Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Art for New Year's Eve

We promised you yesterday ... here it is: Ann Elizabeth Schlegel's "Cook's Champagne" ... in a time of economic crisis, frugal bubbles ...

I know someone that enjoys drinking Champagne. Now, I'm not talking about Dom or Perrier Jouet or even Korbel. This woman loves Cook's Champagne. She purchased a painting from me of a champagne cork and one of a corkscrew ... and then we toasted with some 'Cook's Brut'. I thought of her when I opened this bottle.

It was opened in celebration of another person who turned 50 years old and is a breast cancer survivor. I shared a glass with her daughter. I'll tell ya, for the $6.99 it's not bad. Not bad at all. Cheers!

The painting by the way, has long been sold.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Painting Each Day Keeps the Blues Away!

Rummaging the Internet for a work of art to illustrate this year's New Year celebrations we were lucky enough to stumble upon the extensive collection of paintings created by Ann Elizabeth Schlegel, Bethlehem (PA).

A message at the top of the sidebar on her blog offers to send you a painting a day - upon your email request of course.

The collection of figurative paintings elevate a variety of every day items, from household clutter to kitchen and cooking utensils, to a carnival of colors and shapes.

The chosen illustration for New Year's Eve we'll keep under wraps till tomorrow, but as a consolation we include a post by Ann Elizabeth dating back to Thanksgiving 2007: a series of charming allegories, mostly female figures representing a variety of drinks, cocktails, grapes and some of the other festive things that brighten up the dark days of winter.

A Painting Each Day: "Adult Beverage Gift Items"

Friday morning I begin my quest to paint, exhibit and sell at Christkindlemarkt in Bethlehem, PA for forty straight days. I will be painting my Painting Each Day series and also exhibiting my Adult Beverage prints and cocktail aprons. The prints and aprons have been big sellers to those shoppers searching for the perfect 'cash and carry' item for the individual who enjoys the unique gifts.

I sign everything and the prints are also numbered in a limited edition series.

So .... if you're out of the area and are thinking 'Hmmm .... wouldn't 'so and so' really like this great print or cocktail apron, just drop me an email and I can get it to you in time for the Christmas season. (...) >>>

Friday, December 26, 2008

I Want a Hippopotamos for Christmas!

Great lyrics! Brillant rendition by Aaron!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Embarrassing Realism of "Obscure" Emperors

Oops ... reality has a nasty habit of surfacing in the most appalling ways and on the awkwardest of moments!

Here's another golden embarrassment for Ummah revisionism ... what now with the meme that historically no one has any business in the Middle East but the Dar-al-Islam? Oh, wait ... it must be a Zionist plant!

CNN: "Israeli archaeologists find rare gold coins"

Some Israeli archaeologists are having a particularly happy Hanukkah, thanks in part to a British volunteer who took time off from her job to work on a dig.

The Israel Antiquities Authority reported a thrilling find Sunday -- the discovery of 264 ancient gold coins in Jerusalem National Park.

The coins were minted during the early 7th century. (...)

The 1,400-year-old coins were found in the Giv'ati car park in the City of David in the walls around Jerusalem National Park, a site that has yielded other finds, including a well-preserved gold earring with pearls and precious stones.

They were in a collapsed building that dates back to the 7th century, the end of the Byzantine period. The coins bear a likeness of Heraclius, who was the Byzantine emperor from 610 to 641. (...)

The authority said that while different coins had been minted during this emperor's reign, the coins found at the site represent "one well-known type."

In that style, the emperor is clad with military garb and is holding a cross in his right hand. On the other side is the sign of the cross.

Authorities said the excavation of the building where the hoard was discovered is in its early stages. They are attempting to learn about the building and its owner and the circumstances of its destruction. (...) >>>

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Bushes Brushed (rather than bashed)

Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery: "President and Mrs. Bush’s Portraits"

During the winter holidays, visitors will have the first chance to view the portraits of President George W. Bush and first lady Laura Bush commissioned for the National Portrait Gallery.

The president and first lady will unveil the portraits in a private ceremony at the museum Friday, Dec. 19. The paintings will be on public view beginning Dec. 20. This is the first time that the Portrait Gallery will present the official likenesses of a sitting president and first lady.

“It is always a great moment for the National Portrait Gallery to unveil the portraits of presidents and first ladies” (...) >>>

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Modelling the Archimedes Computer

New Scientist: "Archimedes and the 2000-year-old computer"

Marcellus and his men blockaded Syracuse, in Sicily, for two years. The Roman general expected to conquer the Greek city state easily, but the ingenious siege towers and catapults designed by Archimedes helped to keep his troops at bay.

Then, in 212 BC, the Syracusans neglected their defences during a festival to the goddess Artemis, and the Romans finally breached the city walls. Marcellus wanted Archimedes alive, but it wasn't to be. According to ancient historians, Archimedes was killed in the chaos; by one account a soldier ran him through with a sword as he was in the middle of a mathematical proof.

One of Archimedes's creations was saved, though. (...) >>>

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Unadulterated Sentimentalism ...

... but boy, what a Voice!

Here's Mark Steyn with a rather astute comment to the lyrics, which have indeed an extraordinarily high "world peace" octane ...

Friday, December 12, 2008

Saturday, November 29, 2008

We, the Peoples of Europe, Got Roots!

