Monday, February 26, 2007

Of Demons, Daftness and 1968 and All That!

Sometimes, on these winter Athenian nights when the cold winds blow in over the Carpathian mountain range, a terrible noise can be heard, sharply penetrating the broody dark of the night's sky, riding the waves of a million demons and piercingly echoing through the silence of The Lighthouse, sending the cat, fur on end, into the curtains: the witch-finder's shriek with the familiar re-occurrence of a word I thought staked, suitably buried and garlicked nearly half a century ago. And considering its hailing I suddenly realised hence the relativist and multiculti winds blow. The retrospective state of apoplexy caused by that awe inspiring word ...Authority... gives away the 1968 iconoclast identity.

What is it with the baby-boom generation and authority - the justification of power - that awakes the damnedest in them? It is work for the good doctor, I think - perhaps she has some slot on the couch available shortly?

"If there is no right and there is no wrong, you cannot blame anyone anymore than you can blame them for the colour of their hair", reads a memo in my notebook. "This is a convenient situation for some people", you might be inclined to think. Yes, it is called relativism and it is thought up and developed by a category of people that from experience has learnt a few useful ideological survival tricks: see that you get a gullible popular movement behind you that believes in make-ability, and if what you propagate turns ugly, see you have an exit strategy to pass up the blame.

What The Unholy Alliance of convenience, of assertive Muslims, habitual Western iconoclasts and their Leftist dupes, in fact is doing, is furthering their misguided ideals of salvation for all, and when things go wrong or they are disproved by adverse facts on the ground, with a pointer to relativism say 'well, don't look at us'.

Nice Left-leaning people like the Euston Manifesto signatories and Stuart Sim aren't really relativists, and neither are the other self-confessed adherents to universal values, freedom of speech and expression and other such eternal truths. Because you cannot be both: relativism states that there is no truth, eternal, universal or otherwise. If that's leading cold incisive logic too far, just ignore, rename or spin it - as Professor Sim prefers to do. You end up with something like, the sun but without all that heat. It sounds nice but it doesn't exist.

At present they subscribe to relativism and multiculturalism simply because it offers the latest opportunity to wreck the enterprise called Western civilization. At a given point - some, a lot later than others - they got disenchanted with communism and its derivatives. That particular fruit of the Enlightenment at first looked like the most promisingly road to destruction. After its glory-less demise - leaving behind millions of victims, wrecked economies and pointlessly destroyed lives just to prove the people's authority - for a while they sat brooding, oozing cynical nihilism, unlike Nazi adherents, ducking responsibility for the misery they caused or advocated.

But never caring all that much for logic and consistency anyway, they adopted relativism and multiculturalism in a last ditch effort not to go into history as the generation of total losers. One last shot at leaving a permanent mark before being pensioned off, to wait out the pointless existence on planet Earth until - in full and final settlement - the physical atoms start disintegrating and the soul with Asmodean shriek commits itself to the realm of all pretenders to total power.

They didn't succeed in the past and I pray Our Good God that they won't succeed with the present project either, but at what price this time?

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