Monday, May 14, 2007

Iran Day: Expressions of Fear on E.U. Index Expurgatorius

Given my complete lack of comprehension of the postmodern obsession with trivia, of which the Eurovision Crimes against Culture is a prime example, for the sake of completeness I briefly need to revert to yesterday's post, dealing with the subject. It is unbelievable how serious this nonsense is taken in some political circles, but that isn't what concerns me at present.

What does, is the depth and intensity the Eurabian self-censorship has taken. And it evidently extends to Iran. Let's not fool ourselves here anymore in respect of freedom of expression. These days you have to fine-comb all news outlets so as not to miss the finer points.

Only just now I discovered that the Israeli Eurovision entry "Push the Button" was disqualified from the song contest for expressing fear of an Iranian nuclear device! Though not officially so, the banning of the Jewish contribution was no doubt done with reference to Islamophobia, a state of mind on the E.U. Index Expurgatorius.

So they do understand that phobia means fear, not hatred! Europe and the mainstream media (MSM) are far braver than previously presumed! These aren't pocket size versions of Neville Chamberlain! They are taunting the sources of terror, communicating that 'we are not afraid of your bombs ... suppressing all expressions of fear is just the E.U. way of fighting terrorism!

After the abduction of the fifteen British sailors and the questionable way in which it was handled by the U.K. government, we are currently to understand there are more people missing. Take this BBC article about the 'lawful' arrest of Iranian-American academic Haleh Esfandiari on trumped up charges of spying for Israel. It mentions in passing that also a journalist, Parnaz Azima working for the US-funded Radio Farda, has gone missing. Since the Gulf War we know how the 'lawful' taking of hostages works.

A 9th May article on Opinion Journal argues that Iran's economic crisis should not be underestimated. I can recommend reading it: it's a shocker! And that, in spite of the E.U. economic assistance that ultimately means subsidizing Hizbollah's and Hamas' terror campaigns. On top of that "the mullahs are betting that short-term financial interests will prevent Europe from defending itself and acting against an existential threat to Israel."

With Iran also throwing its weight about in the region, things could hardly get any worse now that the two paranoid, nuclear rogue states are making it official! Only yesterday Reuters reported that "Iran and North Korea have agreed to step up bilateral contacts, an Iranian news agency said on Friday, signaling closer ties between two countries."

As the brain drain and the economic situation worsen Mahmoud Ahmadinejad needs the Jewish and American scapegoats to divert attention and to maintain a semblance of unity in the country. The Jerusalem Post recently provided interesting insights into the psychological mechanisms within the Islamic Republic and what it means: "For Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Israel's destruction is the final step in the realization of the Islamic revolution. He certainly must believe in his own propaganda, and he means what he says."

At which point we come full circle with the E.U. indexing any expressions of fear of an Iranian nuclear device: 'Bring - It - On!'

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