Thursday, October 09, 2008

An American Carol: the objective reviews are in!

PJM: "Big Shock: Critics Hate An American Carol", by Christian Toto

- If they had more than two thumbs to direct downward,
they would have used them to trash the conservative comedy -
- "one of the worst movies of all time" -

An American Carol, David Zucker’s unabashedly pro-American, anti-left comedy, came out Friday without being screened for critics.

But movie critics pounced anyway, just a day later than normal.

Movie studios occasionally hold films back from critics. Typically, it’s a sign the studio has little faith in the film or it knows the movie in question will be bombarded with negative reviews.

In Zucker’s case, the lack of screenings could simply be an acknowledgment that the vast majority of film critics lean left and won’t take kindly to their side being hit hard. The director himself said film critics wouldn’t like the film’s politics and therefore wouldn’t give the film a fair shake.

The evidence bears that theory out, although even this critic found plenty at fault with the film. Some critics slammed the film fairly without attacking Zucker’s politics — or the conservative nature of the film. Others let their ideological flags flap in the breeze, professionalism be darned. (...)

Check it out, read it all >>>

Be sure not to miss the comments ...

- "Now I will DEFINITELY see it" - "if they are SO aggressive, it means the film REALLY changes something" - "did the critics drown your firstborn or something?" - "the laughs were boisterous throughout the movie" - "It contained some good jokes and a great message,
what’s not to like about that?" -

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