Monday, March 12, 2007

Post postmodernism: what are the options? (III)

Regretfully Europe is buying the postmodern drivel, wholesale.
- Belgium's almost certainly a lost cause.
- France is sinking fast, as both the left and the right have adopted postmodernism as the new height in intellectualism of which it considers itself the very source; moreover they perceive it as a fresh opportunity to counter-balance American cultural domination of American culture.
- The Netherlands is going under and is blissfully unaware that the world has moved on to yet a new post-Enlightenment menace.
- The U.K. has become unrecognisable in a stretch of just a few years, as is the case with Spain that is being run by a cultural equivalent of Attila the Hun. Both have suffered Islamo-Nazi attacks and because of it, suffer from psychological displacement disorder [5], an illusionary remedy, while the actual danger is still in their very midst.
- Germany seems to have capitulated, but there are a few orthodox [6] still seem to be standing.
- The only ones really fully awake to the danger and offering resistance - as far as I can see - are a number of realistic Aussies and Americans.

I'm a bit ambivalent about this postmodern usurpation of Western civilization. On the one hand it's thoroughly pernicious and all pervasive; it's undermining and destroying from within the type of society we hold dear. It acts as the 'new communism' in more ways than one. Droves of naive people only wish to see its benign, idealistic guise, unwilling to accept proof to the contrary [7]: that multiculturalism is totalitarian in character, is against the individual, is anti-realism and collectivist.

They are making common cause with the overt enemies, the Islamo-Nazis, and as such are a Trojan horse.
Its ugly little sister, relativism, is practiced and actively promoted by the mainstream media and the intelligentsia.
It is hardly part of any existing political program - let alone being voted on, and still finds its way into people's minds and covertly becomes policy anyway, apparently on no one's particular authority.

On the other hand I refuse to see it as a mature ideology: philosophically it's a mess and is easily refutable; to remain standing, albeit wobbly, the very foundations of science and reason have to be suspended. Proponents aren't even sure of the basis of what they preach. At present they are in trouble because relativism, the very core of their belief, excludes 'eternal truths' as 'dogmatic'. Besides itself, that also happens to include human rights. Denouncing that, would unmask multiculturalism as

A. not as benign as it seems, and
B. reveal its anti-human dictatorial tendencies.

Since they cannot let that stand, a case is made to adopt instead Liberalism as its basis! As if a free thinking, free market society, based on individual liberty for all, would ever tell dissidents to get double quick back to their collectivist, socialist ghettos [2]! Postmodernism is once again going for the impossible, creating yet another paradoxymoron [2], the sort of monstrosities that are its trade mark. It all becomes possible, once you have literally taken leave of your senses.

The West has fought totalitarian, collectivist, irrational dictatorships before. Wars have been fought, sons and daughters have given their lives for our liberty. The state of the present intellectual and cultural turmoil is indicative of the still early stages of incubation and, as we have seen in the case of the Russian Revolution, can be decades in the making.

But we have to be aware there isn't really ever such a thing as the end of history. The free world - especially because it is free and strong - will always have challengers. People who want to start history all over, because their pathological egocentricity has convinced them that they are the New Ubermensch, and the creation of a new paradise is attainable in their hands, if we'll only let them. They will do so with, or without the help of those who feel, that they also are deserving of another shot at dominion over others. Whether unlearned or denied, the past has a depressing tendency of repeating itself.

Then, as now, there will be appeasers who maintain we mustn't over-estimate the dangers, Trojan horses proliferating psi-ops and having pot-shots at our morales. But they needn't have illusions: we will fight for our right to perpetually tolerate traitors in our midst - and we will prevail!

In the next post we will have a closer look at proper philosophy, and surprising proposals to defeat the defeatism of postmodern anti-reason.


james higham said...

...multiculturalism is totalitarian in character, is against the individual, is anti-realism and collectivist...

I particularly like this bit.

james higham said...

Cassandra, you might like to check out the Blogfocus which is now up.

Cassandra said...

Thanks for the attention, James. Much obliged.

A Voice of Reason said...

Interesting series of posts.

I have a feeling that the US is heading down the path that Europe has taken. Though not one given to hysteria, Western Culture may be on the edge of an irrecoverable fall.

Cassandra said...

Yes, Voice of Reason, that's what bothers me also at this point and is the only reason which keeps me from accepting the Eurabia theory. It makes total sense, except that the US Democratic Party and the US media also seems to have embraced the same school of thought, and how! Have you read the Treason series? It may give you further ideas. Thanks for the comments. If you have any thoughts, please do comment. God bless, Cassandra.