

"Radical Islamic ideology is itself an unexpected combination of several toxic memes ... which has been carefully synchronized with the failed totalitarian ideologies of the last century ... the remaining outposts of communism and socialism in the world are thriving in academic and "intellectual" circles in the West; together with the Islamic fanatics of the world, they have created a postmodern symphony whose cacophonous music only facilitates the descent into emotionalism, hysteria and murderous suicidality. Without a blink, the left switched from their lip-service championing human life and liberty to championing those whose main desire is to suppress it and bring all of humanity into submission."

A truly ugly picture is gradually emerging of how the role of Bezmenev's de-moral-ized generations that are currently in power, is costing the West its future, its culture and its freedom. The totalitarian Left to date has got away with 110 million victims. I - for one - have no intention of letting them add to that - Liberal moral hatred laws or not.

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- Update: Treason is one thing, insubordination quite another: The Ice Queen strikes back!

- While here's the latest on the independent, Transnational Progressive, Muslim state in the Balkans: as the "UN Kosovo vote plan [is] put on hold", "Kosovo's Ceku proposes date for independence declaration" viz. November 28th.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Of Political Entertainment and Slumber

The surrender party have now resorted to overnight theatricals in the hope of averting a victory for democracy in Iraq, pushing instead to open up the way for a victory of the forces of darkness, thereby completing the long and slow process to complete moral bankruptcy.

My personalized version of Google News has been announcing it since Saturday, ominously threatening that "Democrats will pull an all-nighter" ... "Senate debates Iraq pullout in marathon session" ... "Slumber Party in the Senate" ... "Senate Burning Midnight Oil", etc., etc., culminating this morning in "Senate Republicans scuttled troop withdrawal bill" and "Republicans Deride All-Night Senate Debate on Iraq", the White House classifying the amusement as 'a spectator event'.

What a to-do just to show how much the capitulators are out of touch with reality. Subject matter is the central theme of this decade, the geopolitical future hangs in the balance, and the hapless donks turn it into a piece of bad amateur operatics! These immature dilettantes are the party that is to supply the free world with a new leader come 2008?! Give me British entertainment any time (see next items).

- Update 20th June 01:25 l.t.: Democratic Senate leaders knew going into Wednesday's procedural roll call on their proposal to withdraw most U.S. forces from Iraq that they didn't have the votes to win, but victory wasn't their goal; it was stand-up comedy to draw attention to the Cause, which - as we know - justifies any means, which includes improper use of resources >>>

- Update 20th June 02:15 l.t.: I don't consider it my duty to provide the donks with a list of the consequences of their irresponsible demogoguery, but one person who did was Victor Davis Hanson. I hope somebody there takes notice and reaps some benefit from his wise insights, but regretfully we know better! Read "Defeat and Flight from Iraq" >>>

Remember ghastly George ... Galloway, Saddam's old buddy? Parliament's anti-sleaze watchdog, the Standards and Privileges Committee has found strong circumstantial evidence that the U.N.'s discredited oil-for-food program was used by the Saddam regime, with Mr Galloway's connivance, to fund his Mariam Appeal that he set up to campaign against sanctions imposed on Iraq.

The old windbag got off much too light, as usual: suspended from the Commons for 18 days during which time he is supposed to be contemplating his past sins. Knowing George, he'll probably be pondering whose interests to further next: the insatiable Satrap's in Tehran, or ride the wave of the emerging neo Marxists in South America instead?

On a happier note, we'll be in for a political treat as beastly Boris has officially announced he'll be running against erratic Red Ken! "I have a stock speech in which I berate the British - and especially British politicians - for being altogether too namby-pamby, mollycoddled and risk-averse; and I think of that speech now as I contemplate the challenge of running for Mayor of London."

"I am happy to confirm that I have today put my name forward to be the Conservative Candidate for London Mayor". Exchange of postmodern invective is already proliferating!

Back at the real war front, whence independent reporter Michael Totten has let it be known he's made it from Kuwait City to Baghdad. Noah Pollak has posted a report in re of Al Qaeda in Iran and reveals:

"It is long past time that one important piece of fantastical rubbish be finally sent on its way: this is the idea that Islamists maintain some kind of fastidious ethnic and theological separatism when it comes to who they're willing to work with on killing people. The co-option of Hamas and Islamic Jihad (Sunni Arab) by Iran (Shia Persian) is one piece of reality that intrudes on this comforting notion; so is the Iran-Syria alliance, along with the reality of Iranian support for both Shia and Sunni insurgents in Iraq."
Here's the rest of the revealing article >>>

While on the subject of debunking Islamic myth, most people think of Syria as a Sunni Arab country. The owners of this family estate however, the Assad dynasty, are Alawites or Alevites, a sect of Shi'ite Islam that is rather prominent in Syria. Hence the intimate connection with the satraps in Tehran, Southern Lebanon and Gaza City.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Public Opinion and Victory: a Contradiction?

