Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Of Empire, Old and New

Today more fascinating old and new current affairs items.

- The irrationality of the Palestinians is sometimes of breathtaking proportions:

New poll shows Palestinians are number one supporters of Iran nuclear weapons
"Of 37 populations around the world, Palestinians rank first in their level of support for a nuclear-armed Iran, a new poll has revealed. The survey, taken by the Pew Global Attitudes Project, found that 58 percent of the Palestinian public are in favor of Tehran acquiring atomic weapons, making Palestinians the only Middle Eastern population not opposed to an Iranian bomb."

Do they really believe, that if the Scampy Satrap launches a nuclear attack on Israel (God forbid), the West Bank and Gaza'd remain unaffected by it? Truth is, that a multitude of sacrifices is just part of the Satrap's apocalyptic doctrine; If the survey was conducted in that awareness, is unknown. Here's more analysis on the Savvy Satrap's little science project.

- Defense of Democracies has another in-depth article on the Kosovo question: "The Moral Hazard of Kosovo's Independence" by J. Peter Pham.

- On 20th June we posted "Science as Liberal Ideology and a Puzzle Contest" on the Council of Europe's Parliamentary Assembly's draft resolution on the dangers of creationism in education. Well, here's the good news on Europe: thanks to a few east Europeans who haven't yet been relativised out of existence, as well as due to some Christian Democrats with the pangs of the conscience, the vote never even got off the ground!

The Press from Hell on the whole never even reported the Darwinic bummer, but here's Reuters in a topspin headline: "European rights body calls off creationism vote", being echoed by a sole blogger in "Creationism vote canceled by Council and Europe's Parliamentary Assembly", proving that lack of a scientific attitude doesn't necessarily has to stand in the way of self-development and personal growth.

- For the aficionado who knows how to appreciate the European post-democratic Press from Hell, EUX is commenting that any insouciance in respect of the acceptance of the new proposal for the reform treaty (the erstwhile EU Constitution), is as yet premature ... you know ... there is still the "Risk of Dutch EU referendum": no further comments, except to say we seem to have a political version here of "fog over channel, continent cut off".

- Jose Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission yesterday confessed to the press what others like myself have known for some time, which is why I almost consider this a personal victory! Barosso together with Vice-President Margot 'make-love-not-war' Wallstrom (Let's Come Together) (see her blog) asked by the press what the European Union would be after the new reform treaty has been agreed (and the risk of a Dutch referendum averted), answered: "Europe is an empire, a non-imperial one, must be said. But still, an empire." ... with which video exhibit I rest my case ....

- And if that wasn't enough imperialism for one day, the Ottomans are also experiencing bouts of nostalgia! EUX for the last time: "FEATURE: From Turkey's dreams of empire to the energy Great Game".

It was again an eventful day in the Eurabic Empire of Voluntarily Interconnected States!

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Lord Straf-Baghdad said...

...The irrationality of the Palestinians is sometimes of breathtaking proportions...

This is what makes them so dangerous.