Monday, February 05, 2007

Against a Dictatorship of Relativism

Yesterday I promised you evidence that Ann Coulter was right and that Relativism - like its parent, Liberalism - is a real faith with missionaries and all, putting Jehovah's Witnesses to shame when it comes to proselytising.

The other day I stumbled upon a blog that, for the title "Against a Dictatorship of Relativism" could have been my own. It is however published by an young man of Indian descent who studies Medicine in South Carolina. After serious investigation and study - not just a bit of browsing between the covers of Das Kapital, or virtually hanging out a bit on The Daily Dross - but real, dedicated study of the kind that takes time and effort, he decided to convert to Catholicism!

His serious attitude is borne out by his brushing up on Sanskrit (the Indian version of Latin) and re-reading the Bhagavad Gita and parts of other tough Hindu Scripture. He is proud to state that he studied Hinduism of course, his own culture and source of a religious belief system that developed over millennia. He rightly states that it has given the world a lot to be proud of. Dev is living testimony to PMF number 2. Down-talking is degrading and PMF number 4. Goodness is unlimited!

Then he turned to the Bible and read Christian apologetics. As usual he made some work of it. His decision to convert didn't come overnight. He ads: "I can't count how many books and articles I read each week. But for some reason, I kept coming back to the Catholic claims. They made the most sense, and they were the most intellectually satisfying. One day I had to tell myself: Dev, you now believe everything that the Catholic Church claims to be true. If you don't go join the Church, you'll be a hypocrite. So I joined!". Good for Dev! In a rather touching account he states he hopes to be psychiatrist one day.

At this point it becomes Sunday morning and enter the relativist version of the Jehovah's Witnesses. "Drrrring", goes the bell.
- "Good morning, Sir, I am from the Union for the Suppression of the Metaphysical and would like to bring you the good news of the coming of Enlightened man as God. Sir, I see you are of Indian descent and have converted to Catholicism. Very interesting, as is your sign here stating that you are against the dictatorship of relativism. But really, relativism is the only way that makes any sense. Consider this: I don't know you, but I could get an idea who you are. I'm sure your friends and family also have an idea who you are. But yet we may have made different images of you. This is how people also get different ideas about God and who the @&*ck is the Pope to think that he knows for all and eternity? I could understand you if you said you were a Catholic but weren't so sure about it. The inherent violence of the Catholic position is really no different from Islam's."
- "Well, you really seem to be convinced of the truth of your case, but thank you, you just made my point about relativism. But now I'd like to go and attend Mass if you don't mind. Your foot, please, could you remove it, please? Thank you ... foot please, toes ..."
- "A relatively good day to you too, Sir".

And so we see that the pseudo-philosophy that denies the existence of truth is soliciting converts to the truth that says there is no truth. Some of the adherents obviously seem to have deluded themselves into thinking they've found a profound piece of truth in relativism ... at which point I feel a bit of a headache coming on ... I'm off to bed with an aspirin.

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