Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Slow Train to Brussels Redux

Breaking News - Stop Press - Scoop!

A new E.U. treaty is to be drawn up by lawyers and technocrats under the auspices of Intergovernmental Conference for Retired Collectivist Eurocrats Redux. For electoral considerations and as the measure of its unpopularity, this document may emphatically not be termed a 'Constitution', the first one having shipwrecked on French and Dutch No referenda; just how dumb and subsurface do these politicians think their citizens actually are?

This new piece of solidified suspicion must be completed at the end of 2007, as "the new treaty will enter into force ahead of elections to the European Parliament in summer 2009". So far the bad news (and please note the idiom) ... but,

... Not so fast, boys ... here's the good news: Dutch pressure group "We demand a referendum" has just let it be known by press release that parliament has secured a majority in favour of yet another referendum. It's my believe the Government will have to comply if they want to avoid a major popular revolt!

It would appear that the post-democratic, Transnational Empire train stops there for the time being. It will be fun though to see yet a fresh instalment in the series of Eurocrats slithering hither and dither to cunningly push the agenda through, no matter what, at whatever the cost!

Posting is a bit low, for which my apologies. We have a few more chapters of the Straight Red Line series in production, as we find liberty to be in serious existential trouble. Plain air at present measures some 43C/109F. Tomorrow will be a mere 38C/102F, so prognosis remains on the slow side of posting.

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Simon-Peter Vickers-Buckley said...

"just how dumb and subsurface do these politicians think their citizens actually are?"

Same as in the US. The President and Senators are furious because the people actually asked questions, stood up to them, and refused.

You should have heard some of it: I'll summarize.

"I am a US Senator, I know better than you."

"I am a US Senator, how dare you doubt me."

"I am a US Senator, I know whats best for you."

"I am a US Senator, I've been in this business (politics) for 40 years and I do what I want."

It was tremendous: rather than persuade once they realized they were in danger of losing the issue (as they say) they insulted the electorate!