Monday, March 19, 2007

Treason II: Crimes against Europe's Indigenous People

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irst of all I owe an apology for providing the wrong link in the previous instalment of Treason. Here's the correct link to the article in The Brussels Journal that prompted all that outrage: "The Native Revolt: A European Declaration of Independence". But I haven't escaped my righteous punishment: while Athens is bathing in the first spring rays of sunshine, I've been at home doing research into the early works of Karl Marx.

How the treason against the native populations perpetrated by the Unholy Alliance of multiculturalists and the urban jihadis works on the level of city politics, is pointed out by sacked social worker Marij Uit Den Bogaard. It's a Belgian/Flemish example, but I'm sure the same mechanism is at work in identical ways in other European cities.

One specific trick to shut up anyone uttering any legitimate complaint, is the projection of World War II associations against such plaintiffs. This weekend I had the doubtful honour to defend the right-wing anti-immigration party Vlaams Belang, as well as Geert Wilders' Partij voor de Vrijheid, against such attacks from none other than the Obama Campaign (or at least somebody who said to speak on their behalf). However inappropriate and contemptible, it generally touches a weak spot and the majority of opponents is usually silenced temporarily. It is nevertheless a very common, low form of manipulation and emotional blackmail, a stopper that can only be termed abuse for cheap political gain of what should be untouchable, a measure of the lengths the totalitarian tendencies take them.

Unlike The Netherlands where the proclamation of the multicultural society was a mere unofficial one, the Swedes thorough as they are - and here we are in the most dangerous territory possible - had the shameless audacity to lay it down in an Act of Parliament. I can recommend anyone interested in the subject matter to read The Brussels Journal article in its entirety, but considering its weight I'll quote some here to stress the point:

Jonathan Friedman, living in Sweden mentions that "the so-called Integration Act of 1997 proclaimed that "Sweden is a Multicultural society". The Act implicitly states that Sweden doesn't have a history, only the various ethnic groups that live there. Native Swedes have been reduced to just another ethnic group in Sweden, with no more claim to the country than the Somalis who arrived there last Thursday. As Friedman puts it: "In Sweden, it's almost as if the state has sided with the immigrants against the Swedish working class."

The above is of such indescribable proportions that after three days of reading this my head is still spinning! It is an act of treason on the part of a elected elite of an indigenous population, against the same indigenous population: it is almost unparalleled in human history!

It is also a measure of the state of affairs, that the Swedes didn't revolt against it, that it isn't recognized for what it is - a crime against humanity (if it isn't, it should be), and that the atrocity has largely gone unnoticed by the mainstream media of the time (1997!). I don't think we have any idea anymore, what it is exactly we are doing at this juncture in time!

Also shockingly noteworthy is a speech delivered almost a year ago by Soviet dissident Wladimir Bukovsky. He referred to confidential documents from secret Soviet files which he was allowed to read in 1992. These documents confirm the existence of what is today termed a "Social Democrat" conspiracy to turn the European Union into a socialist organization. The Brussels Journal attended the meeting and taped the speech. Here's a link to the article "Former Soviet Dissident Warns For EU Dictatorship".

If this sounds all too much cloak and dagger stuff to be true, you are reminded of the recent posts in present pages regarding my own independent conclusions of the postmodern undemocratic reflexes, the totalitarian tendencies, the statism, and the collectivist ideology; to which we can now add the recent re-occurrence of the telling term "intelligentsia" and brand new invented crimes against the prevailing ideology.

To be continued: Part III

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