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Countdown to "An American Carol"

From the An American Carol promotion team on Facebook ...

It's almost time, folks!!

We are at T-minus 2 days and counting! Thank you so much for all of your support during this critical OPENING WEEK! (...)

We’ve searched the web for some of today’s blog worthy tidbits about the film. You’ll find those links and a few quotes below.

See Information Below:

- Kevin Farley on the View

- David Zucker’s spoof on appeasement created for the RNC; here's the Crockett Films YouTube Channel ...

- David Zucker on Hannity and Colmes

- An article on the webcast with David Zucker:

“I got to participate in a virtual press conference with David Zucker this evening and it was awesome. He’s a self professed liberal convert who turned conservative after watching the left’s reactions to 9-11. He got frustrated with the “what did we do to bring this upon ourselves” mindset of liberal America and decided that, as a country, it was time to put on big-boy pants and man up…”

- A fantastic, comprehensive commentary by Rob Viglione of

- Kelsey Grammer With Laura Ingraham

Laura Ingraham hosted Kelsey Grammer of "An American Carol"

“Grammer said that this is a typical David Zucker film. He said that they stand up for the soldiers and the war. Grammer said that it has been a tough eight years in Hollywood as the liberal left was in constant despair over the Bush administration. Ingraham said she had visited the "Cheers" set when Grammer was part of that effort. He said it was a terrific time to be on the show.

Grammer said that Kevin Farley, Chris Farley's brother, is a send up of Michael Moore in the film - though Grammer says that they are much nicer to Moore than he would be to the conservatives. He said it is an all-American film. He said it is a PG-13 rated film. He said he has a few liberal friends who are rationale and that he can talk with. He said he likes Dennis Miller as a comedian. He said that Rachel Maddow on MSNBC seems quite whiny and that the network is akin to DailyKos on television. “

- Earl’s Blog

“Then there’s An American Carol, which even though is a spoof movie, is from the fathers of spoof. David Zucker, the man behind Airplane and Naked Gun, is behind this one, so I have faith in it. I personally didn’t think it was going to play in my theater, that is until I checked Fandango about 10 minutes ago. You guys haven’t let me down before, you chose Horton last time and it was better than 10000 BC, so I’m trusting you again. I personally think An American Carol is to be better, it looks like a really funny, good time spoof flick. What should I see, Eagle Eye, or An American Carol? “
- A quote by Eric Odom via Miss Attilla:

I want to help the folks behind the movie as much as possible. Unlike most liberal-directed movies coming out of Hollywood, An American Carol is sort of the first of its kind. Sure, there have been other center-right films to hit the market, but most did not have quite the opportunity this one has . . . .

If An American Carol does well on opening weekend, it’s safe to say that other films with a center-right flavor will follow. This movie, with an all-star cast and a powerful set of directors/producers/writers, can score HUGE box office points and send a message to the Hollywood elites.

The problem is that it can’t do this without our help. While the film isn’t really a low-budget film, it certainly needs the help of the grassroots movement to give it a kick-start next week. The movie will open in more than 2,000 theaters on October 3rd, and we need to get anyone and everyone we know to go see it.
"What [you're asking] can I do to get involved?"

Message, message, message.

(1) Word of mouth is our finest tool in this information war, and we need to put it to work like never before.

PLEASE make sure you tell everyone you know about An American Carol and how it opens on October 3rd. (Opening weekend often being a big measurement of a movie's appeal, by studio execs. --ed) Tell all your friends, family, co-workers, online connections, etc… everyone.

(2) Social Networks
I’ve set up a Facebook group that I plan to use over the next eight days to promote and coordinate grassroots efforts to market the movie. Click to join the Facebook group.


Once you’ve joined the group, please check the news section to see if there is an event planned to see the movie in your area. If there is not, create an event and let me know so that I can add it to the news section.

There is also an official Twitter profile that I am told will be used by the PR folks behind An American Carol. Follow An American Carol there (link below).

(3) An American Carol Action Network

Join the social network set up for An American Carol.

This is our chance to help a conservative movie succeed and show Hollywood what Americans want more of. We must work together as a grassroots movement to help get the word out.”

Thank you Eric!

- This article made us chuckle a bit. A big thanks to Emily from The title alone is reason enough to post:
Ten Liberal Movies So Lame They Make Even Democrats Want to Vote Republican
Be sure and check out #2!

- And last, but certainly not least, comments on the film from a Liberal blogger:
“An American Carol” is a movie that’s coming out October 3rd and one that I expect to be extremely offended by. The trailer alone has gotten me pissed beyond belief, so I don’t think I’ll actually see the movie in fear that my head will explode.
Blog hard, folks. We’ve got a culture war on our hands here. And this time I know our side will win!! More info and a slide show on IMDb.

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