Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Door in Kosovo

We're back at the crucial subject of the independent Muslim state in the Balkans: Kosovo. Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs on Monday hosted her weekly Blogtalk Radio Broadcast and devoted it largely to the situation on the Balkans. In particular of further evidence what really happened in Bosnia during the war and the intricacies relating to the establishment of an independent state in the Serbian province of Kosovo, currently being relentlessly pursued by the 'international community' in the cause of a Greater Albania.

Listen to Pamela's
radio interview with the intrepid independent reporter Julia Gorin, who has sought out the truth and James George Jatras, Director of the American Council for Kosovo (Save Kosovo).

There is a marked lack of factual knowledge about the subject in the West. The established view of politicians and public alike, is based on indolent mainstream media reporting, egged on by public relations firms, paid in Saudi Peninsula petrodollars.

Interestingly in that version of events the clock started ticking when the late President Milosevic drew a line in the Kosovo Polje, beyond which the Serbs decided the harassment on the part of the Ottoman remnants would be endured no more. As a consequence they were seen as the jingoist culprits, accused of anything from mass murder to genocide, turning the other parties - by a curious polarization mechanism - whiter than white. Facts, created by all sides, are harder to come by however .

y latest post on the matter was
"Counter Terrorist Blog Swarm Wanted", an initiative of 1389 Mobile Blog. It lists a number of links to further reading, as does Julia Gorin's blog and the site of Save Kosovo, which carries a comprehensive library of articles and news items, as well as links for those willing to take political action.

Here's the latest above average quality article on Ioannis Mechaletos'
Strategic Analysis & OSINT Management blog, relaying an article from Malaysia Sun on the basic principle of territorial integrity: I'd to see them get that past the Chinese and Russian seats on the U.N. Security Council!

On the recently censored
Jihad Watch blog is an interesting read about a door in Kosovo. Especially the related comments and discussions are instructive. The fact that liberals in the West have declared taboo and shut up people, reporting on who it was, that was probably responsible for it, typifies the mind and speech control emanating from Leftist political correctness. It fills some people with nausea and disgust to call a spade, a spade. In some circles denial of facts is an existential matter!

The relentless persistence with which the establishment of an independent Muslim state in the Balkans is being pushed, just makes one wonder what is behind it all. How can the willful creation of an independent state in an area, that is historically mixed up with brigantry, drug trafficking and sex slavery, ever be an asset to stability of the Balkan Peninsula? The Balkans of all places, what once used to be known as Europe's powder keg, is a notorious source of larger conflagrations, usually euphemistically identified as "some darned thing in the ... (yes) Balkans", the Great War of 1914-1918 being one of them!

Is it an easy way to prove to the Dar-al-Islam that the West isn't a Christian club, or anti Muslim, but just anti Jihad as John Lantos is keen to do, and never mind the fate of the other populations? Or is it giving in to the threat of AKSh violence and pestilence? It is a way to officially overturn a prior U.N. Resolution, proclaiming Kosovo an integral part of Serbia? Or could the attraction possibly lie in the creation of a precedent, by which multi ethnic national states can be broken up, should NGOism - in the interest of stability and world peace - find it expedient to do so?

Postmodern Transnational Progressivism sees the national state as a creation from a bloody past that presided over "wave after wave of ethnic cleansing". It views it not as a symbol of (multi)ethnic identity and unity, but as a casus belli against other such entities, and an open invitation to vicious nationalism.

The postmodern Kantian, Utopean view foresees in areas and territories rather than countries being integrated into larger federations of interdependent states. Examples are the 'highly succesful' European Union and the North American Union, currently being hatched. The Kosovo precedent would certainly make the way to the new world order a whole lot easier.

Update: Thursday 26th July 2007 at 14:55 l.t.: exploding the myth that there are no designs of a Greater Albania!

This is the map of Albania. And see the animation on this site, right under that waiving American flag, for the real Albanian territorial ambitions. And while at it, have a look as well the news items: "Former Soldiers of the United States Atlantic Battalion Ready to Defend Kosova Again" and "Albanian American Civic League". That's royal class P.R. for you!


Flanders Fields said...

I view your statements as being very insightful. There is a coalition which can take the Balkans into whichever direction they choose. I believe, that having chosen a decidedly leftist path in the past, that this will be the direction for which they aim.

I think they are overly confident in their ability to control Islam and will attempt to use it as a tool for advancement of global leftism. They have attained much in that direction in the world and are impatient to see the culmination. The Balkans could be key to their strategy in Europe and the Middle East.

I have done a couple of posts on the Balkans, but have not touched on the areas above. I was more interested that people might draw their own conclusions and develop awareness. The link to this latest post has links to my two previous posts and other information.

I will check back with you. We have similar views from what I have read so far.

Cassandra said...

Dear Flanders Fields,
I left a reply in the comments section of your post Balking at the Balkans.
God bless.

Flanders Fields said...

Cassandra, I just noticed your comment and thank you for coming by. You have an excellent site and you have great messages. Keep up your good work. I'll be back.