With the nestling of Postmodern crypto Marxists in the Liberal Left parties the traditional Left has become a far cry from what it was, say ten years ago. The invective at the expense of the nation's common good is taking its toll. I am singling out the United States here, but I might as well be writing about The Netherlands, Britain or Spain. The Postmodern rhetorical rage is everywhere.

Dr Sanity has gone into the psychology and has come up with some serious pathological issues pertaining to Narcissism, the denial over the Socialist shipwreck on the cliffs of economic theory, and heaps of projection and other immature coping strategies.

It can be argued that the Left perhaps had a fatally flawed ideal, going against the very essence of human nature, but that at least their intentions were morally superior. Nick Cohen, author of "What's Left?" and signatory of the Euston Manifesto - an effort to claim the Left's traditional mainstream back from the Postmodern crypto Marxists but committing identical errors - in a recent Pajamas interview paraphrased that image like this:

"More broadly, Cohen laments the loss ... of the core principle of the left, international solidarity with the oppressed ... he regrets that once upon a time amidst the wreckage of the failure of Marxism-Leninism and even mild socialism, the great consoling claim of the left was that it had once squarely opposed fascism. Now, he isn’t so sure ...

"... as ... British leftists in the antiwar movement (are) making common cause with the far right Muslim Brotherhood; Iraqi socialists and trade unionists abandoned or ignored after the fall of Saddam; leftist intellectuals such as Noam Chomsky either denying or playing down ethnic cleansing of nationalists in the Balkans; the socialist Mayor of London hosting and defending preacher Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who had called for the killing of apostates and homosexuals; in parts of the academy, the onset of an extreme relativism which taught that it was racist to oppose sexism in different cultures; the growth of anti-semitism of varying intensity ...

"Cohen tries to balance two arguments ... anger with the flawed policies and incompetence of the Bush and Blair governments, but solidarity with Iraqis as they tried to build something better after decades of tyranny".

But Nick Cohen is a dissenter. It was obvious from the start that - given half the chance - the Left would choose to lose Bush the war: Democrats have been waving white flags from the get go and played the demoralization card more than once, right into the hands of the enemy. Out of spite for Bush which is bad enough, but more importantly, at the expense of American global interest and by extension the free West as a whole, and eventually also at the loss of the spread of democracy in the Middle East, the only political and peaceful means of beating Islamic fundamentalism at home.

Yankee Wombat yesterday had an interested uptake on an article on Tech Central Station Daily, "How Al Qaeda is Winning Even as it is Losing". It's a bit of a technical story, but what it boils down to is this:

"The Coalition and al Qaeda are fighting two different wars. While General Petraeus strangles the insurgent hydra head-by-head, al Qaeda's message of slaughter and despair saps the American public of its will ... A congressionally-imposed defeat in Iraq may be averted by a swing in the polls ... in a hostile media environment ... (this) is difficult, but not impossible, given the substantial American center - Citizens who would prefer victory if given reason to hope. Alternately, Congress could defy the polls. Al Qaeda is running its war on ... bytes of sound and sight. Congress could act on General Petraeus' reports from the ground, rather than broadcasts generated by insurgents."

The West is hampered in fighting a conflict of 4th generation warfare - directed at public opinion - while that public is not led by rationality and common sense, but rather by Counter-Enlightenment anti-reason and anti-Libertarian ideology. As a result emotion, sentiment, impulsive rage, fear and suggestibility have free reign while the old grey mass is having a leave of synapses.

And so the cooperation in the Unholy Alliance, of Western Left Collectivism and Eastern Right Collectivism, are shaping the new world in their totalitarian image at the expense of Liberty, human autonomy and hope for a democratic and peaceful Middle East.

In Iraq meanwhile, just when the surge led by General Petraeus is making substantial progress and the U.S. polls are sliding further, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has had it with the Democrat imposed arbitrary deadlines, a feature entirely alien to Middle Eastern culture.