Two and a half years ago I set out on a mission to find out what's wrong with the West today. One of the first ports of call on this mission was a wonderful little tome - "Without Roots" - a dialogue between Marcello Pera, President of the Italian Senate and Professor of Philosophy at the University of Pisa - and Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, as Pope Benedict XVI was known before his accession.

It acquainted me with the terms we have come to know so well by now: relativism, Postmodernism, false equivalence, subjectivism and reverse morality.

The book became an instant sensation in Italy. Pomo and self-declared boomer, EU Commissioner Margot Wallstrom, whose highest ethic consists in the truthiness "Make Love, Not War", lost no time dropping a sneer. The director of the European Monitoring Center on Racism and Xenophobia, Beate Winkler went as far as going on the record with the declaration that "people have boots, not roots!" - all, of course, in an effort to bend reality to the new Utopia of a borderless, multicultural empire as plugged by the Union.

Very revealing all, precisely what the Postmodernists wish us all to believe: that we are a people without a past (watch this Day by Day cartoon: Chris Muir gets it too), that we have no cultural or historical roots prior to the onset of the 1968 counter culture that abandoned all essentially modern values for anti-modern ones. George Orwell would have been proud.

It is for the same reason that history education has been reformed out of existence and children have no insight into culture-historical events, other than the revisionism that Nazism and Fascism are a form of Capitalism and that Leftism is the only proper form of Socialism.

We do not propose advancing either form of Socialism - Leftist or Rightist - but on the contrary, advocate fighting both its precursors. Because that is precisely where political and social thought leads once the primacies of individualism and equality are abandoned.

For the purpose of preserving the values of modernism and the Enlightenment, and for promoting the call that Americans have already answered when their Founding Fathers claimed the American politeia and put "We, the people ..." to paper in their Constitution, we are today launching a European grassroots movement, Roots! We, the Peoples of Europe ...

Our temporary home is a Ning social netroots platform that supports personal pages, blogs, videos, groups, a forum, photo albums and a slideshow for your personal favourites, an events calender, and soon also chat. So sign up, get your own badge, transfer your most cherished stuff to Roots! and let's use all those great features to debate the battle plan.

I am looking forward to see you on Roots! Let's get this continent on the road for the people, the European citizens, let's take this to street level ... Can't wait to meet you all!

View my page on Roots!


This Shabbat, "Hatikva" by Itzhak Perlman and John Wiliams - Hat Tip: Atlas Shrugs

In memory of all victims of the Mumbai massacre

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Friday, November 21, 2008

Family Ties: the Stone-Age Roots of the Nuclear Family

A recurring theme in Politeia and the old "Lighthouse" (before it became exclusively 'arty') are the so-called dialectics. Read all about it in the dossier - an explanatory introduction is at the bottom.

What we mean, are the Hegelian dialectic, which grew out of the Kantian dialectic, which led to the Marxist dialectic, and now morphed into the Postmodern dialectic.

Don't be fooled by nonsense about women's lib, gay rights and same sex marriage: these are all ruses to take out one of the main pillars of 'the power structure', romantic love and marriage.

Remember that upsurge in Swedish films and books around the sixties, portraying marriage and family life as sheer and sure hell ...? That was no coincidence! (Here's a Dutch book of some notoriety, but every Western country probably has its own version. Sartre's existentialism did away with all human company in general: "hell, are the others.")

Romantic love - according to Ayn Rand - is a bourgeois, selfish, social construct that becomes fashionable in societies with a strong middle class. That being the case, all the more reason to shatter that important pillar.

Among the nobility and the peasantry marriage has always been an institution for the formalization of family ties and the regulation of inheritances. It was of course sanctioned by a church ceremony, preferably held before the bride's bun was showing - just for good measure so as to ensure the groom's party wouldn't be left holding a barren bag... eh, hag.

But here's news: A Stone Age burial in central Germany has yielded the earliest evidence of people living together as a family within a tribal social structure ...

MSNBC: "The Flintsteins? Germans find Stone Age family - 4,600-year-old grave yields genetic evidence of family life (and death)" (includes video material)

(...) The 4,600-year-old grave contained the remains of a man, woman and two youngsters, and DNA analysis shows they were a mother, father and their children. (...)

"By establishing the genetic links between the two adults and two children buried together in one grave, we have established the presence of the classic nuclear family in a prehistoric context in Central Europe — to our knowledge the oldest authentic molecular genetic evidence so far," lead author Wolfgang Haak of the University of Adelaide, Australia, said in a statement.

The researchers studied four multiple burials at Eulau, Saxony-Anhalt, all dated to the same time and containing adults and children carefully buried facing each other. (...) >>>

Perhaps tribal people 4,600 years ago, knew what we have been taught to forget for political reasons: that single mum families are the surest road to poverty and dependence - dependence on the state, all for our own good, of course. No wonder it was sold in Europe, first as morally acceptable, then as a value and even a right.

- Filed on Articles in "The Dialectics" -

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Anonymous Muse

Something pretty sensational here: a veritable Muse of Jazz, buried within the deepest crevices of YouTube.

The video, doing homage to a number of other, unforgettable Queens of Jazz, she remains invisible to the present audience - but we can hear her: the sound of a bodiless angel ... every note impeccably in place, in perfect syncopation ...

