Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Earth to Planet Niburu: We're Still Here!

It is said that man's mind needs some form of religion.

The Postmodernists admitted as much after relentlessly attacking Christianity for most of their existence; they went on to propagate Hinduism and Buddhism; protect, aid and abet assertive Islamism; peddle New Ageism, and creating the Emerging Church - a form of Christianity that manages to combine, without the slightest cognitive dissonance, the absolutism of the message of Jesus Christ with agnosticism, as far as truth is concerned! The same is practiced in pomo politics.

It is also said that if no longer accepting organized religion people will believe anything, specifically clueless, peawitted Narcissists, doing philosophy with theoretical physics, the same reason why relativists refer to Einstein's Theory of Relativity for an explanation.

It cannot be said enough: you cannot use chemistry for doing math, you cannot use physics to do philosophy.

A little knowledge is a terrible thing.

CERN: Hadron Collider (enlarged photo here) - here explained in three minutes

Update 23rd Sep 2008 - adding insult to the injuries of the technology Luddites, not planet earth exploded, but the contraption itself went rather flat - the ultimate anticlimax ...

Gallimaufry & Chips: "Large Hadron Collider Results"

It would appear that £4 billion has been spent to produce an anticlimax which isn't actually a little bit of a little bit of an atom but just the announcement that the experiment designed to break things has broken itself. (...) >>>

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