The whole enterprise suggests as well that on the whole, democracies are peaceful countries simply because it is impossible to properly run a war against ruthless terrorists on public opinion polls and persistent common error. This cynicism begs the next question: who's to reign in the world's bullies?

Friday, July 13, 2007

The Marxist Revival (3): All Purpose Invective

~ Continued from Part 2: The Marxist Revival: The Epic Narrative ~

In Part 1 "The Lie at the Bottom" we saw that at the base of the covert strategy for spreading neo Marxist thought lurks the basic fallacy of the Primacy of Consciousness, or Subjectivism, or Relativism [1].

On a tactical level we find language, which to Postmoderns, signifies something entirely different than it does traditionally: it could be best described as rhetoric, characterised by gross generalisation, ludicrous equation and massive exaggeration, often giving quite another meaning to the word chutzpah: anything goes really, however aggressive and unreasonable. This approach can eventually be alternated with infantile, sentimental whining, or emotional manipulation and blackmail. As we have seen, given the Universal All Importance and the Nobility of The Cause, anything goes.

To Postmoderns language is not about the transfer of information related to reality, objective data flowing from one person to another. To Subjectivists language at best perhaps communicates the speaker's personal version of 'reality'.

All that is written ought to be in quotes and inverted commas, signifying the 'irony' with which any 'meaning' should be taken.

The spoken word is just personal bla-bla. You could set yourself the task of discovering what the speaker means to convey by his choice of words (deconstruction), but underneath that layer of bla-bla we would only find more personal, subjective yada-yada, a sheer endless process of deconstruction would have to take place.

Hicks in "Explaining Postmodernism": "There is no non-linguistic standard by which to distinguish between the literal and the metaphorical, the true and the false. Deconstruction is therefore in principle an unending process ... accordingly, Postmodernism recasts the nature of rhetoric: rhetoric is persuasion in the absence of cognition ... not to prove or disprove anything."

In other words: in the absence of objective reality, orators by any means possible try to persuade an audience of their personal version of reality. In yet another way: speech is rhetoric, is propaganda, is populism, is sophistry, is demagoguery in which reality and truth are subjective, and lies and fallacies are just another personal opinion.

Although Rorty was a notable exception, most Postmoderns see conflicts between groups as unavoidable (see above) and - after Rousseau, Nietzsche and Schopenhauer - in the absence of God as the Prime Mover, it is that which generates change and growth.

It does makes you wonder about the sincerety of all that talk of peace, non-violence and anti war: would that perhaps be the same logic by which Islam makes the distinction between the Dar-al-Harb and the Dar-al-Islam? War is absence of hegemony?

Given that fateful conflict, Postmoderns see and use language primarily as a weapon, which - apart from Koukl's Passive-Aggressive Tolerance Trick acting out on innocents and on misguided bystanders alike - explains the often unreasonable and intolerant nature of the debate with Postmoderns: from expletives to ad hominem attacks, rhetorical catch-as-catch-can wrestling - the catchwords being effect and proselytizing by any possible means - not by arguments or through persuasion, but by intellectual parlour tricks, sophistry and personal intimidation. No rules as practiced by the Debating Society, and certainly no quest for truth.

As crypto Marxist thought and Postmoderm abuse of language covertly insert itself in the various walks of life - from television talk shows to new approaches to 'intractable' problems in academia: from meta-psychology to forensic ethics and the judiciary - we'll devote a number of posts to this interesting subject.

~ To be continued: Part 4: The Marxist Revival: The Assault of Free Speech, "Many have wondered: what's with the gross hyperbole, the unreasonable generalizations, from the downright insulting to the quasi baby-talk? "All hetero-sexual males are rapists", "Zionists are Nazis", "History is one wave of ethnic cleansing after another" ~

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Syria Invades Lebanon

Reported by Michael J. Totten on 9th July, 2007

A few days ago Lebanese daily newspaper Al Mustaqbal quietly reported a limited Syrian invasion of Lebanon. (Via Naharnet.)

Syrian troops on Thursday (5th July!) reportedly have penetrated three kilometers into Lebanese territories, taking up positions in the mountains near Yanta in east Lebanon's Bekaa Valley.

The daily Al Mustaqbal, citing sources who confirmed the cross-border penetration, did not say when the procedure in the Fahs Hill overlooking Deir al-Ashaer in the Rashaya province took place.

The sources said Syrian troops, backed by bulldozers, were fortifying positions "in more than one area" along the Lebanese border, erecting earth mounds and digging "hundreds" of trenches and individual bunkers.