This is Ladynea's YouTube Channel. You can take out a subscription to new material ...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Private Treasure from Greece and the Levant

Sotheby's: "Greece and the Levant: A Private Library"
First edition, by Guillaume Abel Blouet:

3 volumes bound in 4 (volume 3 bound in two parts), large folio (600 x 420mm.), 3 half-titles, 3 engraved additional titles, and 262 plates, 5 coloured by hand, 6 double-page or folding, many showing two or more subjects, contemporary half calf gilt.

In Viewer (may require registering at Sotheby's)

Auctioned in London on 13 November 2008
15,000—20,000 GBP
Lot Sold. Hammer Price with Buyer's Premium: 39,650 GBP

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Armistice and Veteran's Day 2008

For Armistice Day we have attempted to collect a few edifying morsels of interest.

This is a lot less easy than it sounds. Most of what is available are isolated video snippets; or there's a choice of the pacifist anti-war stuff, of either the hefty Gothic, or of the sentimental tear-jerk variety.

However, given the current upsurge of interest - primarily in the US - we've unearthed some intriguing, if highly emotionally charged footage on the Weimar Republic, and the German Revolution that followed the chaos of World War I. It's got some rare historical material, as well as background information on whatever fateful constellation of events led to such a profound and total collapse of morality. (For more reading here's the Wiki on Christopher Isherwood.)

The music would certainly not have been our initial choice; we felt however as its message grew, that it serves the purpose of conveying some of the nihilism and the obsession with surreal horror that is so typical for the period, and that led to its inevitable outcome in World War II.

In this respect we can also refer you to earlier postings on the subject of the German interbellum: "Resist Commie Prop, Support Indy", "The Postmodern Anti-War Hero, the Red Baron", "The German Revolution".

From the cultural angle, we proudly present a collection of World War I propaganda posters from all countries involved in the Great War. The entire site is rather a gem and worthy of further exploration. For example, Prose and Poetry reads ...

"More than any other conflict, the Great War inspired writers of all generations and classes, most notably among combatants. (...) This section profiles the more renowned authors and contains samples of their work. Also available in this section are extended features, including a profile of Robert Graves - and, more unusually but nevertheless intriguing, a piece on literary ambulance drivers... There are also two articles written about the author of the war's most famous poem: In Flanders Fields. The 1917 collection of wartime poetry The Muse in Arms has also been republished here in its entirety. (...) >>>

An index of authors - including Sir Winston Churchill - is attached.

Next there's World War I American Legacy, a DVD documentary directed by Mark Bussler.

Wall Street Journal has a reality check for the US. "Soldiers of the Great War" lays an provocative link with the present: "(...) the victors failed to prevent the rise of the totalitarian regimes in Russia and Germany, the fascists in Italy and the militarists in Japan (...) the U.S. withdrew from its global responsibilities. (...) Now we are at a similar pass in Iraq, where the U.S. has effectively defeated Sunni and Shiite insurgents on the battlefield. But whether this costly achievement will hold depends largely on our willingness to support the Iraqi government and steel it against its own fascistic challengers, particularly Iran. If there's one lesson to be learned on this Armistice Day, it's of the price that's paid when we allow victory to slip from our grasp. >>>

One of the blessings of living part of one's life in cyberspace is the human connection one gets with people you will never know on a personal level. Following document was made by someone who remains anonymous, in commemoration of his great grandfather Aaron Kennett who fought in the Great War. He flourished from 1887 to 19187. May God bless them both, and all who fought and continue to fight for freedom, against barbarism and oppression.

The music accompanying the touching family document is the hymn "I Vow to Thee my Country", created in 1921 when a poem by Cecil Spring-Rice was set to music by Gustav Holst. It expresses the unconditional love, loyalty and self-sacrifice that was once unquestioningly devoted to one's country. It is a victory of the Postmodern One Worlders that these words - while warm and patriotic only a few years back when played at my father's funeral - now sound strangely surreal.

But make no mistake: whereas giving one's life for a state in Europe today seems unthinkable and alien, a renewed fight for individual freedom against neotot pocket potentates is certainly not. The same forces taunting national colours and hymns also whisper of collectives and the redundancy of democracy, suggesting that the value of 'enlightened dictators' is somewhat underrated. Ignore them at your peril ...

- Filed on Articles in "History Compiled" -

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Saturday, November 01, 2008

The World Deserves Better

A few days ago a major Hollywood producer who was sick and tired of seeing Hollywood liberals worshiping at the altar of Barack Obama contacted the Our Country Deserves Better Committee.

He said he was going to put together a 30-second spot to mock the absurdity of Barack Obama's willingness to meet with the world's most vile and dangerous dictators and despots without preconditions.

The ignorance and naivity Obama has when confronting America's enemies is appalling, and this producer wanted the American people to realize that when it comes to foreign affairs and national security that Barack Obama is a joke.

We are now pleased to release this new ad which we are buying airtime for. We will continue placing this on more tv stations and networks as fast as we can raise money from people like you who want to see this ad all over the TV airwaves. You can donate online right now (anything from $5 to $5,000) -


Now, enjoy the new ad "Dictators Mock Obama" here:

By "Our Country Deserves Better"

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More reviews: Maher's "Religulous"

Normally we wouldn't have touched it with a barge pole - neither would Pamela - if it weren't for Geert Wilders ...

Atlas Shrugs: "At the movies .... with Wilders," by Pamela Geller

At the leftard movies with Geert Wilders ... woot. The counter jihad's perfect date ............ lol

Wild horses could not have dragged me to a Bill Maher production .... but Wilders could

It was his idea and he is actually in the movie and hadn't seen it yet (!) so he gets a get-out-of- jail-free card on this one. Frankly, Wilders appearance is the highlight of the movie and the only snapshot of reason in an otherwise leftist, religion hating rant. Wilders was the sole (soul) sane moment. I am surprised Maher used it.

