Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Line in the Sand: Brussels 9/11

In yesterday's post on Islamic designs emanating from Albania, on Kosovo for starters, we have spoken of the line in the sand of the Kosovo Polje. While Islamization is taking the West by stealth, it would appear that the process in Kosovo, being played out since the eighties of the last century, took more overt modes of operation.

Little did the West know - or even care - what happened behind "the Iron Curtain", the place where Yugoslavia resided. That may also have been the reason the public was so easily hoodwinked by the unfolding effects of 4th Generation Warfare, viz. spinning the facts into favourable public perceptions, a trick the Socialists By The Third Way (viz. Messrs Clinton & Blair c.s.) have elevated to a form of fine art. I will come back to this shortly in another post, but right now I'd like to showcase Europe's line in the sand, because there always is sooner or later... a line in the sand.

The question is, where, when and how? Where? Well, for one in Denmark, the country that hosted the Mohammed cartoon row, causing all that Muslim rage and indignation. On the initiative of Danish political party SIAD (Stop the Islamization of Denmark) Europe's indigenous grievances are to be taken to Brussels. A Europe wide demo is to be staged on 9/11. I'm not sure what that date means: American style 11th of September, a symbolic if dramatic choice indeed, or the European way of indicating the 9th of November? I hope that will be cleared up.

The SIOE (Stop Islamization of Europe) site further clarifies that "researchers at the University of Copenhagen, after conducting population studies, have calculated that the ethnic Danes (the original population) will become a very small minority in their own country by the end of this century." This is true for a great many European countries.

While politicians, from the ill-informed to the naive, from the KGB ideologically demoralized baby-boomers now in power, to the plain evil and treacherous - urging unwilling indigenous populations to submit and integrate themselves into the Muslim culture - the character of the continent is in the process of being changed forever beyond any recognition.

The Reverend Monseigneur Georg Gänswein, Pope Benedict XVI's private secretary, in a recent interview with the Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin warns Europe not to underestimate the dangers of the increasing Islamization. He underlines that the persecution of Christians in the Dar-al-Islam has increased dramatically. And according to repeated assertions issued by the president of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the count-down for the destruction of Israel has begun.

"The dangers associated with a changing identity of Europe may not be ignored out of erroneous considerations. The Pope's Regensburger speech was supposed to work against a certain naivety." Personally I don't see it any longer in that favourable, innocent light, having gone from naivety to conceit and plain treason. "Erroneous considerations" probably being Ideologically Correct Silence or possibly, the Postmodern (Neo Marxist, relativist, subjectivist) fallacy of holding one culture as good as any other.

The SIOE site posts an article - a cry for help really - by French philosopher and secondary school teacher Robert Redecker, first published in Le Figaro on 19th September 2006. It is just one of many stories of Europeans, exercising their right of free speech, only to see it answered by threats against their lives: fatwas setting them on the run in the own countries, even to the point of protective custody, as was the case with Geert Wilders and Ayaan Hirsi Ali in the Netherlands.

Dr Sanity's psychological analysis - always insightful - is particularly fruitful the last days. Those still at a loss what moves our Muslim brothers and sisters might be well informed by reading the following joint efforts by the entire Sanity Squad:

- A Deer in the Headlights;

- The Ring of Power;

- Paranoia and Projection in the Arab World: the Externalization of Blame for Arab/Islamic Dysfunction **UPDATED**.

The problem very briefly boils down to the fact that the 'superior' faith of Islam should have brought the faithful prosperity, knowledge and riches. Instead it has rendered the opposite: it led to ignorance, poverty and squalor. Faced with the intractable dilemma between that, or giving that pernicious faith up, they now project all evil that is of their own making, externally.

If only Israel didn't exist, if there was no 'Palestinian problem' the Middle East would be a prosperous place. If only they were no Christians, Islam would rule the world. This is the reason Muslims are incapable of accepting criticism. Crisis point has been reached, it now being full blown pathological paranoia. In fact, were peace to break out tomorrow, they wouldn't know what to do with themselves. This being the reason things are unsolvable.