This happened immediately before I left town for two days. When I returned I was surprised to find no mention of this whatsoever anywhere else in the media. I assumed the story had to be false. How could Syria invade three kilometers into any region of Lebanon without triggering a diplomatic and media storm?

So I asked Michael Young, opinion page editor at Beirut’s Daily Star, if the story was bogus. “It is true,” he said ...

Read Michael's entire report >>>

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Of Empire, Old and New

Today more fascinating old and new current affairs items.

- The irrationality of the Palestinians is sometimes of breathtaking proportions:

New poll shows Palestinians are number one supporters of Iran nuclear weapons
"Of 37 populations around the world, Palestinians rank first in their level of support for a nuclear-armed Iran, a new poll has revealed. The survey, taken by the Pew Global Attitudes Project, found that 58 percent of the Palestinian public are in favor of Tehran acquiring atomic weapons, making Palestinians the only Middle Eastern population not opposed to an Iranian bomb."

Do they really believe, that if the Scampy Satrap launches a nuclear attack on Israel (God forbid), the West Bank and Gaza'd remain unaffected by it? Truth is, that a multitude of sacrifices is just part of the Satrap's apocalyptic doctrine; If the survey was conducted in that awareness, is unknown. Here's more analysis on the Savvy Satrap's little science project.

- Defense of Democracies has another in-depth article on the Kosovo question: "The Moral Hazard of Kosovo's Independence" by J. Peter Pham.

- On 20th June we posted "Science as Liberal Ideology and a Puzzle Contest" on the Council of Europe's Parliamentary Assembly's draft resolution on the dangers of creationism in education. Well, here's the good news on Europe: thanks to a few east Europeans who haven't yet been relativised out of existence, as well as due to some Christian Democrats with the pangs of the conscience, the vote never even got off the ground!

The Press from Hell on the whole never even reported the Darwinic bummer, but here's Reuters in a topspin headline: "European rights body calls off creationism vote", being echoed by a sole blogger in "Creationism vote canceled by Council and Europe's Parliamentary Assembly", proving that lack of a scientific attitude doesn't necessarily has to stand in the way of self-development and personal growth.

- For the aficionado who knows how to appreciate the European post-democratic Press from Hell, EUX is commenting that any insouciance in respect of the acceptance of the new proposal for the reform treaty (the erstwhile EU Constitution), is as yet premature ... you know ... there is still the "Risk of Dutch EU referendum": no further comments, except to say we seem to have a political version here of "fog over channel, continent cut off".

- Jose Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission yesterday confessed to the press what others like myself have known for some time, which is why I almost consider this a personal victory! Barosso together with Vice-President Margot 'make-love-not-war' Wallstrom (Let's Come Together) (see her blog) asked by the press what the European Union would be after the new reform treaty has been agreed (and the risk of a Dutch referendum averted), answered: "Europe is an empire, a non-imperial one, must be said. But still, an empire." ... with which video exhibit I rest my case ....

- And if that wasn't enough imperialism for one day, the Ottomans are also experiencing bouts of nostalgia! EUX for the last time: "FEATURE: From Turkey's dreams of empire to the energy Great Game".

It was again an eventful day in the Eurabic Empire of Voluntarily Interconnected States!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Of Realism and Resistance, mainly ...

Today a necessary news update, building on recent earlier posts:

With respect to yesterday's post "Counter-Terrorist Blog Swarm Wanted!" Ioannis Michaletos of Strategic Analysis relays an article "Kosovo is Spiralling out of Control" by Mikhail Logvinov. It lays bare a few intricacies in the matter begging closer scrutiny.

- For example: "... if Russia rejects the Kosovo independence plan, Brussels will assume responsibility and make an appropriate decision", in favour of independence, we may assume. On the other hand, according to a spokeswoman for European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana "the EU will make a decision if need be, but only with the UN Security Council’s consent" of which Russia happens to be a veto carrying member. It may be the author who's caught in a circular argument, or it may be the E.U. that has now finally lost its way!

- It seriously beggars belief that Moscow's "(t)rying to prevent the partition of its long-time Slavic ally" is termed "a dubious decision from the viewpoint of international law"! Since when has the encouragement of partition become the politically correct? Since the advent of Transnational Progessivism perhaps? Has the breaking up of sovereign states, to be forcibly incorporated into post-democratic, totalitarian federations already become the official international policy? I would certainly hope that "(t)hose countries whose territorial integrity is threatened are against the current European trend" of the breaking up of sovereign, national states.