Bill Maher's "Religulous" - as in ridiculous- apt as Maher's non stop superiority and contempt was ridiculous. Marketed as a "pro-atheism" movie, what it is, is a bash religion mess. Lots of Maher verbal diarrhea.

Maher lampoons, Christianity, Scientology, Judaism, Mormonism, and touches upon Islam (at the end) but hey .... all religions are equal and equally stupid, right?

Always looking for an easy mark he kicks off his circle jerk at a truck stop chapel where one fellow, Joe Sixpack I think, saw Maher's intent and walked out. We liked him. (...) >>>

An American Carol: the Real Review

The People's Cube: ""An American Carol" Hurts The Liberal Media's Funny Bone," by Red Square (First published in American Thinker)

A unanimously negative media response to the political slapstick movie American Carol reinforces my theory that humor -- and satire in particular -- is an accurate litmus test of one's political and ideological convictions, even if one insists on having no convictions at all. If you want to check your friends' politics, take them to see this conservative comedy and watch the reaction.

Committed liberals won't laugh at conservative humor and vice versa. If they don't agree on the joke's basic philosophical premise, the sting will miss the spot and the joker will be shrugged off as a pathetic fool (for reference see conservative reaction to any of the David Letterman shows in the last ten years).

Besides, what kind of satire is that which doesn't show President Bush as a cross-eyed war-mongering idiot with a Hitler mustache? Without that minimum requirement film critics can't really be expected to rate a political comedy as groundbreaking, original, and funny. Looks like they all had prior commitments.

Am I implying that all American film critics are committed liberals? Not just yet -- we must psychoanalyze them first.

The fact that all critics -- who otherwise are a rather disunited bunch - displayed a monolithic unity in declaring American Carol "unfunny" speaks not so much about the new film as about their old allegiances in culture wars. Their infuriated braying from across the political minefields helps to identity their species and gives away the locations of minefields. The mischievous comedy worked like a flare sent from behind the enemy lines, exposing hostile fortifications and troop movements, causing commotion, and providing additional comic relief. It would be worth making American Carol just for that.

But if you're an academic pacifist and prefer a highbrow, non-violent analogy, consider likening American Carol to a yardstick that allows us empirically to measure the disconnect between the media and the American public. (...) >>>

Just scroll down for more on "An American Carol"

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Lightness of Being Socialist

Folks, in honor of the candidate this post is slightly off the usual format.

Things are getting serious ... the trolls are out in force, doing their worst to change the voters' perception of reality so they will cast a ballot for The One ... an example:

... visit a Republican political gathering, camera in hand, shove a mic in their faces asking some expedient question - for example "Is Obama a terrorist?" ... keep soliciting and annoying the crap out of people until you meet one gullable specimen who'll fall into the trap ... then put the vid on YouTube with the title "the Republican mob is so shockingly ignorant, they don't even know the finer points of the creed" (the Messiah, as even the most base person knows, was immaculately conceived: any reference to a father just shows deep, infathomable ignorance) ... part I, part II ...

... alternatively - when the opposite effect is required, shutting them up - proceed as follows: bring accusations of racism (not necessarily justified, any epithet that can be explained as a pejorative will do - works 99% of the time), or enforce self-censorship by exerting political correctness.

As the venom is spreading and toxin levels are rising - not in the last place by the unprecedented smear campaign against Sarah Palin (that being of course 'truth to power'), the O campaign last night pressed upon the opponents to 'tone down a notch', implying The One is put in danger from "right-wing militia nuts". That can be categorized per above: enforce self-censorship by exerting political correctness.

Clearly it's time to maintain a sense of humor. Please do yourselves a favor: keep your sanity and tune in to The People's Cube! It'll keep things in perspective ... guaranteed. An example ...

"Diverse Obama Logos: To Each According To His Hyphen"

It is a matter of common knowledge that the old-fashioned idea of One Nation Undivided is incompatible with diversity and multiculturalism. For the same reason, the concept of One Obama Logo For All has been recently found at conflict with the presidential hopeful's philosophy of catering to each minority group with a different set of words and images. As a result, his campaign has unveiled a new collection of ethnically-specific Obama logos to match each minority's pre-approved role, legend, and grievances, in full compliance with the divide-and-conquer revolutionary doctrine developed by Antonio Gramsci and perfected by Saul Alinsky. (...) >>>

(btw our apologies for not being able to reproduce Obama blue - in spite of heroic efforts we just don't seem to be getting it right)

Here's Jon Voight on Glenn Beck, shining a light on The Method:

Glenn, really - "where does this platform of hate come from?" I'll tell you: in the words of Mr Icke, a hero who recently figured in "Mass Mind Control and Psychology" ... "(...) people who have a self-identity of being kind, loving and caring for others (...) is always a fake identity because no-one lives up to that all the time, and I mean no-one. (...) ‘It was you who made me react like that’ or ‘they deserved it’ are among the [regular methods of dealing with dissonance] (...) This filters reality to fit the self-identity and (...) why it was not their fault and not their responsibility. In short, they will protect the self-identity at all costs. (...) To overcome the negative effects of cognitive dissonance I would offer just one sentence: it's okay not to be 'perfect' and it's okay to be wrong (...) ... hear, hear!

