Thursday, March 08, 2007

Post postmodernism: what are the options? (I)

Multiculturalism has been exposed, in these pages and others, as a crypto-totalitarian ideology that makes common cause with the other enemy of freedom and democracy, Islamo-Nazism.

On a policy level there have been efforts in the recent past to implement multicultural experiments on the ground, but all have miserably failed. These endeavors however have not remained without consequences and place city councils and the communities involved, for enormous challenges. They have to start over, but with great disadvantages.

Considering multiculturalism is currently not seriously seen as a viable solution by any government on the face of the earth (perhaps the Canadian one exempted), I think we can safely ritually stake, garlic and bury the entire concept for the piece of irresponsible nonsense that it is. The Left, progressive as they consider themselves to be, have once again fallen for yet another pernicious ideology. A learning curve is non-existent there.

I'm glad to note that the Australian Muslim intelligentsia at Austrolabe is also not particularly enamoured by the postmoderns, however much the latter would like to think differently in view of the apologetics and the considerable amount of appeasement that has been thrown at it in recent years.

I'm quoting from Amir's answer to my query regarding multiculturalism: "Postmodern epistemology is something that annoys us greatly, it is essentially nothing, nihilistic and fashionable. The only country which does not have a multicultural policy, has the strongest and most energetic Muslim community, the United States. As for Islamism’s links with Marxist methodologies, we have previously discussed it here. Regards" ... so ... please take note.

One of the problems with the proponents of the postmodern ideologies is, that you cannot get them to accept refutations. You can prove their ranting a fallacy for all you want, it doesn't mean anything to them. So they just go on and on in cycles: see Dr Pat's latest on the matter: The Left's Theory of Relativity [1]. Unchecked and convinced of their own bizarre wisdom, they try to sell absurdity as the height of wisdom. But taken to task over the irrationality, you find yourself up against a wall of disinterest that I now understand to stem from the profound idea that they "balk at such colonial-hegemonic-rationalistic-Western traditions. The notion that one can criticize another’s cultural practices, beliefs, ways of thinking, and ultimately actions, is just emblematic of an Enlightenment hegemony that has infected Western society and by extension the rest of the world for hundreds of years", writes somebody in the know. Well, get thee behind me ...

Which leaves us with the fact that postmodern ideas are still dominating large and key depositories in society: youth culture, (not so high and) higher education, the mainstream media and the intelligentsia, including most Left-leaning political parties.

- On the level of youth culture and students postmodernism is predominantly practiced on a subconscious level; and it attracts those that consider certain aspects of it fashionable, or a cool life-style of choice. Its expressions remain largely and relatively naive. Popular are environmentalism, animal rights [2] and relativism.

- On the levels of 'high culture' postmodernism is much more actively theorized and practiced. By some adherents the message is spread with almost messianic zeal, out to convert the masses. Considering its access to the media, universities and the political echelons, it is here that chances of dissemination are most profuse.

To be continued, with postmodernism's daily message.

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