I don't want to leave you without sharing Dr Sanity's post of today, which particularly moved me: inspirational and beautiful, if reality weren't so bloody brutal. Here's an excerpt from "The Cost of Freedom: Fighting and defeating the new barbarians will exact a great toll. The question is, are we willing to pay it?":

"Remember how quickly the West was willing to compromise our freedom of speech in the Danish cartoon matter in order to accommodate the enemy's threats? Consider how many other accommodations many of us are willing--and eager--to make to ensure the Death-Eaters of our own world won't get angry or upset with us over anything.

"And we can't even criticize their insane religion/ideology of death without having the priests of multicultural nihilism swoop down upon us. Very soon, we will have compromised away all that matters to us for the sake of "peace" (but which is really a sort of voluntary enslavement enforced via a societal suicide pact); and in the end, we will no longer have either our precious freedom, nor will we have peace.

"Good people sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf."


Justin Halter said...

Do you think America should go to war for Israel? Specifically, if Israel is attacked, should the U.S. fight along side of her as an ally? Do you think any European countries would?

Cassandra said...

I think there is no question about it as far as America is concerned. In the case of Europe, a few years ago I woudn't have hesitated, now I'd say it would probably be a again 'a coalition of the willing'.

Cassandra said...

Justin, was that should or would? Above is a reply to would. Needless to say I think all should. What's your answer?

Justin Halter said...

I don't know if America would or not. I used to think that only Democratic politicians were enemies of Israel, but the way Bush is so cozy with the Saudi's, it gives me pause to imagine whom we would support if push comes to shove. What is doing the right thing, versus oil contracts? We both know which usually wins out.

The history of the Crusader kingdoms is so instructive, perhaps even parallel to today. They received no support from their European home countries, and eventually were annihilated. Is Israel today similarly isolated? In the time of the Crusades, the Europeans were too busy bickering and squabbling over petty issues to unite in the face of a great danger. Isn’t it similar to today?

Lord Straf-Bollinger said...

...there always is sooner or later... a line in the sand...

I have studied the phenomenon and lvie side by side with Muslims. I'm currently in dialogue with a Muslim girl.

I don't know precisely where the truth lies. There is little doubt the imams are pushing the islamization of the planet slice by slice but how far the common Muslim populace is going along with that is another question.

It's a huge dilemma.

Cassandra said...

Well Justin, that's an interesting parallel there with the Crusador Kingsdoms. Christian solidarity as usual is non-existent, as Emperors Palaiologos of C/ple knew too well. Still, in Israels case? This is reaching apocalyptic/teleological terrain ... I'm not usually one to reach for scripture this one is too much of a liability on the brainpower on Sunday morning. I hope the West would do the right thing, but as matters are currently ... bunch of heartless ideologues! Cheers!

Cassandra said...

James, it's also a matter of sheer numbers and absence of willingness to integrate into the new societies. Instead, the natives find themselves integrating into Muslim culture. The sheer scale of people moving westward on the globe is unheard of in human history. Not even the big tribal movements of late Roman times were on this scale. Dr Pat said something on her blog the other day, in a particularly pensive mood: "we could have lived together if you hadn't demanded we'd become like you" or words to that effect. Personally I don't even blame 'Muslims' as much as Europe's elite. I'll come back to it in a post shortly, but these bloody bastards have been selling out their own people since 1968. No opportunity is too trivial. Don't get me going ...
Btw I now understand your cabal thing, which you explain on your blog. That is it exactly: power for power's sake ... and the most evil thing is that's it's done in the name of blindly bowing for a common Utopia ... never mind - I still have to work on a proper formulation there. Keep up the good work!

Collin Brendemuehl said...

This is one of the mroe challenging blogs I've read in a while. Excellent.


Cassandra said...

Thanks Collin. Eagerly awaiting details on postmodern theology.