... in a word, Glenn, it's projection! The Left cannot live up to their own superior moral standards, so what you do is project those failings on to your opponent. Watch this vid, in which some armchair psychologist is trying to make John McCain look like an angry, erratic geriatric in the perception of the audience (so glad the candidate really has the patience of an angel).

Regretfully the doc ground the diagnosis to mince-meat.

... bet you're feeling already uplifted? now to the really fun part of this edifying post, the musical intermezzo ... this one is COMPULSORY ...

The Cube: "Sing For Change: Children Compose Hymns To Obama"

Sing for Change chronicles a recent Sunday afternoon, when children, on their own will, gathered to sing original songs in the belief that their singing would lift up our communities for the coming election. Light, hope, courage and love shine through these nonvoting children who believe that their very best contribution to the Obama campaign is to sing.

This music video embodies the nature of the Obama campaign: its grassroots inspiration, its inclusiveness, its community building. The willingness of all was a testament to our hope, unity, courage, joy and belief in the future represented by these children. (...) >>>

Be sure to click through and scroll down for the important lyrics. Print out, learn by heart, and keep under your pillow, next to the red hankie. Time's up ... celebratory wrap up by Glenn ...

"O' Hail the Messiah Lord Obama"

Hail'O ...


Politeia: "We Are All Socialists Now"

Thursday, October 09, 2008

An American Carol: the objective reviews are in!

PJM: "Big Shock: Critics Hate An American Carol", by Christian Toto

- If they had more than two thumbs to direct downward,
they would have used them to trash the conservative comedy -
- "one of the worst movies of all time" -

An American Carol, David Zucker’s unabashedly pro-American, anti-left comedy, came out Friday without being screened for critics.

But movie critics pounced anyway, just a day later than normal.

Movie studios occasionally hold films back from critics. Typically, it’s a sign the studio has little faith in the film or it knows the movie in question will be bombarded with negative reviews.

In Zucker’s case, the lack of screenings could simply be an acknowledgment that the vast majority of film critics lean left and won’t take kindly to their side being hit hard. The director himself said film critics wouldn’t like the film’s politics and therefore wouldn’t give the film a fair shake.

The evidence bears that theory out, although even this critic found plenty at fault with the film. Some critics slammed the film fairly without attacking Zucker’s politics — or the conservative nature of the film. Others let their ideological flags flap in the breeze, professionalism be darned. (...)

Check it out, read it all >>>

Be sure not to miss the comments ...

- "Now I will DEFINITELY see it" - "if they are SO aggressive, it means the film REALLY changes something" - "did the critics drown your firstborn or something?" - "the laughs were boisterous throughout the movie" - "It contained some good jokes and a great message,
what’s not to like about that?" -

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

An American Carol and Politics

Following posting is up on the site of "An American Carol":

We have had heard from numerous people across the country that there has been some ticket fraud when buying a ticket for An American Carol this past weekend.

Please check your ticket. If you were in fact one of those people that were "mistakenly" sold a ticket for another movie please fill out the form below. Hold on to your ticket so we can have proof.

If you have noticed other irregularities with the theatres in your area please let us know in the comment section below. For instance, Rated R film rating (when in fact we are rated PG-13), posters not being up, not being listed on the marquee, image or focus problems, sound issues, etc.

Please email us a picture of your ticket stub to fraud@americancarol.com

We are investigating.

The webform is available on the site of "An American Carol".

Apparently, at least TEN theaters are currently being investigated for attributing An American Carol ticket sales to OTHER movies! There have also been wide scale reports of theaters listing the movie as being rated "R" instead of it's true "PG" rating.

If you have a ticket that might be fraudulent, or if you have a tip on Theater fraud, please contact the folks at An American Carol immediately!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Countdown to "An American Carol"

From the An American Carol promotion team on Facebook ...

It's almost time, folks!!

We are at T-minus 2 days and counting! Thank you so much for all of your support during this critical OPENING WEEK! (...)

We’ve searched the web for some of today’s blog worthy tidbits about the film. You’ll find those links and a few quotes below.

See Information Below:

- Kevin Farley on the View

- David Zucker’s spoof on appeasement created for the RNC; here's the Crockett Films YouTube Channel ...

- David Zucker on Hannity and Colmes

- An article on the webcast with David Zucker:

“I got to participate in a virtual press conference with David Zucker this evening and it was awesome. He’s a self professed liberal convert who turned conservative after watching the left’s reactions to 9-11. He got frustrated with the “what did we do to bring this upon ourselves” mindset of liberal America and decided that, as a country, it was time to put on big-boy pants and man up…”

- A fantastic, comprehensive commentary by Rob Viglione of TheFreedomFactory.us

- Kelsey Grammer With Laura Ingraham

Laura Ingraham hosted Kelsey Grammer of "An American Carol"

“Grammer said that this is a typical David Zucker film. He said that they stand up for the soldiers and the war. Grammer said that it has been a tough eight years in Hollywood as the liberal left was in constant despair over the Bush administration. Ingraham said she had visited the "Cheers" set when Grammer was part of that effort. He said it was a terrific time to be on the show.

