Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Marxist Revival (1): the Lie at the Bottom

While to some Libertarians politics at times may seem an exciting game for adults, to the Collective Left the Cause of the Oppressed is never a relative matter: to them it's a deadly serious affair, quite literately so.

Since Communism failed, the words are heard no more. Only rarely apologetics abound, as are belated memorials to the approximate 110 million victims, whereas trivialization is never far off. Occasionally common roots are laid bare.

De-Marxification isn't common practice in the sense that de-Nazification and de-Baathification were; there is an euphemistic term: 'lustrations', taunted by crypto adherents and hapless MSM as 'pogroms' or 'witch hunts' in a way that prosecution of Nazis and the Pinochets of this world, would be unthinkable. Clearly a case of double standard, but then who would be mad enough to speak up for the Collective Socialist Right? It doesn't earn points with the usefuls like the defense of the Leftist variety.

The three generations of Western students of the baby boom and after that were ideologically subverted by the KGB, haven't dissolved into thin air: they keep themselves occupied with pushing the Cause by other strategies and proceed covertly, going under an epithet of something cryptic like Postmoderns: Multiculturalists, Deconstructionists, and other higher branches of Leftist thought, as Critical Theorists at university language departments, or some other form of Marxist Hermetics.

Surprisingly - just when everyone had forgotten, some 15 years since the collapse of communism at the hand of the Mujaheddin, or so they claim - we are at present experiencing a bit of a revival that regretfully very few people recognize for what it is.

Postmodern philosophy - starting from Rousseau - is based on one very fundamental lie, that is as immature as is opportune. Let me ask you this: is a baby born, already fully aware and self-conscious, thinking - say, at what age shall I first light up - or is the boot on the other foot and comes awareness considerable time after birth, a child being initially quite the solipsist?

I think most sane people will argue the latter. Not so our Counter-Enlighteners, among whom we find the current crypto Marxist Postmoderns (see Chart I, The Straight Red Line). They hold the former view, what I term the Master of the Universe fallacy (PMF number 13), and Ayn Rand calls the 'primacy of consciousness' (as opposed to the 'primacy of existence': first you are, then you become aware, not vice versa).

This subjective idea [1] was first coined so that the existence of God could be averted, but it also comes in handy when occasionally someone attempts to rationalize an irrational Ideology. Its logical consequence is, you see, that no such thing as one single, objective reality, valid for everyone in the Cosmos, exists. Your own particular version of reality depends on who you are (class, race, culture, etc.), and where you are.

Enter subjective minority groups with a common victimhood to be compensated in proportion to their perceived inequality, enter Relativism, enter cultural Marxism, also known as Multiculturalism: Reality or The Truth does not exist, all ideas, cultures, religions being equally valid, except of course all that are based on "the white, rich, Christian, male narrative" because that is exactly what the struggle is directed against: the quintessential archetype of the authoritarian, dogmatic, Indo-European patriarch, whose less admirable side of the historical track record is currently abused to cultivate the demoralizing habit of Occidental self-loathing.

It is a critical fallacy that runs through all Postmodern and Counter-Enlightenment thought (see Chart I The Straight Red Line for the common characteristics, for example Anti Reason). Ideas have consequences, George Weigel famously asserted; it certainly has, for 110 million fatalities.

But I'll let you in on a closely guarded secret: the whole thing is a ruse to fool and confuse the really usefuls; the top Postmodern elite, like the former Polit Bureau members, are not so relativised as to start believing their own lies. Call it a strategy of deep level misinformation to provide rational support for the irrational Ideology.

The lofty Aim, the noble Cause justifies any means, you see - and how else can you hope to whip the complacent, lazy masses into action? One poetic Marxist lifts a tip of the niqaab, a hot contender for the miraculous existence of the Unholy Alliance with Radical Islam, to have another crack at Revived Revolution!

"... But stay awake now, if you must
My story’s just beginning.
For out of wars come revolutions
And. the masses now were winning .."

~ To be continued in Part 2, The Marxist Revival: The Epic Narrative ~


Justin Halter said...

I love how you point out the root of all these destructive, subjectivist philosophies: the effort to avoid God. Many of my students are confused by philosophy until I point out to them that most of it is the attempt to explain reality without God, soul, or spirit. Then, they see the conext and it makes much more sense.

Cassandra said...

Thanks for your comments, Justin. The only way to get some order in the confusion is to expose it after philosophical disection. Almost everyone has to some extent fallen prey to the confusion, in fact entire countries have totally lost it. Indeed in science it's the same thing: I can recommend Science before Science by Anthony Rizzi to expose this situation; if they'd only do philosophy they wouldn't make these basic errors. Great stuff. Hope you and your students have fun with it.
Thanks again, Justin.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, these movements are alternate religions, in some ways less "rational" than traditional faiths (at least of the Judeo-Christian variety...). Great post!

Cassandra said...
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Cassandra said...

By far more rational! It's hard to argue with St Thomas, but these guys are irrational and proud of it! Comes in handy too ... they can say and write as they please, can even need get violent if they like. I don't trust them any further than I can throw them.