Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Straight Red Line (3): the Really, Really Usefuls

Continued from Part 2: A Carnival of Fallacies

his is the part of the series where I'm running the risk of sounding like my mother. It is however vital and essential for the full extent of the disaster, to become clear.

The KGB de-moral-ization program - as confessed to in the 1984 interview with former KGB agent and Soviet defector Yuri Alexandrovich Bezmenov, since released on YouTube - became so successful that the brainwashed generations of 'students' far outlived the existence of the Soviet Union.

This success was due to a number of factors: first there is the subversion of morality, making any kind of behavior, personal opinion, or lifestyle of choice, socially acceptable. The absence of objective reality [1] of either good or bad, true or false, has resulted in the moral confusion that lives on to this day. It is now known as Relativism - moral, cultural or otherwise.

The advance and intensity of the program was greatly helped along by three simultaneous, equally pernicious items of fashion, which may have been part and parcel of the program, maybe not: according to Bezmenov the transcendental meditation rage was not, though the KGB was certainly interested in the possibilities of spiritual and mental vacuity techniques.

The first was the propagation of the use of consciousness (perception of reality) altering drugs, the most 'innocent' of which was cannabis, the most toxic LSD - 'innocent' in inverted commas, as I can attest to a number of fatalities in my immediate circle of operation, directly attributable to the use of these substances.

The second was the spiritual leaning towards Eastern, narcissistic, ego-absorbing mysticism, which could at times reach surreal proportions, in itself also life threatening as meditation tended to induce psychosis in some people, as did the use of the drugs that accompanied it.

And finally there is the pseudo philosophical propaganda emanating from "The Institute of Marxism" at Columbia University, the Communist advanced Polit Bureau in the West, also known as the Frankfurt School. Here's an article by Charles Morse, "The Four Horsemen of the Frankfort School". It is well worth reading in its entirety: the amount of damage due to psi-ops, intellectual and ideological manipulation as effected by these fiends can hardly be underestimated.

With hindsight it is hard to believe this drivel was lapped up by the 'intelligentsia' like fluid space cake. At present we are sustaining a recurrence in the guise of political correctness and forms of Relativist thinking, not the least of which is Multiculturalism, also known as Cultural Marxism. Again laws of nature are being suspended in order to render the masses susceptible to the correct ideological messages.

With the fall of the wall in 1989 these dimwitted psychotics didn't miraculously cure themselves of the subversion at the hands of the scions of the revolution, nor did they disappear into thin air. I am a personal witness to the arrested development of these usefuls: almost none ever changed or moved one iota since they sacrificed their souls on the altar of Marxism.

What did happen, is that they kicked the drug habit (during working days at least), and fixed the do and other overt signs of ultra Leftist affiliation. In short, they became socially acceptable. Then they got themselves a respectable job, preferably in public institutions, local or national governments, (higher) education, social work, media: all the strategic places where they'd be able to propagate and disseminate the Relativist message, taking care always to masquerade it as something innocent for the well-being of humanity, like "immigration is enriching Western society".

These remarkable U-turned careers have advanced to the stages where they are at present: well entrenched, to claim pension in about 5-10 years' time when they'll go pick up the thread as full time ideologues. But for now the usefuls are at the height of public power, somehow managing to wreck three thousand years of civilization within the few decades of their sad existence. This is the extent of the success of the KGB ideological demoralization program.

~ To be continued in Part 4, The Founders: Thanks to Yuri Alexandrovich Bezmenov we now know that this human time bomb was programmed to commit a massive act of treason ... ~

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