Grammer said that Kevin Farley, Chris Farley's brother, is a send up of Michael Moore in the film - though Grammer says that they are much nicer to Moore than he would be to the conservatives. He said it is an all-American film. He said it is a PG-13 rated film. He said he has a few liberal friends who are rationale and that he can talk with. He said he likes Dennis Miller as a comedian. He said that Rachel Maddow on MSNBC seems quite whiny and that the network is akin to DailyKos on television. “

- Earl’s Blog

“Then there’s An American Carol, which even though is a spoof movie, is from the fathers of spoof. David Zucker, the man behind Airplane and Naked Gun, is behind this one, so I have faith in it. I personally didn’t think it was going to play in my theater, that is until I checked Fandango about 10 minutes ago. You guys haven’t let me down before, you chose Horton last time and it was better than 10000 BC, so I’m trusting you again. I personally think An American Carol is to be better, it looks like a really funny, good time spoof flick. What should I see, Eagle Eye, or An American Carol? “
- A quote by Eric Odom via Miss Attilla:

I want to help the folks behind the movie as much as possible. Unlike most liberal-directed movies coming out of Hollywood, An American Carol is sort of the first of its kind. Sure, there have been other center-right films to hit the market, but most did not have quite the opportunity this one has . . . .

If An American Carol does well on opening weekend, it’s safe to say that other films with a center-right flavor will follow. This movie, with an all-star cast and a powerful set of directors/producers/writers, can score HUGE box office points and send a message to the Hollywood elites.

The problem is that it can’t do this without our help. While the film isn’t really a low-budget film, it certainly needs the help of the grassroots movement to give it a kick-start next week. The movie will open in more than 2,000 theaters on October 3rd, and we need to get anyone and everyone we know to go see it.
"What [you're asking] can I do to get involved?"

Message, message, message.

(1) Word of mouth is our finest tool in this information war, and we need to put it to work like never before.

PLEASE make sure you tell everyone you know about An American Carol and how it opens on October 3rd. (Opening weekend often being a big measurement of a movie's appeal, by studio execs. --ed) Tell all your friends, family, co-workers, online connections, etc… everyone.

(2) Social Networks
I’ve set up a Facebook group that I plan to use over the next eight days to promote and coordinate grassroots efforts to market the movie. Click to join the Facebook group.


Once you’ve joined the group, please check the news section to see if there is an event planned to see the movie in your area. If there is not, create an event and let me know so that I can add it to the news section.

There is also an official Twitter profile that I am told will be used by the PR folks behind An American Carol. Follow An American Carol there (link below).

(3) An American Carol Action Network

Join the social network set up for An American Carol.

This is our chance to help a conservative movie succeed and show Hollywood what Americans want more of. We must work together as a grassroots movement to help get the word out.”

Thank you Eric!

- This article made us chuckle a bit. A big thanks to Emily from AmericanPrincessBlog.com. The title alone is reason enough to post:
Ten Liberal Movies So Lame They Make Even Democrats Want to Vote Republican
Be sure and check out #2!

- And last, but certainly not least, comments on the film from a Liberal blogger:
“An American Carol” is a movie that’s coming out October 3rd and one that I expect to be extremely offended by. The trailer alone has gotten me pissed beyond belief, so I don’t think I’ll actually see the movie in fear that my head will explode.
Blog hard, folks. We’ve got a culture war on our hands here. And this time I know our side will win!! More info and a slide show on IMDb.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Introduction to "An American Carol"

This is hilarious!

David Zucker beat us to it ... visit the website, get involved!

See the slide show.

Also as a Facebook group, Michael's own page, and Moove Along, democrazy in action ...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Grassroots Politics

The real meaning of grassroots-up politics (possibly only appreciated if you don't belong to a postmodern elite, otherwise known as the caste of armchair socialists).

Pat Garrett Performs "Moose Shootin' Mama" Live On Fox 29

There's more ... McCain Sings Streisand ... the fun side of politics...

Victor Davis Hanson compares the grass roots with the ivory towers: "While civilization advances on the shoulders of the educated, it is carried along by the legs of the muscular classes. And the latter are not there by some magical IQ test or a natural filtering process that separates the wheat from the chaff, but rather by either birth, or, as often, by their preference for action and the physical world."

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The New Stuff of Fabulous Fab

PJM: "Manufacturing on Demand: The Future Is Now", by Charlie Martin

Computer and internet technology is bringing big changes to daily life: music distribution without the need for big physical production plants, electronic book publishing, and even what the continuing advances in computer technology will mean to computers themselves. All of these changes really come down to one central idea: increasingly the real product is information, not a physical object built around that information. (...)

Now, it happens that I have on my desk a lovely little object (...) made by my old friend Bathsheba Grossman, a mathematical sculptor, using a 3D printing process. Imagine, just for a second, how your regular ink-jet printer works. (...) The print head scans across the paper, and the platen moves the paper upward; every place the paper should be black, the print head spits a tiny dot of waxy black ink at the paper. If you keep going back and forth over the paper, you can imagine how the waxy ink would build up to be thicker and thicker.

These metal objects are “printed” in much the same way, except to make them of metal, the “ink” is a kind of resin “glue” that sticks together fine metal powder. Later, the metal objects are heated, which drives off the glue and bonds the metal, a process called “sintering.” Sheba then does a few manual finishing steps, but the result is an object that really can’t be made by any other method — and it comes off the printer in a matter of hours. (...)

This notion of quickly turning a digital description into a physical object is becoming known as “rapid prototyping,” with a range of possible technologies: numerically-controlled machining, various kinds of “3D printing” like Sheba uses, even numerically controlled woodworking. (You can find a nice summary of the different technologies at the University of Utah Rapid Prototyping Home Page, and this Rapid Prototyping tutorial page.)

