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Neo Totalitarianism (7): the Futuristic View (recap.)

Whereas yours truly is a great skeptic of futuristic vistas (the 1984 dystopia of Orwell excluded) - due to the unforeseen they rarely play out in reality - in the preceding six posts in this series on Neo-Totalitarianism we outlined, how specifically Europe, and possibly large parts of the rest of the world, might look like later on this century. Said sketches are based on the present mega-trends in political, cultural and social-economic thought. As a reminder:

Part 1 - Introduction
Part 2 - Multiculturalism and Beyond
Part 3 - Indoctrination and Education
Part 4 - Transnational Progressivism
Part 5 - The Transnational State
Part 6 - Liberty for Social Security

A more or less free flowing train of world events is in the current postmodern constellation out of the question. Developments are largely engineered by liberal meritocracies and intelligentsias on the basis of 'best practice', driven by Left-Liberal political and ideological ideals.

It foresees in the obliteration of the nation state and nationality, and a redefinition of democracy based on proportional power-sharing among minorities; the creation of large, federal entities in which current nations become regions and provincial stretches of real estate; ethnic identity is substituted for identification with a cultural minority group; cradle to grave social security in return for economical prosperity through free market trade, high taxation and compliance with the ideology (political correctness); local government management that carries out the policies set out by a dirigiste, central, federal government, not unlike the erstwhile Soviet Union, on which model the E.U. is based anyway, as explained by Wladimir Bukovsky.

What are the Red Flags, the danger signs to watch out for?

Buzz words to influence public opinion - which is done professionally by lobbyists and P.R. agencies - with any message conveying accomplished fact, or a sense of inevitability ("We are the Borg: resistance is futile; prepare to be assimilated!"):

- "we are all interconnected now";
- "we live in a multicultural society now";
- "immigrants are not going away, so get used to it!";
- "immigration enriches cultures";
- "people have boots, not roots";
- "might is right is crude, uncivil" (Kant, not Hobbes);
- "we have passed the point of no return";
- "these are the (social) forces of history";
- admiration for world citizenship;
- all things multicultural and inter/transnational;

- The creation of a negative atmosphere against national symbols and expressions, by subtlely raising eyebrows at traditions and tut-tutting of other expressions of national unity, conveying they are at best anachronistic (a bit dumb, bourgeois, not sexy), jingoistic offences against political correctness at worst;

- The creation of a negative emotion towards the nation-state and sovereignty, which must be perceived as archaic;

- The discourse is steered away from the globalism versus anti-globalism dichotomy; it is substituted by the question transnational versus international: the notion that nation states and nationality are unsuited to deal with the global problems of the future, suggesting the answer lies in a form of global governance.

Indoctrination through education, combined with whole-sale revisionism:

- continuation of the gradual history lesson eradication program; in the meanwhile:

- re-writing of national history: non-offensive 'narrative' arranged around "themes";

- curricula and school books to be adjusted in accordance with the ideology;

- the abolition of time lines, so nobody is sure which event happened in reaction to what;

- the promotion of an altered perception of reality: nothing is what it seems, objective truth does not exist;

- manipulation of language and value system;

- thought control and preservation of 'self-esteem' at all costs.

Having thus created a receptive and passive state of mind and historical confusion - in essence a void that prevents reference and benchmarking - the creation and dissemination of the dim view that an obscure past consisted largely of disease and poverty, intermittent with ethnic and religious war fare and "wave after wave of ethnic cleansing";

aking religion in general, but Christianity in particular suspect by the message: "look at all the wars and misery that religion has caused" without blinking an eye of course at the millions and millions of victims of the last two world wars and counting, which will only be used in so far as it supports the ideology (see elsewhere: postmodern speech);

- combining moral relativism and subjectivism with dogmatic absolutism where the ideology is concerned;
- severance of the link between nationality and the place of birth;
- mind control through political correctness;
- possibly the declaration of a new era, starting for instance at the third millennium as the year 0 CNE (Common New Era);
- Marxist dialectic of oppressor versus oppressed is maintained;
- continued eradication of objectivism and eternal truths;

Central to the Law are Positive Human Rights that conform to Liberal morality; these are not universally valid across the board: subjective, unequal groups have different rights, the greater their proportion of inequality, the more positive rights; criminalization of moralities that do not conform with Liberal morals (homophobia, Islamophobia); no differentiation between the person and the act (for example condemnation of homosexual acts while respecting gays, as is the current Roman Catholic position);

Cultural group's proportionalism and representation in NGOs, government and other vital institutions, which must also reflect the world perspectives of the various minority groups;

For a typical example of a transnational state we can look at the U.N.'s proposals for the new, independent Kosovo: how its democratic proportional power sharing is supposed to work and how the country is embedded into the large 'federation' of the E.U.; the project is also seen as the cradle of a moderate, liberal, European Islam;

Promoting the acceptance of multiple passports: no loyalty towards a particular national state. According to the theory of the epoch of Fourth Generation Warfare, a period in which we find ourselves currently, multiculturalism is the death of states: cultural loyalties super-cede state loyalties;

The legitimacy of the nation-state (especially those with a persistent lead culture) is undercut wherever the opportunity arises by way of the Kosovo precedent (if it comes to fruition, which is by no means certain), thus paving the way for embedding states into the large multicultural and multi-ethnic federations, or systems of total interdependency;

Ongoing immigration in ever larger numbers, broadening the fiscal base, thus enabling Leftist governments to maintain social security spending for unequal groups;

State dependency of populations through taxation and benefits: the state acts as a parent, taking over the major responsibilities of the individual.

The buzz already is "well, everybody knows immigration is to make up for the low native demographic numbers", but that's just the point: people could know if they were suspicious enough to read between the lines, interpret the goings-on, read the mega trends and extrapolate, but they aren't informed by those whose duty it is, which is possibly the most scandalous of the affair. The media and the politicians deem it a too sensitive a subject to discuss it out in the open, preferring instead public manipulation as the more responsible attitude.

It seems suitable to wrap up the series with remarks from John Fonte's article that "... in the twentieth century the Bolshevik Revolution, the National Socialist revolution, the New Deal, the Reagan Revolution, the Gaullist national reconstruction in France, and the creation of the E.U. were not inevitable, but were the result of the exercise of political will by elites."

In the same vein are the Musings by Maddocks on "Le Québécois Libre" (Part I and Part II) on this same subject: "Just like 'diversity' and 'multiculturalism', transnationalism and global governance aren't the forces of history, but simply ideological tools advocated by the activist elites."

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