Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Eurabia: Brace Yourselves, Here Comes Sharia Law!

We are faced with freedom issues, more precisely, freedom of speech and freedom of the press. What is termed the Western mainstream media (MSM) are either so seriously biased, or so self-censored, to the point that - frankly, whatever they write - it has become suspect.

In the more recent past this phenomenon touched classical socio-economic Left versus Right issues, such as free-markets, trade unions, the size of the government (big versus small), liberalisation, price controls, etc. To anyone with any sense of objectivity left, it is obvious that most of the press rooms and media offices are inhabited by Leftist activists, or at least journalists with Left leaning sympathies.

I write this from a European perspective, which is why I have no exact knowledge why the press as a whole became somewhat more balanced in the United States. But I think it was during the Reagan years that conservative press and radio were born, something I understand the Democrats now want to abolish by legislating 'balanced journalism'.

The problem why Leftist journalists cannot be objective in their coverage, is that they're persuaded that men aren't created equal; reason why minorities must be compensated in proportion to their inequality, and groups of 'victims' get a different press treatment in similar cases.

With the vast inroads made by Muslim immigrants, and the event of Eurabia - the snail-pace merging of Europe, Northern Africa and chunks of the Middle East - we are faced with media bias of yet another - and let's face it - of far more sinister proportions. And apparently it's not just an European problem either!

Added to above described mechanism is last year's E.U. involvement in guiding the press towards better coverage of the Eurabian merger. To this end the boys in Brussels have drawn up a vocabulary of acceptable, 'unemotive' newspeak. The Brussels Journal has covered it extensively. An E.U. official: "The basic idea behind it is to avoid the use of improper words that would cause frustration among Muslims and increase the risk of radicalisation."

The Brussels Journal has rightly likened said list of politically correct lingo to George Orwell's 1984 B-vocabulary, that is described by Dictionary.com as "Deliberately ambiguous and contradictory language used to mislead and manipulate the public."

Just recently it would appear the E.U. watchdog has given up on the official media altogether and placed all its faith in the conservative blegosphere.

Last March the E.U. issued a secret common lexicon or guidebook, instructing government spokespersons how to use the newspeak so as to prevent "the distortion of the Muslim faith and the alienation of Muslims in Europe."

In October Britain's Daily Mail published an article in which BBC News' star reporters openly and rather proudly admitted that, yes "We are biased". This is so shocking because first of all the BBC have always been synonymous with the highest standards in journalism, and secondly that they aren't in the least ashamed of their malpractice ... on the contrary, they are proud of it!

In the recent post "AnotherVictory of Unreason over Reality" we have seen that the 35,000 members of Britain's National Union of Journalists have simply given up on even pretending to keep up neutrality and emotional distance.

The Dutch government now seems to be in competition with the boys in Brussels in finding innovative ways to muzzle free speech. Not content with reigning in citizens and government spokespersons, it is now seeking ways to pressure constitutionally independent politicians in behaving in accordance with the Eurabian merger.

Heavily guarded Dutch M.P. Geert Wilders, founder of the Freedom Party (PVV) which operates on a immigration stoppage platform and voices perfectly legitimate concerns of citizens who see their world crumble before their very eyes - recently received an invitation to tea at the premises of the national anti-terrorism czar. Although accounts of reason and content vary from both sides, we can safely assume it didn't involve small talk over compost heap management.

According to Elsevier Magazine, the last remaining independent Dutch media outlet left standing, Wilders was told to moderate the tone in which he normally discusses immigration issues, so as "not to provoke Muslims". In recent months Wilders has voiced criticism of Islam which specifically prompted Saudi Arabia to 'unofficially' demand a retraction and an apology.

Elsevier mentions also that reason for the discussions at the czar's "formed the raging responses in the Islamic world and the fear for terror, violence and economic sanctions. A threat of a recurrence of Islamic intimidation after the publishing of the cartoons of the prophet Mohammed in Denmark."

The article concludes that "The fear is not unfounded. It has been established how Islamic fundamentalists react to ridicule and criticism. But it is especially painful in this affair, that intimidation by Muslims leads to a plea for (self)censorship. If anxious Dutch authorities request M.P.s not to provoke Muslims in order to prevent sanctions, it is proof that terror does work."

Above examples are just an upbeat to the real thing!

The newest member of the E.U. dedicated MSM today in passing mentions that: "German government talks with the Islamic community reflect growing concern in Berlin that the angry children of immigrants may turn to terrorism because they are excluded from German prosperity."

The article "Background: Alarm grows over Muslim youth in Germany" by Jean-Baptiste Piggin goes on to specify the figures of Islam in Germany and concludes in passing that - and sit down for this one:

"The government says it is seeking a trade-off, where Germany changes some laws to accommodate Muslims while the Islamic community commits itself to German democracy."

This is how Germany proposes to save freedom as we know it: by a trade-off involving elements of Sharia Law! By cheap bargaining over our rights and freedoms as if they were peanuts!

Even yesterday it seemed far fetched, theoretical and an exaggeration that Dutch Government Minister Donner remarked that "imposing Sharia Law must be possible if a constitutional majority so wishes", today we are faced with the shocking reality of it in Germany. C'mon! Nazidom was nasty, but even Germany doesn't deserve this fate! Stop the self-mutilation!

But that is not all! Not only is this happening without any democratic consent whatsoever, but nobody of our ruling elites perceives the lack of morality in this. This treasonous lot aren't even moral relativists, they're simply amoral!

It's been a wonderful experience, the diversity of European culture! And it seems a waste of all that blood that's been shed to come this far. But it seems our spine has given out. Will the last person to leave please switch off the light?


james higham said...

This is to be expected in Germany as Merkel is one of the global elite who's task it is to create disharmony and one way to do that is to seemingly empower a minority like this, resulting in an eventual backlash. Europe and in particular Germany is being played like a marionette.

Cassandra said...

Hi James,
Thanks very much for the contribution on this momentous day! Would you care to elaborate a little further?

USpace said...

Good one, well said, this is a scary situation, the Left is simply afraid of honest debate. I think deep, deep down a little voice nags at everyone of them to try to see the flaws in liberalism, but they don't want to listen to that voice, it scares them to death for some reason.

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God of the Universe says
don't criticize religion

none should ever reform
just let them get worse

james higham said...

Look at the quote in today's post and that skirts the issue. Put that together with your own commentary and the picture emerges.

Cassandra said...

Dear James, Your post including comments was very interesting indeed. It remains cryptic though who/what you have in mind ... Habsburg decendents? It's clues I want, clues!

Dear USpace, Afraid the Left is finally showing its the real totalitarian face after apologizing Saddam Hussein and "Iraqi Freedom Fighters". Politics used to be 'fun' some time, but there's no more innocence in it now. Of course they know they are morally bankrupt, hence the hysterics, but it's worth a psychological analysis. Dr Sanity is doing a lot of that. Perhaps you'd like to check out her blog. Thanks for the comment and sharing thoughts!

USpace said...

Cassandra - Thanks, you are so right, we must keep spreading the word and trying to make people see the truth. Thanks for pointing me to Dr. Sanity, I hadn't been over there in a while, she has some great stuff about Leftist Psychosis and stuff...

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