Saturday, November 01, 2008

The World Deserves Better

A few days ago a major Hollywood producer who was sick and tired of seeing Hollywood liberals worshiping at the altar of Barack Obama contacted the Our Country Deserves Better Committee.

He said he was going to put together a 30-second spot to mock the absurdity of Barack Obama's willingness to meet with the world's most vile and dangerous dictators and despots without preconditions.

The ignorance and naivity Obama has when confronting America's enemies is appalling, and this producer wanted the American people to realize that when it comes to foreign affairs and national security that Barack Obama is a joke.

We are now pleased to release this new ad which we are buying airtime for. We will continue placing this on more tv stations and networks as fast as we can raise money from people like you who want to see this ad all over the TV airwaves. You can donate online right now (anything from $5 to $5,000) -


Now, enjoy the new ad "Dictators Mock Obama" here:

By "Our Country Deserves Better"

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