Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Straight Red Line (2): a Carnival of Fallacies

Continued from Part I: It's Communism After All

With the Stephen Hicks' explanation of Postmodernism and the Bezmenov revelation that the KGB has been subverting three generations of Western students from 1968 onwards, if not before then, we have a straight red line from the tenets held by the Relativist, Subjective philosophies of the Counter-Enlightenment movement (I'll come back in detail on that), on to Marxism and National Socialism (Nazism); the Middle Eastern varieties: Arab Nationalism and Panarabism, the Baath Parties in Iraq and Syria, and Jihadism; Western style Socialism, Social Democracy and Left Liberalism, Environmentalism, Multiculturalism and for the future, the post-democratic Transnational Progressivism.

All these vicious ideologies have a common philosophical source and have the same vital characteristics: they share collectivism as the operative unit (as opposed to the individual), they are subjective [1] and anti-reason, anti-capital or plain socialist, and the overall commonality: totalitarianism with a overlaying dichotomy of the Oppressor versus an Oppressed class, culture, religion, minority, gender, race, etc. No wonder there's a mutual attraction! Here's Chart I for The Straight Red Line, from Counter-Enlightenment onwards.

The resurrected Bezmenov interview is already being dismissed as an exaggeration, outdated and irrelevant. Part of the viciousness of the KGB subversion is, that the denial is an aspect of it: the general attitude at the time towards caveats issued by people who were on to it, was no different. It eerily underscores Bezmenov's commentary that the brain-washed generations have been rendered incapable of coming to conclusions on the basis of genuine information: the refusal to face reality, the desensitization for factual information, their incapability to pursue a path of logic: the perception of reality having been perverted by the KGB ideological de-moral-ization program.

You need to adopt the Relativist thought pattern to achieve just that, the suspension of natural law: truth does not exist, there's neither good nor bad. In other words: the KGB subversion program and Relativist thought are one and the same!

Regular readers may recognize the above: not only does it conform to what Dr Sanity describes as the psychological pathology that confuses mature adaptation to a changing reality, with myth and self-delusion - these form also the basics of the Relativist, Counter-Enlightenment thought of which Marxism is a subspecies: the absence of truth outside the consciousness (Kant's noumenon), the senses being considered unreliable sources of information, resulting in the absence of morality: right or wrong, good or bad, mentioned by Bezmenov as the prime cause of the success.

- What follows is that any personal act or opinion (in the absence of truth) is as good as any other;
- Then there is the confusion of ideas and concepts: fact with opinion, equal with identical, new with improvement, the person with his ideas;
- What to think of the perplexing problems with the Law of Cause and Effect;
- The polarizing tendency to adopt a manicheistic thought pattern and the inability to see shades and nuances;
- To say nothing of the historical and cultural barbarism of not differentiating one historical or cultural paradigm from another.

One fallacy after another form of twisted thought, topped up by the intellectual and psychological immaturity caused by an overprotective nanny state that is always available to pick up the pieces, should the personal relativist lifestyle of choice have given cause to unhoped trauma.

As the objective reality outside the brain is rejected, this idea results in perceiving oneself literally as the centre of the universe, giving rise to the idea that everybody is entitled to "do their own thing" along the high moral standard that all involved must consent and no one must get hurt: the Mill Paradigm, borrowed from Classical Liberal Enlightenment for once. Of course stripped of what might have led the idea to work: responsibility, caution and the acceptance of consequences.

I have made up a list of some fourteen fallacies in Postmodern thought, the so-called PMF (PostModernFallacies). The relevant posts in which the fallacies, inconsistencies or plain stupidities were discussed, are:

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~ Continued at Part III: The Really, Really Usefuls ~


james higham said...

...Relativism Leads to Historical Barbarism...

And the consequences of that barbarism are?

james higham said...

I've done a piece obliquely connected with the issue and linked.

Cassandra said...

Hi James,
Re Historical Barbarism: I've often commented on it: lack of historic insight leads people to believe any old myth dished up for political purposes; misinterpretation of events happening now, as same have root causes in the past; places the Romans after Napoleon and makes it acceptable that Greek pre-Christian temples built in Asia Minor well before the advance of the Mongolian hordes were built by same. Etc. etc. See also problems with Causality. It makes for instance the Iraq War a possible cause for 9/11 instead of the other way about, to name but a recent example.
Whatever it is you'll be doing as of tomorrow, good luck and a good absence.