Thursday, November 01, 2007

Theo van Gogh Commemorations

Tomorrow evening, the 2nd November - the day big, cuddly, terrible Theo passed out of our lives - there will be candle light vigils held in remembrance at a number of Dutch embassies and consulates.

In England the coordinates are as follows:

At 19.00 London time a ceremony will be held in front of the Dutch Embassy, 38 Hyde Park Gate, London SW7 5DP. (MAP)

Flowers will be laid in front of the embassy building.

Hat tip: SIOE England, Stephen Gash (site also provides the lyrics of "I vow to thee my Country").

For other countries and territories you are advised to contact the Dutch Embassy in the capital city.

"Een volk dat voor tirannen zwicht
zal meer dan lijf en goed verliezen,
dan dooft het licht."

*H.M. van Randwijk (1909-1966)

* Free translation:
"A nation that bows before tyrants
loses more than just life and wealth,
the light will cease".

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