Friday, May 18, 2007

Orwell's Press from Hell

I may be one of a dying breed: call me peculiar, but I like to form an independent opinion, based on fullness of information, on my own - thank you very much!

Considering the postmodern press is doing our thinking for us by predigesting and preselecting the news as they see fit, I might as well open up a independent press agency here and make a day-job out of screening their omissions and censoring. I fear however I am already otherwise engaged.

I do however intend to nail Orwell's Infernal Journalism to the doorpost of hell whenever the opportunity presents itself! Such posts shall be announced, thus:

Israel and the P.A., already problem areas due to the overt anti Israeli media bias displayed by amongst others Britain's 35,000 strong membership of the National Union of Journalists (btw unheard of in the history of the press!), present today's focus. Here goes ...

... what the Western press didn't say:

- 20 Qassam rockets launched at Israel on Thursday
- Qassams ignored abroad
- 3 wounded as Qassam hits Sderot home
- Hamas blames world, Israel and Arabs

And it's not just "The Lighthouse" that's peculiar in that sense: here's yesterday's post from "Barking Moonbat Early Warning System"!

While we are on the subject of eccentricity, yesterday the world saw the first reports of a new digital application: cyber warfare, of Russia against "Soviet era ally", Estonia! It takes some getting used to by NATO: at present they don't consider it an Article 5 offence, which would normally kick the Musketeer Doctrine (all for one, one for all) into gear. Russia meanwhile, is peeved, denies as yet unpronounced charges, which it qualifies as "serious", calls for substantiation.


MuseinMeltdown said...

Well done - I agree totally with your sentiments...


Sam said...

"Former ally" and Der Spiegel's "satellite state" imply that we were a Warsaw pact nation. That's not the case. We were illegally occupied and annexed into the Soviet Union.

As to substantiation, Russia is simply obfuscating. Along with the accusation, IP logs were made public, including several IPs originating from Russian government servers.

Cassandra said...

Sam, thanks your comments.
1. "former ally": are journalists so badly informed that they don't understand the difference? I think it's serious for a quality rag like Der Spiegel? I fear the result of dumbing down and history lesson eradication policy!
Has the cyber matter now been solved? The subject 'died' as it were, suggesting that was it.