We’re pretty much at the MITS 8800 stage of manufacturing on demand — there’s no guessing which technologies will come out to be the winners. But we can make some guesses what the eventual results will be, if we just think about what the computer revolution has already done. (...)

If you want a particular style of fork and can find it on the Internet, you can have it: send it to a fabrication company (or maybe even have your own at-home 3D printer — you can already make a do-it-yourself version, like the Fab@Home project) and within hours or days you have your fork. If you have a design for a fork, you can sketch it with something like Sketch-Up, advertise it and sell it. No need to have a factory, no need to pitch it to a big company, no need to share the rights. (...)

What will it mean when everyone can be a designer and a manufacturer, just as computer technology lets everyone be a publisher, or cut and sell a record?

Start thinking about it. The time is coming. >>>

Monday, September 15, 2008

McCartney: Live and Let Die

Jihad Watch: "Jihadists: We'll kill Paul McCartney if he plays Israel"

"We’ll Kill Sir Paul If He Plays Israel," by Dennis Rice in the Sunday Express, September 14 (thanks to Kyros):

SIR Paul McCartney has been threatened that he will be the target of suicide bombers unless he abandons plans to play his first concert in Israel.

When you were young, and your heart was an open book, you used to say live and let live. But in this ever changing world in which we live in, makes you give in and cry -- live and let die...

Self-styled preacher of hate Omar Bakri claimed the former Beatle’s decision to take part in the Jewish state’s 60th anniversary celebrations had made him an enemy of all Muslims.

Such a mean old man.

Sources said Sir Paul was shocked but refused to be intimidated.

He never listens to them. He knows that they're the fools.

In an interview with Israeli media yesterday he said: “I was approached by different groups and political bodies who asked me not to come here. I refused. I do what I think and I have many friends who support Israel.” (...) >>>
Here's one earning his noble title. Always knew there'd be something in him we would be proud of, except being an exceptional modern composer - one for the ages! Bravo Sir Paul, a hero with moral courage at last ...



Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Light of a Fifties Icon

Art Daily: "Opelvillen Museum in Russelheim Shows Romy Schneider Portraits Never Exhibited Before"

The Opelvillen Museum in Rüsselsheim will open a photographic exhibition on Austrian actress Romy Schneider with a collection of 130 portraits, 40 of which have never been exhibited.

The exhibition is titled "Memory is Frequently Prettier - Photographic Portraits of Romy Schneider" and will show daily scenes and professional scenes of the actress that became famous for playing the part of "Sisi", Empress Elizabeth of Austria.

The exhibition will be on view through December 28 and includes images taken by photographers such as Werner Bokelberg, Peter Brüchmann and Roger Fritz.

Exhibition curator Beate Kemfert said, "Romy Schneider was photographed thousands of times, nevertheless she was always enigmatic.

Among the images is a portrait by Herbert List of the teenage artist, who only photographed her once, as well as a series by Robert Lebeck from the 1950's. (...) The actress would have been 70 years old on September 23. She was found dead in 1982 at her home in Paris at the age of 43. >>>


- Romy Schneider biography

The Obama Campaign: the Gift that Keeps On Giving

The Obama campaign is getting a teeny bit anaemic and could do with a shot in the biceps. Yesterday some genius suggested to put out a sarky toned commercial, dropping a few subtle memes in the line of 'Dems-for-the-economy-stupid' and a blunt one on the jaw that John McCain isn't in touch because "he doesn't know how to send an email!!!!" Sheer brilliance!

Too bad
Unfortunately they forgot that the reason John McCain doesn't send emails is because his fingers were crushed so badly during torture by the Viet Cong that he cannot use a keyboard.

You'll think of something
But it's cool, dudes of Obamaland, no need to apologize! You can always say that the opponent "seized on a innocent remark and took it out of context" - that "it's catnip for the news media."

Unfit to tie the laces of his shoes
It's no big deal ... America likes to see their tortured, disabled war heroes becoming the butt of politically motivated jokes. A tortured war hero comes home, recovers against the odds, but cannot tie his own shoes, comb his hair, or use a keyboard. A young start-up thinks it’s a clever idea for a campaign poster.

Blame, pass it on
Be careful with the sharp end of that incisive humor or you'll cut yourself badly one of these days. You know what, if you lose the elections you can always blame America's latent racism, or accuse the Republicans of vile Rove tactics.

Keep 'em coming ...

Boston Globe: "McCain character loyal to a fault," by Mary Leonard, Globe Staff, 3/4/2000

"(...) McCain gets emotional at the mention of military families needing food stamps or veterans lacking health care. The outrage comes from inside: McCain's severe war injuries prevent him from combing his hair, typing on a keyboard, or tying his shoes. (...) After Vietnam, McCain had Ann Lawrence, a physical therapist, help him regain flexibility in his leg, which had been frozen in an extended position by a shattered knee. It was the only way he could hope to resume his career as a Navy flier, but Lawrence said the treatment, taken twice a week for six months, was excruciatingly painful. "He endured it, he wouldn't settle for less,"' said Lawrence, who rejoiced with McCain when he passed the Navy physical. "I have never seen such toughness and resolve (...)" >>>

Hat Tip: Atlas Shrugs, The Astute Bloggers

- More cartoons by Glenn McCoy -

- Filed on Articles in "The Pomo White House" -

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Earth to Planet Niburu: We're Still Here!

