Thursday, March 01, 2007

Conned by The Left, again! (I)

The last few days on the postmodern front have been eventful in terms of affirmations, confirmations and fresh developments. Let's work ourselves a way through my notes and memos: nightly scribbles on scraps of paper, or neatly jotted onto pieces of old newspaper or on napkins, currently in evidence all over the place.

Regular readers may remember I have been commenting on a multiculti discussion on the site of the German salon of intellectual high culture and dropped the ball in midair in sheer disgust over so much intellectual sloppiness. While some people - like naive little me - have been labouring their socks off to logically disprove the tenets of postmodernism [1], all along they aren't remotely interested if their narrative contains ten, twenty, or no fallacies at all. We've been had, conned! This isn't an intellectual debate at all! This is good old Leftist Collectivist Ideology at work, that will realise its goals whatever the cost. The destination is the only thing that counts; it's irrelevant if the road to get there is one of error: the end justifies the means, remember? If the subject were more pleasant you could almost call it a feast of recognition.

When the Berlin Wall fell and Francis Fukuyama wrote his book "The end of history ..." not only did he forget to look east-wards, but also left-wards at what was left of the Left in the West. Meanwhile they have been plotting how to re-invent themselves and have now re-emerged in the guise that is currently taking shape: little by little the veil's being dropped.

They've entered into this Unholy Alliance of Convenience with radical Muslims, radical Enlighteners and radical environmentalists (terminology ring a bell?) and all the while have been in the process of reframing the old totalitarian ideology. The necessary scape-goat and common enemy has already been identified: Jews, Christians and the neo-cons. I got a first hint of their crypto-totalitarian tendencies, realising that their hatred of Ayaan Hirsi Ali is rooted in her individualism: she doesn't conform, and she goes against the collective. While Stuart Sim asserts us he envisions cognitive contamination [3] to take place and that he wishes, yes - desires - multiculturalism to include dissent within 'the systems of belief', he must realize as well as the next person, that this cannot be done while the Prime Directive [2] of non-interference is in force. And you cannot abandon that, otherwise it'll soon be over with the peaceful tribal coexistence.

But consistency is totally lost on Professor Sim: while happily ranting on with his meta-dogma, he mentions Lyotard as a prime example. He wanted to be a nice Left-leaning person but without the unexamined ideology; Sim himself wants to be a relativist but at the same time hold on to universal values! And I'd like to be Britney but without the paparazzi! If this is the best the intellectual high salons can do, I haven't got time for it: all pretence and the inflated egos of the peacock pen!

To be continued tomorrow with an analysis of the relationship of radical Islam with The Left, and their common objectives.

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