Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Of the Return of The Bolk, Animal Sacrifices, and New Tricks of the Left

While I'm researching the next feature post in re of fun and goodies, and try to have a life on the side as well out of the bl...blegosphere, today a few newsworthy items - admittedly some more upbeat than others, depending on your point of view.

- Former E.U. Commissioner Frits Bolkestein c.s. is finally roaring again!

This is how I know my Frits. I think this commissar-ship was perhaps a prestigious way to top the career, it did keep the old goat from what he does best: exercise the brain cells and trample real hard on some politically correct toe nails. Hopefully this is the start of a suitably explosive post-career as is expected of someone of his caliber:
"Former European Mandarin Exposes Intrigue, Illusions and Dangers".
God knows the world needs every straight thinker we can get, in these relativist days. A Nova video maintains he single-handedly blew the French constitution referendum to smithereens by openly singing the free-market praises of Polish plumbers! So much for French multiculturalism: a welcome to Muslims only, not WASP libertarian neo-Atlanticists.

- Earth Mother demanding sacrificial evidence of true faith!

This is how the new pagan faith celebrates a culture of life. Every winter hundreds of deer and horses starve to death in a Dutch nature reserve (this year to date, seven hecatombs). The goddess would have it so.

- Earth Mother now demands even more proof from faithful.
German baby polar bear singled out as scape-goat.

- Mugabe has a few expected, and unexpected allies.

. Mugabe thugs out to cripple all opposition.
. The E.U. is moving over 18 million Euros this year to Zimbabwe 'to combat poverty'. This is the E.U.'s idea of supporting 'change from within'. The article doesn't say how the E.U. proposes to keep the money from going into Swiss Zanu-PF bank accounts. When you want to check it on EUObserver, you get this for transparency.
. While no troops were available for the A.U. force in Somalia, Angola is sending 2.500 troops (ninjas) to Mugabe to help him crush the opposition.

- The new Left modus operandi.

The Left has a new way of operating that is everywhere in evidence. It goes as follows:

1. Idenfy a minor point of right-wing policy (it doesn't need to have much significance or even be factual);

2. Get some exposure and be as outraged and scandalised about it as you possibly can;

3. The leftist voters are willing to believe anything, so you can be assured of a follow up, full of indignation, hysterics, and start to finish prime-time mainstream media coverage for days on end.

In the Netherlands the Leftist Red-Roman variety in a TV program with a history of constructed 'truths' - even to the point of freeze-drying human skulls in the studio fridge - have 'exposed' that the previous Government has failed to inform parliament (a major crime, carrying political death sentence) of earlier support of the U.S. government in the Iraq war than previously maintained. It involves the former Foreign Minister, presently Secretary-General of NATO, Jacob de Hoop Scheffer. The program acts as if they have uncovered proof of Nazi involvement, and even have issued a press release to lend more fire to their outrage. Also the old British canard is paraded in evidence: that the support was to uncover WMD, while the factual reason was that Saddam had been violating the terms for ending the 1st Gulf War for twelve long years, an offence the Security Council for economic reasons best known to themselves, failed to enforce. If you ask me, this scenario is a backwards carbon copy of the recent 'exposure' by Seymour Hersh of Pentagon Iran war planning.

4. If that approach won't fly, get on the record as follows: stand before a mike, flushed and slightly out of breath - think: you just came out of a meeting with a major opposition figure and you were an inch removed from having to call Security to fetch the men in white coats, brandishing straight jackets - then say very slowly and utterly composed: "The - opposition - must - calm - down and do their utmost to be reasonable about this. They must understand we are doing this for the good of the people", or words to that effect. Not only have you had your say, but the opposition will come across as if in a total panic, as hysterical beyond reason. I saw a prime example yesterday, but I regret YouTube doesn't have it on record.

Hey, nobody said it'd be one huge rose-garden!

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