Sunday, March 04, 2007

Neo-communism exposed! (I)

Seek and ye shall find ... answers are forthcoming, in ever greater number! Not only have we been conned by the Left, with hindsight it must be said that I should have seen this coming light-years hence ... say from 1989 onwards. The good old method of infiltration and destruction from within has been doing its damnedest. Considering today's confusion I'd say they've been pretty successful this time, and on the whole better covered than usual (except for the environmentalists, the anti-globalists and the animal rights activists, which were a little overt, come to think of it).

I'll give you the wrap up in this two part post, after which we can start doing some damage control and exposing these miserables and their time-honoured subversive [1] methods for what they are, and hence begin the mobilisation of the masses to claim back what they've tried to uproot. I'll come to the details, but first here are the latest developments. (By all means, follow the link to note [1], it's worthwhile in itself!)

Autrolabe is a Muslim group blog in Australia. Contributor Amir recently posted an article by John Grey (Britain's foremost political philosopher) "The best we can hope for is tolerance". While I wasn't particularly enamoured by Grey's defense of the indefensible - a multicultural knee-jerk or whatever reason led him to pose that martyrdom operations aren't particularly Islamic - the overall quality of the piece is outstanding, and stands in thrill contrast to the state-sponsored ravings you had the misfortune to stumble upon last Friday in this blog, meanwhile suitably ditched by 'Defend America'.

I left a comment on Austrolabe, explaining Greg Koukl's insight into the perversion of tolerance, so often discussed in these pages, primarily on: Koukl's Tolerance Trick and Postmodern Fallacies I-II-III (subsequent). The same is of course true of multiculturalism, that is not the definition of a tolerant society with more than one culture, but on the contrary harbours a particularly pernicious piece of social manipulation, nothing less than an attempt at destruction from within, as we shall currently show. In the meantime I got a reply from Amir, which can be accessed via the Austrolabe site, but I'd like to come back to it in some detail in part II, tomorrow.

The striking thing is that the recent connection I stumbled on, and that has been borne out by Dr Pat's psychological investigations - the sympathetic link between radical Islam and the remnants of the radical Left and all its derivatives - is today re-affirmed by Amir's observations in his article on Austrolabe. And if that isn't enough, it is confirmed on the meanwhile well known German site of Europe's high culture, Signandsite - a source beyond any suspicion in that regard - in an article "In praise of Dissidence" making similar assertions. Things have come together just lovely: I declare my case closed. It's uncanny that once you know it, you see the evidence all around you.

Ulrike Ackermann is a German social scientist, freelance author and columnist for Merkur magazine. Her book "Sündenfall der Intellektuellen" (Klett-Cotta, Stuttgart) on anti-totalitarian traditions in France and Germany, was published in 2000. In above article - a contribution to the by now infamous postmodern polemics of Messrs Stuart Sim, Ian Buruma and Timothy Garten Ash on the one hand, and Paul Cliteur, Necla Kelek and Pascal Bruckner on the other, she exposes the Left's common attitude towards communist dissidents during the Cold War, and the present to our contemporary dissenter of Islam, Ayaan Hirsi Ali positioned herself explicitly in the tradition of Eastern European dissidents.

She quotes from Ayaan's speech, delivered in Berlin while the Danish cartoon hysterics were raging: "A divided city in which the communist state held people captive behind a wall ... in the West ... the works of Karl Marx were being taught at university. Dissidents who had escaped from the East could ... persuade others that communism was a long way from creating paradise on earth ... Today the open society is being challenged by Islamism ...Our opponents want to use violence to silence us. They claim that we are spiritually and mentally unreliable and shouldn't be taken seriously. Communism's defenders used the same methods." Although the article can be accessed in full on Signandsight, the content is worth quoting extensively:

"The sympathetic reading of Islam recalls that of communism before 1989. At the time, the West's self-hatred and invalidation of the accomplishments of free democracy were expressed in a generous interpretation of communism. A similar phenomenon is to be seen in attitudes towards Islam today, in large part thanks to its anti-capitalism and anti-Americanism. Many Western intellectuals had reservations about Eastern European dissidents because they were only fighting for the so-called 'bourgeois liberties'. Many dreamed at the time of a 'third way' [2] between capitalism and communism. The analogy is evident in the terminology: Stalinism could be criticised but communism was handled with kid gloves. Today, criticism of Islamism is common sense, but criticism of Islam has to be conducted with care".

"Her criticism arouses ... anger and critique ... of European leftist intellectuals such as Ian Buruma and Timothy Garton Ash who accuse her of being an 'Enlightenment fundamentalist', who is pouring oil onto the fire and engendering 'politics of fury'. For Hirsi Ali, the legacy of the Enlightenment - the separation of religion and state, political and individual rights, self-determination of the individual, reason and the equality of the sexes [3] - are of fundamental importance, and so they should be. To have to defend these against an accusation of fundamentalism is, given the situation in which we find ourselves, pretty ludicrous".

A few other qualifications also come to mind, but we know by now that all that isn't relativism, is per definition fundamentalist in the eyes of these subversives. I won't mention anymore the lunacy that inspires them to seriously equate 'Hitler had a mustache, comrade Stalin had a mustache, Hitler is comrade Stalin: I said elsewhere that this logic is forgivable only if perpetrated by very young children.

"Hatred for the 'decadence' of the West, its capitalism, consumerism and individualism, was as much part of the communist ideology as it is of radical Islam today. In the fusion of belief and social order, of truth, hierarchy and social reality, arose a secular Umma in which the individual is to be collectivised. The individual is suspicious to all ideocratic totalitarianisms. Unpredictable, instinctive, egoistic, headstrong and anarchistic, it must be controlled and dominated for the good of the respective Umma: the national, class or religious community. The communist social experiment cost millions of lives, as did National Socialism and fascism. Learning from this history can only mean remaining vigilant in face of new totalitarian dangers which threaten our painstakingly acquired freedom.

This must be defended "in a continuously repeated act of liberation, an eternal battle in which there can be no final victory, because that could only mean the death of all combatants, that means all those living."
Benedetto Croce


Flanders Fields said...

We see Islam in much the same way we once viewed the USSR. Corporate leftists did business with them and supported them from their establishment in the USSR, while their activities were condoned by governments influenced by business leaders.

World leaders want the physical resources of the world under centralized control. They want the populations that way, also. The politicians of the left work to socially engineer the poplace to acceptance of a centralized, totalitarian control. The political leadership will benefit from the largese bestowed by the corporate left, while the corporatists have their costs passed onto the people by the politicians.

The joys of collectivism are going to be very obvious. Unfortunately, only the leftist political and corporate leaders will be the ones to experience that happiness. The rest of us may be allowed to pray five times a day.

Cassandra said...

Well said, Flanders Fields. Thanks for the comment again.
Are you going to be totally incommunicado? I was wondering if I could bother you to critique an article for me, but if you're cloistered away somewhere that's not on the cards. Thanks and cheers, looking forward to your return.