Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Of Realism and Resistance, mainly ...

Today a necessary news update, building on recent earlier posts:

With respect to yesterday's post "Counter-Terrorist Blog Swarm Wanted!" Ioannis Michaletos of Strategic Analysis relays an article "Kosovo is Spiralling out of Control" by Mikhail Logvinov. It lays bare a few intricacies in the matter begging closer scrutiny.

- For example: "... if Russia rejects the Kosovo independence plan, Brussels will assume responsibility and make an appropriate decision", in favour of independence, we may assume. On the other hand, according to a spokeswoman for European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana "the EU will make a decision if need be, but only with the UN Security Council’s consent" of which Russia happens to be a veto carrying member. It may be the author who's caught in a circular argument, or it may be the E.U. that has now finally lost its way!

- It seriously beggars belief that Moscow's "(t)rying to prevent the partition of its long-time Slavic ally" is termed "a dubious decision from the viewpoint of international law"! Since when has the encouragement of partition become the politically correct? Since the advent of Transnational Progessivism perhaps? Has the breaking up of sovereign states, to be forcibly incorporated into post-democratic, totalitarian federations already become the official international policy? I would certainly hope that "(t)hose countries whose territorial integrity is threatened are against the current European trend" of the breaking up of sovereign, national states.

- At least 'the West' is not caught unawares of the dangerous consequences of their actions, as they have been "discussing crisis scenarios that should give a legal seal to tough actions against Belgrade". Go ahead, pile it on!

- The article further points out that "Kosovar and Serbian organized crime planned" the 2004 ethnic clashes between Serbs and Albanians in Kosovo. It would appear that, apart from the Wahhabis - it is primarily the mob that would greatly benefit from Kosovo's independence, courtesy of 'the West'.

Here's more from the intrepid Julia Gorin. So far the news from the Eastern front.
Yankee Wombat, an American in Oz recently had two pieces from a surprising perspective.

- His post "The Quick and the Dead" concerns Michael Yon's fabulous independent journalism in Iraq and his recent shocking article "Bless the Beasts and Children", describing and illustrating the horrific way in which Muslims are killing Muslims. Yankee Wombat answers the matter which I registered from the sidelines over the weekend, how this story of whole-sale slaughter broke in the MSM, and was almost immediately denied by same.

- In another post "Eurabia and Delusions of Grandeur" Yankee Wombat reviews Bat Ye’Or's book Eurabia and comments upon what he sees as "the conceit of the Europeans - they were confident that their culture would absorb the Muslims ... Europe fancied itself as the senior partner in this process set to absorb the Mediterranean lands of Africa and Asia into its orbit ..."

Now that a few million Muslims find themselves on the European continent, these prove to be a great deal more assertive in defending their cultural and religious heritage than (post)modern Europeans are wont to do. Now that culture clashes and displacement is on the horizon (see Kosovo), European politicians are at a loss how to handle the monster of their creation, other then by suppressing free speech and appeasing irrational totalitarians. And then to think there have been good men and women giving their lives for our freedom: I'm sure it wasn't this what they had in mind when they signed up!

- Speaking of which, here's another pleasant uptake in the Confessions of a Closet Republican (bless her! and note the story of Liberal oppression in her profile).

- And how Foehammer has finally had enough!!! He's in resistance mode ...

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