Saturday, July 07, 2007

The Marxist Revival (2): the Epic Narrative

~ Continued from The Marxist Revival (1): The Lie at the Bottom ~

"... But stay awake now, if you must
My story’s just beginning.
For out of wars come revolutions
And the masses now were winning .."

That piece of mad poetry called "Back to the Future" from the site that can only be termed An Ode To Karl Marx, should be taken seriously: just like Al Zawahiri M.D. assures us again and again he is just seeking the global Khalifate that has been on the cards since the eighth century, succeeded up to a point (north Africa, Middle and Near East) and failed on a number of other occasions (Al Andalus, Tours, Vienna), the Marxist international revolution has also not given up with the crumbling of a mere wall, or just one branch (economy) of the total theory being discredited.

The pathological poem has affirmed my suspicion of a strategy of setting the Muslim branch of the Unholy Alliance on the capitalist West in an endeavour to erect the long aspired International on its ruins. To the Postmodern nihilists and the KGB ideologically demoralised usefuls it's all the same anyway: bell tower or minaret, souk or market, whatever ... one act of treason in the good cause is as good as another.

In reaction to the last botched Jihadi attacks by 'the doctors' on London and Glasgow last week bourgeois shock and outrage have been expressed over physicians unethically acting against the Hippocratic oath. Dr Sanity has an interesting analysis on the psychological level. Whatever there may be said about the Hippocratic Oath being considered outmoded and outdated (of course), or Muslims having their own vows in that respect (of course), is a measure of how little is understood of the Counter-Enlightenment branch of philosophy.

Yes, there is a war on - but more importantly and fundamentally, let me repeat: Counter-Enlightenment philosophies - apart from them all having A Global Ideal Worth Dying For - are Collectivist, are Anti Realism and Reason, Socialist, Subjectivist (relativist), have socially constructed 'narratives' or themes of whatever Oppressed group(s) versus a common Oppressor, and don't balk at the use of politically (or religiously) justified violence under the guideline of The Noble End Justifies Any Means (see chart II: The Straight Red Line).

Does that sound like people tending to suffer scruples over ethics, of acting against a pre Liberal (archaic) Hippocratic Oath? On the contrary, it may even encourage them, as having made a personal, solemn sacrifice to the Collective Ideal.

Today a number of pop concerts under the catching title Live Earth is under way, spread strategically all over the face of the earth: Tokio, Sydney, New York, Washington, London, Amsterdam, Johannesburg, Rio de Janeiro, Shanghai and Hamburg. Istanbul has been cancelled for lack of funds and interest, while on Antarctica a group of 'scientists' makes a contribution against their own profession by taking up musical instruments in a dilettante act of symbolism, thereby securing project funding for years to come.

The aim of the series of events - according to the organisers, among others Al Gore and actress Cameron Diaz - is to raise awareness about glowball warming. The multicultural kitch is living evidence that environmentalism goes hand in hand with the narrative of Rousseau's noble savage.

Let's translate this along the Straight Red Line guidelines: the whole project lives and breaths Subjectivism (Primacy of Consciousness - see Part 1) and Collectivism. As the atmospheric condition itself, the movement is universal in character, transcending the mere national state. It's dictatorial tendencies are betrayed by the silencing, stone-walling and demonisation of dissenters.

It is directed against the common Oppressor: capitalism (industry, free trade), reason (science and technology) and by extension the archetypal wanton, white, wicked patriarch of the West who's grasping, self-serving activities are the cause of all these problems, for which the Oppressed Subjectivist minority groups now pay the price.

The global devastation's affecting the whole of oppressed humanity and every other living creature on the face of the planet. It carries high grade 'original sin' as "all animals, including us" produce the vilified CO2. Thank Gaia we can buy that guilt off by paying environmental taxes and by offering other minor personal libations and sacrifices.

The frightening thing is, what used to be an immature pet project on the fringes of popular culture, with the baby boomers moving into government it has become official policy of a compulsory nature. If there ever was a Cause to warrant world wide control, this is it!

Update: The Live Earth event is, in the words of one commentator: "a massive, hypocritical fraud."

~ To be continued in Part 3 The Marxist Revival: All Purpose Invective - On a tactical level we find language, which to Postmoderns, signifies something entirely different than it does traditionally ~


Lord Straf-Dresden said...

...affirmed my suspicion of a strategy of setting the Muslim branch of the Unholy Alliance on the capitalist West in an endeavour to erect the long aspired International on its ruins...

It certainly is and it's socialistic and compulsory in nature. These people never get a life, do they?

Cassandra said...

Hi James, glad you're back. All Okay?