Monday, June 11, 2007

A Postmodern Coincidence

Last Friday 8th June in the post "Science: Waking Up to the Forces of Darkness" I mentioned the book by Stephen Hicks, "Explaining Postmodernism", to which I'll come back at length considering its importance.

The leading school of Postmodern (Relativist: Subjectivist, Counter-Enlightenment) thought is made up by the philosophers Kant and Hegel and subsequent Irrationalists Schopenhauer, Fichte, Kant, Nietzsche, Heidegger, Wittgenstein, and in the latest generation Marx, Derrida, Foucault, Lyotard, and the American Pragmatist Richard Rorty.

It so happens that on the day I wrote my piece - the last in that row - Richard Rorty, passed away.

Here is a rather beautiful obituary.


Simon-Peter Vickers-Buckley said...

Okay, I can resist no longer, I must add you to my blog. Be warned I have every intention of rippng off your posts without attribution.

Cassandra said...

Thanks Simon-Peter, much obliged. Just visited your blog: nice going! What's with the Neo-Caths? Is that post Vatican II or postmodern? Visited a NC site some time ago but failed to see the exact point.
God bless.
P.S. Thanks the Clair de Lune, which one of my all time favs as it happens.

Simon-Peter Vickers-Buckley said...

Well, neo-catholics are NOT necessarily heretics at all! It is important to understand that. However, by their false obedience, willingness to swallow heterodox praxis and ideas, and by their limited view of history and understanding of Tradition and the Papacy they end up doing severe damage to the Church (they have enabled the dissenters and heretics within the Church) and become the very thing Protestants accuse Catholics of, i.e. mindlessly submissive. Some people call them "Conservative" Catholics, but, like conservatives the world over, they fail to conserve anything. In fact, conservatives are just liberals in slow motion (do you like that one :-)?).

I am going to be posting a VERY big article on this issue of neo-Catholic / conservative Catholic real soon. It is too big to post up front so I am going to put it into the archives and then place a permanent link in the left-hand column of my blog, close to were I have you listed as a matter of fact.

BTW: I think I have your location right? You'll have to go over and see what I mean.

Oh, yes, the Debussy. Well I change the music often. It was a coincidence about that as I hadn't put any Debussy on before. Later that day I paid a visit here (as I do sometimes), decided I was was going to list you on my blog, just before doing that I thought I ought to read your profile (which I had not done before).

I laughed! "It's a sign" I thought.

Cassandra said...

Hi Simon-Peter,
I'm not altogether clear on the Neo-Caths (bit political, like liberation theology?), but I'll just wait for your post then. Can you leave me a note when you've posted it? You don't have RSS, do you, or have I missed it?
I have praised the RC Church for its looooooong perception of the passage of time and being hardly susceptible to (post)modern fads and fancies; well, Rome is of course, but people today being what they are, confusing change with improvement, cannot help but engineer everything, including time! Waggghhh, cannot take it anymore!!!!!! Just got confirmation the world is being run by brainwashed baby boomers whose KGB ideological subversion is total and irreversible, just like my mum always said it was, God keep her. Once they're pensioned off the whole shabang, lock, stock and barrel moves to Muslim ownership. I'm working on a post in which your article on education will figure as well! Key spot for indoctrination, evidently. It's sad, rather that it has come to this. Do you think divine intervention may yet turn the tide?
P.S.1 Wouldn't you reconsider the music thing on you site? If you want to visit you have to listen to the entire piece, whether you want to or not. Professionals advise against the use of audio.
P.S.2 My location is fine: not exactly, but then it's better to be untraceble, things being as they are, sadly.

Simon-Peter Vickers-Buckley said...


darn, I thought I'd traced your location LOL!

The music: well, funnily enough, I have had no complaints about loading up the blog and I have asked about delays. The comments I have had are good, they like it! I know I could make the player manual, but, I chose to force folks to listen. If they don't like it they can turn off their speakers or hit stop / pause on the player. So very few listen to classical...I also post videos from You-tube of classical too. Seems to go over well.

The neo-Cath MAY be also political, but mostly it is a WAY of thinking.

Also, aren't you Catholic? I thought you were?

BTW: I found that chap who made your blof logo (the lighthouse) and I asked him to make one for me just like yours except make the outer colours more "masculine" (reds) and the name different. Hope you don't mind, but I thought it was perfect for my blog too.

Your English is excellent. Truly I do not understand. Are you a professional translator? I am stunned.

Cassandra said...

Hi again, I forgot to comment about conservative thought being liberal in slow motion, which indeed a trouvaille on your part! That would be the neo-cons you're referring to. The American Libs played the old trick of adopt, subvert, destroy with the Classical Liberal tenets of the Enlightenment: these were pro individual liberty. The libs meanwhile subverted these into a combination of unadulterated socialism and radical, amoral permissiveness (fueled by the KGB, as we shall see) and lately also agressive atheism, which is the problem world we face today. The neo-cons are resurrecting the original philosophy. The other school of conservatism harks back to be before the French revolution, and would rather do away with Enlightenment ideas altogether (mind you, I'm no expert on conservatism, so I may be missing a finer detail here). I'm not an official Catholic either: call me a sympathizer, a prospective convert and genetically RC wired. But let me not go into personal details on a public place.
Don't worry about the area, what you found is the neighbouring quarter and a story in itself, being the part of the city where Greeks from Smyrna (now Izmir) ended up after in 1922 Greek Smyrna was burned to the ground: read my post yesterday on the book Not Even My Name. Later Nea Smyrni, as the area is called, became a communist den because these people had lost so much and they became susceptible to revolutionary ideas. These days seem to be full of coincidences, or perhaps serendipity (???).
Free logo: Yes, by all means! That is what these links are fore! You do have to check back on his site though, to see if he's done something. Looking forward!
English: just reading lots of books, newspapers, lately sites, a pupil or two in the past, work in int'l companies, and in the more recent past watching BBC and CNN: not anymore since the postmodern take-over/competition with Al Jazeera.
Think that has us covered for now. Sincerely looking forward to your piece on Neo Cath. Sounds pretty postmodern to me ... or perhaps a nod to competitive charismatism?
Interesting family background you have there, but perhaps also better not to be discussed here.
Cheers and thanks for the feed back.