Thursday, July 05, 2007

Dumb Ox in a Crass Example of Self-Loathing

We're mad, quite mad! Just how far this evil has gone is illustrated by a brilliant post from blogger Dumb Ox: if most people were only half as is dumb as he is, I dare say we wouldn't find ourselves in current predicament.

It is a crass example of "Postmodern Fallacy Number 1: the World is not a Pie", erroneously declaring a physical law of limited natural resources applicable to the one thing in life that is absolutely unlimited and free for as long as humanity is able to subsist on this planet: the sun's energy!

It has of course everything to do with Exercise Demoralization of the Usefuls, Part 2 (Part 1 being in the works since decades). I have been struggling with this apparent epidemic of self-loathing for some time, only to conclude in the end that it should be looked at from a different perspective.

There is no epidemic of self loathing; there are however crypto Marxists telling unstable usefuls and other gullibles that man is a naked, irrational, grasping ape, a parasite on the face of the earth, that is deserving of being obliterated, just as their forebears of the "archetypal white patriarchal narrative" have been very bad people and that as a consequence - they, as heirs - need to loath themselves in an act of attrition for secular original sin.

It is in fact a new version of ideological demoralization and an attempt at mind control, like political correctness, thinking and acting in accordance with The Ideology. Let me now step aside for this brilliant contribution:

Dumb Ox Daily News: Humans Stealing Sun Energy from Other Species


Anonymous said...

I let the crazy thesis of that article speak for itself, but you have expertly connected the dots! I hope you'll look in my archives, and let me know when you have a post to promote. I've blogrolled you as well.
All the best,
D. Ox

Cassandra said...

Haven't had the time yet, but I will most certainly do so.