It is said that man's mind needs some form of religion.

The Postmodernists admitted as much after relentlessly attacking Christianity for most of their existence; they went on to propagate Hinduism and Buddhism; protect, aid and abet assertive Islamism; peddle New Ageism, and creating the Emerging Church - a form of Christianity that manages to combine, without the slightest cognitive dissonance, the absolutism of the message of Jesus Christ with agnosticism, as far as truth is concerned! The same is practiced in pomo politics.

It is also said that if no longer accepting organized religion people will believe anything, specifically clueless, peawitted Narcissists, doing philosophy with theoretical physics, the same reason why relativists refer to Einstein's Theory of Relativity for an explanation.

It cannot be said enough: you cannot use chemistry for doing math, you cannot use physics to do philosophy.

A little knowledge is a terrible thing.

CERN: Hadron Collider (enlarged photo here) - here explained in three minutes

Update 23rd Sep 2008 - adding insult to the injuries of the technology Luddites, not planet earth exploded, but the contraption itself went rather flat - the ultimate anticlimax ...

Gallimaufry & Chips: "Large Hadron Collider Results"

It would appear that £4 billion has been spent to produce an anticlimax which isn't actually a little bit of a little bit of an atom but just the announcement that the experiment designed to break things has broken itself. (...) >>>

Friday, August 22, 2008

Countering the Dhimmi Version of History

Here's a vid on what is commonly referred to in the Western media as the realm of "obscure Emperors" ...

Hat Tip: Chris Triffid at Facebook Group "Europe's Renaissance came from Byzantium, not Islamic Andalusia!"

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Meanwhile ... At the Neighbours ...

More paintings by Dutch artist Rob de Haan, and how to get in touch, on the site of his gallery

"The Meeting" - oil on canvas - 80x100cm

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Friday, August 08, 2008

Pragmatist Olympics in the Terror Hive

Kathy Shaidle has published a damning article on Front Page Magazine, "Beijing: Munich or Berlin" on the state of affairs in communist China, host to the supposedly edifying event of the modern Olympic Games.

While isolating sports from the political context is one thing, and respecting the internal affairs of a sovereign nation another, the tacit acceptance of state terror and brutal oppression - let alone legitimizing it by appointing the perpetrator as an Olympic host - is far more serious. Experts assure us that the Chinese leaders interpret the selection of Beijing as the world's acknowledgement that it accepts the Communist Party (CCP) as the legitimate ruler of China.

It's what you get with the Pragmatist approach to evil ideologies. Pragmatism is one of the many offshoots of the Relativist branch of philosophy. Rejecting objective reality, it has dispensed with ethics, epistemology, as well as reason. Its other central tenet is that each and every idea, religion, or culture is equally valid from its own perspective (except the West's, which are uniquely evil - including this one?).

And so, Havana has become a respectable vacation destination for Europeans, while the press refer to the Castro brothers as misguided idealists - audacious rascals, on a par with the other murderous poster boy, Che.

The last few days, as the world mourned the death of Alexander Solzhenitsyn, the focus of Soviet crimes was on Stalin's atrocities rather than the evil of communist ideology itself. The Nobel Prize winner himself is derogatory referred to as a Nationalist - a direct insult in the Postmodern tranzy frame of reference.

- Caption: black satire by The People's Cube -

Ideas are untouchable, persons are fair game.
Denunciations of China's human rights record - while welcome - are directed at the symptoms (coercing individuals to comply to the will of the collective) instead of the evil system itself (communism).

In this 'morally neutral' atmosphere where the passing of judgment on any one's culture is anathema while pronouncing damnation on your own is mandatory, communist China enjoying the Olympic honours should come as no surprise. Such is the cynical state of the world.

The Epoch Times has published a series of nine columns, called the Nine Commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party, which represent the most detailed account yet of communist misrule in China, and what the consequences have been for the Chinese people and lovers of liberty throughout the world.

Skip the Bird's Nest opening ceremony on Friday and instead take note of the gruesome history on which the Chinese ideal of Rousseau's Agrarianism is built, a legacy legitimized by Western Postmodern Pragmatism.

Here's a excerpt from Kathy Shaidle's "Beijing: Munich or Berlin" from Front Page Magazine:

"Given the known facts about life in totalitarian Communist China, the choice of Beijing for the 2008 Games makes a mockery of the Olympic Charter, which claims to promote “a peaceful society concerned with the preservation of human dignity” and “respect for universal fundamental ethical principles.” This was immediately disproved when the Chinese, blatantly and arrogantly, celebrated their selection as host country with a fireworks display in Tiananmen Square, where thousands of young pro-democracy demonstrators were slaughtered in 1989. Dancers also performed below towering portraits of Mao Tse-tung, who murdered approximately 70 million Chinese in Communism’s name.

- Caption: Beijing 2008 Olympics bill board "One World, One Dream" - which one? -

“If we had known what was already taking place in Germany's camps in 1936 (...) the Olympics would not have taken place in Berlin.

”Ironically, given the number of pro-Tibet protests that marred this year’s Olympic torch relay, the IOC is now considering ending the 72-year-old tradition. But rather than extinguish this appealing custom, the IOC, and the rest of the world, should reevaluate, or at least stick to, its criteria for selecting host countries and be willing to learn from history.