Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Straight Red Line (1): It's the Communists After All

No sooner had I taken mental note of the 'Simon-Peter Says' post on the trepidations of education, the thought occurred to me that the current state of the world is reminiscent of a situation in which a global Communist coup has taken place, and by a wild flux in the time-space-continuum, the press and the public were not informed of the fact: as a consequence we'd all be living a totalitarian nightmare of which nobody'd be aware. The majority wouldn't even notice.

It may be a far fetched thought and a awkward dystopia, yet events are occurring on the grander scale of things that are so bizarre, they could normally only have taken place during the seventies, when due to free reign experimentalism, the abnormal had become the standard.

Hardly had I digested above intellectual exercise, or in a serendipitous occurrence 'Atlas Shrugs' released a nuclear time bomb, strategically set to explode in the early stages of the 3rd millennium A.D. and made in the USSR anno 1975. My mother was either a secret clairvoyant or a very smart woman: in any case she is now proved right after all that the Soviet KGB was doing their damnedest in rendering an entire generation of students susceptible to their ideological subversion, also called ideological demoralization, active measures, psi-ops: stage one in the Cold War of Communism on the free world.

The bomb on 'Atlas Shrugs' is a link to a 1984 interview - Cold War still raging with no foreseeable end in sight - that Edward Griffin had with former KGB agent and Soviet defector Yuri Alexandrovich Bezmenov and since released on YouTube, spilling the beans on the unheralded success of it all. (I apologize and regret I lack the technical skills to insert it here, so please hit the above provided link.)

Bezmenov explains the psychological warfare practiced by the Soviets and how a generation of baby-boomers is now "totally and irreversibly ideologically demoralized", having an altered perception of reality. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? "Cerebly relativized", I would have said in an earlier stage of the investigation, or "Having had a lobotomy, not remembering the lobotomy", sometimes also disguised as Bush Derangement Syndrome, Projection, Displacement, Delusion or Denial, but always with one chief characteristic: altered state of reality.

That particular generation Bezmanov is speaking of, currently happens to be at the height of their power, being some 55-60 years of age, not yet ready to be pensioned off and alas omnipresent in all echelons of crucial areas in society. The Bezmenov list of fields of occupation sounds uncannily like my own postmodern repertory: government, civil service, media, education and business.

~ To be continued Part 2 A Carnival of Fallacies: It also eerily underscores Bezmenov's commentary that the brain-washed generation has become incapable of coming to conclusions and calculations on the basis of facts, refuse to face reality, are desensitized for factual information, logic, their perception of reality having been subverted by the KGB ideological demoralization program ... ~

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james higham said...

Much more than subversion - it was also identification and liquidation of the entire intelligentsia and it stems ultimately from the same forces which have now produced chavs in Britain and are taking Europe into a new feudalism.