- At least 'the West' is not caught unawares of the dangerous consequences of their actions, as they have been "discussing crisis scenarios that should give a legal seal to tough actions against Belgrade". Go ahead, pile it on!

- The article further points out that "Kosovar and Serbian organized crime planned" the 2004 ethnic clashes between Serbs and Albanians in Kosovo. It would appear that, apart from the Wahhabis - it is primarily the mob that would greatly benefit from Kosovo's independence, courtesy of 'the West'.

Here's more from the intrepid Julia Gorin. So far the news from the Eastern front.
Yankee Wombat, an American in Oz recently had two pieces from a surprising perspective.

- His post "The Quick and the Dead" concerns Michael Yon's fabulous independent journalism in Iraq and his recent shocking article "Bless the Beasts and Children", describing and illustrating the horrific way in which Muslims are killing Muslims. Yankee Wombat answers the matter which I registered from the sidelines over the weekend, how this story of whole-sale slaughter broke in the MSM, and was almost immediately denied by same.

- In another post "Eurabia and Delusions of Grandeur" Yankee Wombat reviews Bat Ye’Or's book Eurabia and comments upon what he sees as "the conceit of the Europeans - they were confident that their culture would absorb the Muslims ... Europe fancied itself as the senior partner in this process set to absorb the Mediterranean lands of Africa and Asia into its orbit ..."

Now that a few million Muslims find themselves on the European continent, these prove to be a great deal more assertive in defending their cultural and religious heritage than (post)modern Europeans are wont to do. Now that culture clashes and displacement is on the horizon (see Kosovo), European politicians are at a loss how to handle the monster of their creation, other then by suppressing free speech and appeasing irrational totalitarians. And then to think there have been good men and women giving their lives for our freedom: I'm sure it wasn't this what they had in mind when they signed up!

- Speaking of which, here's another pleasant uptake in the Confessions of a Closet Republican (bless her! and note the story of Liberal oppression in her profile).

- And how Foehammer has finally had enough!!! He's in resistance mode ...

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Counter-Terrorist Blog Swarm Wanted!

Present blog swarm request was picked up from 1389 Mobile Blog in respect of a subject close to our hearts: Kosovo, and how the world was duped into believing they did the right thing, while in fact a sort of European Waziristan is in the making (remember Tora Bora?).

Earlier posts in this blog on the subject were:

- Quotes of the Day, History calling, and Yes to an Islamic State in the Balkans
- Tony's Canard, Bunkers and some darned thing in the Balkans
- Neo Totalitarianism (5): the Transnational State
- Transnational Progressivism: an Inexplicable Presumption

These posts contain further links with articles for perusal.

Reason for the blog swarm initiative is the continued journalistic and diplomatic black hole that is the Serbian province and Serb historical heartland of Kosovo. But now another unique, in-depth, comprehensive article by Julia Gorin "Ending the Balkan Quagmire at American Thinker" was published. An earlier article by Gorin can be found in "Radical Islam's Dupes".

Considering that Serb activists are not always acting in their own best interests, as well as the proliferation of conspiracy theories in the Balkans even at the best of times, I'm often very reluctant to rely on any sources that don't meet the highest possible standards. I can state without hesitation that Gorin is one of the most reliable around. She is impartial (if politically incorrect), always professional and of a dying breed: the incisive investigative journalist.

Although it would appear from some quarters that the fateful project may be shelved till the autumn, no time must be lost to inform the world of the impending diplomatic disaster in the heart of the Balkans and how the public is being hoodwinked into believing we are on the right side of history here, while in fact it is a historical and political scandal of the first order.

Further reading:

- Serbia Owed Justice in Kosovo by Gregory Clark (Japan Times)
- That Flapping Sound I hear by William Lind (
- Former Kosovan PM goes on trial for KLA's cleansing crimes by Vesna Peric Zimonjic (The Independent on Sunday)
- Whistleblower: Kosovo 'Owned' By Albanian Mafia by Sherrie Gossett (
- Wahhabi Rules: Islamic Extremism Comes to Bosnia by Boris Kanzleiter (World {Politics Review)
- Wahhabi leader slain in gunfight; arrests made By Igor Jovanovic (Southeast European Times)

And the very lastest news just in: there seems to be a rather nebulous sort of 'summit' under way in Sarajevo of government leaders, NATO and NGOism who cannot stop repeating that Kosovo's independence is in the "interest of stability". Sedition or ... what?