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The Straight Red Line (6): the Collective

~ Continued from Part 5: Love of Islam, Loathing of Self ~

ith the Hicks explanation of Postmodernism and the Bezmenov revelation that the KGB has been subverting three generations of Western students from 1968 onwards (if not before), we have a direct line from the tenets held by the Relativist, Subjective philosophies [1] of the Counter-Enlightenment movement, on to Marxism and National Socialism (Nazism); the Middle Eastern varieties: Arab Nationalism and Pan-Arabism, the Baath Parties in Iraq and Syria, and Jihadism; Western style Social Democracy and Left Liberalism, Environmentalism, Multiculturalism and for the future, the post-democratic Transnational Progressivism; all these vicious ideologies sharing the same characteristics (see Chart I).

The straight red line starting with the Counter-Enlightenment, set in motion by Rousseau and picked up by the German pre-Romanticists and Romanticists, eventually led on the one hand to the Collectivist Left as represented by Marx and Engels, and on the other to the Collectivist Right in the philosophies of Kant, Herder, Fichte (the Headmaster from Hell) and Hegel.

We must realise that post World War II the Left have lodged a broad based and very succesful public relations offensive to wipe their own historical slate clean, and drop all that is debased and ugly in Totalitarianism in the Nazi lap. It's a stretch to even see Nazism today as Socialist, but from the outset the discussion between them was, which of the two was more Socialist, the actual historical Right being the faction that kept true to pre-revolutionary feudalism. We have been induced to forget that Nazism literally stood for National Socialism.

Just as the Left, the Right wing Socialists were real statists, often also fiercely nationalistic (not to be confused with patriotism which is merely pride of country). In contemporary terms perhaps the late President Milosevic of former Yugoslavia was most true to this type of politician. Right and Left wing Socialists had more in common than not, the enemy being Classical Liberalism that was seen as decayed, capitalist and its limited government by the people frowned upon as weak and anti government.

Apart from the same enemy, they shared Collectivism (anti individualism), statism (sometimes to the point of worship (Hegel)), education not seen as transfer of knowledge, but as today, as conditioning (socialization), both were pro revolution (justification of violence in the pursuit of centralized power), anti capitalist, and anti-Reason which was viewed - true to the period of Romanticism -as a totally inadequate source of knowledge. As increasingly today, emotion was deemed an infallible guide to morality.

World War I by one interpretation, might be considered a war of Collectivism on Liberalism, the outcome of which should have brought Socialism to Germany, the war industry already being footed on a Socialist basis. The defeat was devastating for the Collectivist Right. Due to the Left's succesful propaganda this might look odd, but in fact it was entirely possible to be a Socialist and a Marxist enemy simultaneously. The difference between Left and Right Socialism boiled down to intensity and method: the Left favouring a transnational point of view (the USSR, and later also the Warsaw Pact) - as they still do, today apparently being the epoch of the 4th International (feast you eyes on this piece of Marxist irrationality by which the hero is fitted out with almost supernatural powers) - and the Right favouring a method along cultural or ethnic fault-lines: to each nation and culture, its own form of Socialism.

Left and Right Collectivism share the same basic dimensions, as by sheer chance does Radical Islamism. Chance, or perhaps not. In the post "Yes my Friends, I Will Call for War" we have seen that Syria/Lebanon and Iraq found themselves as French colonies at the time of World War II, on the side of Vichy and Nazism; only afterwards, with very little adaptations necessary, these countries and Pan-Arab Nationalism as foreseen by Egypt's President Nasser, moved to the Nationalistic Left (Baathism), aligning themselves with the Soviet Union and the East bloc. (More insight here.)

In a separate process in the Middle East radicals adopted Islam as a political project, which is similarly characterized by the familiar dimensions: anti rationalism, Collectivism, Totalitarianism, Subjectivism and an Oppressor versus Oppressed dichotomy. Hence the natural and smooth cooperation in the Unholy Alliance with the Western remnants of the KGB subverts: the Postmodern Left. It is perhaps therefore not entirely by chance that the indispensable scape goat - to off-load the blame on for all that doesn't reflect the respective Utopias - happens to coincide as well ... yes, it's the infernal twins, Big Satan and Little Satan, Libertarian America and Jewish Israel.

The history and development of (urban) terrorism - Rousseau's political justification for irrational violence - runs directly from the Reign of Terror during the French Revolution, to the nihilistic agit-props of imperial Russia of 1885 and the Revolution itself; Hitler's 1930's Freicorps and the Italian Fascist groups; the violence after the 'failed revolutions of 1967 and 1968 by the Baader Meinhoff Group and the Red Army Faction; to contemporary Hamas and Hizbollah, and the increasingly violent and always trivialized organized rioting of the Postmodern little fry: Autonomen, anarchists, anti-globalists and animal rights activists. All are battling the state, provoking revolution and war through violence, considering it a justified form of 'resistance' as legitimised by Rousseau, Marx and others (see Chart I).

Today's groups by the way are getting increasingly bolder and more violent as the Western police are tied by hands and feet by civil rights laws; the state of Lebanon is bravely trying to assert itself in the face of Syrian/Iranian pressure, and the Palestinian Authority has de facto ceased to exist.

The West in the meantime is moving towards a Postdemocratic era, its Collectivism becoming increasingly Totalitarian as a perverted form of Liberalism is elevated to the status of Transnational State Ideology (also euphemistically known as political correctness). Egged on by the Postmodern KGB remnants in government institutions, NGOism, education and the mainstream media, in the words of Theodor Dalrymple: "We are willingly adopting the mental habits of people under Totalitarianism". We ain't seen nothing yet.

~ To be continued in Part 7, Plotting against the West ~

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