Sunday, July 08, 2007

Counter-Terrorist Blog Swarm Wanted!

Present blog swarm request was picked up from 1389 Mobile Blog in respect of a subject close to our hearts: Kosovo, and how the world was duped into believing they did the right thing, while in fact a sort of European Waziristan is in the making (remember Tora Bora?).

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These posts contain further links with articles for perusal.

Reason for the blog swarm initiative is the continued journalistic and diplomatic black hole that is the Serbian province and Serb historical heartland of Kosovo. But now another unique, in-depth, comprehensive article by Julia Gorin "Ending the Balkan Quagmire at American Thinker" was published. An earlier article by Gorin can be found in "Radical Islam's Dupes".

Considering that Serb activists are not always acting in their own best interests, as well as the proliferation of conspiracy theories in the Balkans even at the best of times, I'm often very reluctant to rely on any sources that don't meet the highest possible standards. I can state without hesitation that Gorin is one of the most reliable around. She is impartial (if politically incorrect), always professional and of a dying breed: the incisive investigative journalist.

Although it would appear from some quarters that the fateful project may be shelved till the autumn, no time must be lost to inform the world of the impending diplomatic disaster in the heart of the Balkans and how the public is being hoodwinked into believing we are on the right side of history here, while in fact it is a historical and political scandal of the first order.

Further reading:

- Serbia Owed Justice in Kosovo by Gregory Clark (Japan Times)
- That Flapping Sound I hear by William Lind (
- Former Kosovan PM goes on trial for KLA's cleansing crimes by Vesna Peric Zimonjic (The Independent on Sunday)
- Whistleblower: Kosovo 'Owned' By Albanian Mafia by Sherrie Gossett (
- Wahhabi Rules: Islamic Extremism Comes to Bosnia by Boris Kanzleiter (World {Politics Review)
- Wahhabi leader slain in gunfight; arrests made By Igor Jovanovic (Southeast European Times)

And the very lastest news just in: there seems to be a rather nebulous sort of 'summit' under way in Sarajevo of government leaders, NATO and NGOism who cannot stop repeating that Kosovo's independence is in the "interest of stability". Sedition or ... what?

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Cassandra, thanks very much for participating in the Counterterrorist Blog Swarm! FYI, 1389 Mobile Blog has MOVED. Look for it at 1389 Blog. The content has been migrated. You can find the blog swarm post at COUNTERTERRORIST BLOG SWARM WANTED! Thanks again!