Friday, May 11, 2007

"Yes my Friends, I will Call for War ..."

"Yes my friends, I will call for war just as powerfully as the bad guys do and I must show them that I'm stronger than they are, because they do not understand the language of civilization and reason. They understand only power ... everything they accomplished was through absolute control over the assets of their nations through murder, torture, repression and intimidation."

The above is a paragraph from the 7th May's post on blog "Iraq the Model". To those whose political affiliation leads them to the denial of reality, here's a contribution from Bernard Lewis, a breed of scholar on the brink of extinction thanks to dumbing down to ensure equal dumb outcome and the onslaught of relativism. Lewis' lecture deals with recent historical backgrounds in the Middle East, pertinent to the above:

"In 1940, the government of France decided to surrender and, in effect, changed sides in the war. The greater part of the colonial empire was beyond the reach of the Axis, and the governors therefore had a free choice: Vichy or de Gaulle. The overwhelming majority chose Vichy, including - and this is what concerns us specifically - the governor, high commissioner, he was called, of the French-mandated territory of Syria-Lebanon. So, Syria-Lebanon was wide open to the Nazis, and they moved in on a large scale, not with troops, because that would have been too noticeable, but with propaganda of every kind."

"It was then that the roots of Ba'athism were laid and the first organizations were formed, which ultimately developed into the Ba'ath Party. It was then that the Nazi style of ideology and government became known, eagerly embraced simply because it was anti-Western rather than because of inherent attraction."

"From Syria, they succeeded in spreading it to Iraq, where they even set up a Nazi-style government for a while, headed by Rashid Ali. It was possible to deal with that, and they were driven out of the Middle East. But after the war, the Western allies also left and the Soviets moved in, taking the place of the Nazis as a champion against the West. To switch from the Nazi to the communist model required only minor adjustments".

The communists may have gone as well with the demise of the Soviet Union, but a system and a mentality aren't shaken that easily. In any case the Ba'athist regimes in Iraq and Syria remained, until Saddam was thrown out of Iraq by 'the neocon Coalition'. Here's Iraq The Model's blogger again with another excerpt from "Don't bury your heads in the sand":

"I have said it over and over again that some of us in Iraq and America are sending wrong messages to the terrorists and the dictators behind them; in fact I wasn't surprised when I saw Zawahiri appear on al-Jazeera to announce America's defeat, not long after Reid did. Zawahiri claims al-Qaeda has won and Reid claims America has lost but I see only a war that's still ongoing and I see ... that al-Qaeda has the shortest stick."

"We are going through a fierce war and sending more wrong messages could only further complicate an already complicated situation and create more mess that would be exploited by Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia for their own purposes - more iron-fist control on the peoples and treasures of the region and pushing the Middle East to crises and confrontations with the world, not forgetting spreading their dark, backward ideologies."

Need I go on? So much for the real world. And this is while American and Coalition soldiers bite the dust in Iraq, risking life and limb for a cause bigger than themselves, that Democrats are willfully endangering the soldiers' lives through petty party politics, and European and American brats that are spoiled to the bone, display their mindless message of No To Fascism! to the wrong party, the ones that are fighting it!

How stupid can a human being get! In France and Greece cars are set alight night after night as they play "anarchist". Here are the figures from France's blasé anti Sarko lot, to whose youthful cynicism

"(to the) persecuted by the tyrannies and by the dictators, to all the children and to all the martyrized women in the world to say to them that the pride, the duty of France will be at their sides"

has no meaning at all because "he's a neocon, isn't he?" Blister their little bourgeois buttocks with .... censored for legal reasons.

In Greece they got out the heavy weaponry and are attacking entire police stations. In fact, the latter might be of another order altogether, more inspired by 19th century Russian nihilism. As we have seen in "History Class: of Agit-prop, Revolution and Terror this was the pet project of their variety of bourgeois brats, the children of the new Russian middle classes: they took up terror as a weapon to create an atmosphere that fostered repression, war and revolution, clearing the ground for their Marxist worker's paradise.

All that romantic quasi heroism might appeal to the average postmodern, suburban, middle class, ignoramus, bored to death as he is with his own lack of spirit and character; but in consideration of the present state of affairs, reliving their romanticized versions of history amounts to handing a Daisy Cutter to a baby.

Alternatively they might find it in themselves to pick up a book and learn the first things about democracy and liberty: that it requires a rational population with a sense of responsibility and respect for each other's rights, possessions and opinions! Apart from it looking a bit moronic to blindly keep on fighting the wrong parties, how else are we to deal with the assimilating aspirations of The Borg, like the ravings of this particular Muzzleman:

"Western 'civilization' is in its death throes. It is collapsing around you as every day the blasphemous lies upon which it is based are exposed. Every day the descent into degeneracy accelerates. You recognise this and have become quite irrational as you contemplate your future. But there is no reason to fear. Just open your eyes and look around you. Everywhere you look you will see the advance of Islam. You must realise that Islam is not just a "religion" in the sense that Westerners understand that term. In fact, Islam is a complete way of life and provides the answers to all questions. Open your eyes, embrace Islam, and live in peace in submission to the will of Almighty Allah (swt). Your grandchildren will be Muslim. Allahu akbar!"

Bees pee upon them all! (Thanks for the loan, Skipper!).

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