Thursday, December 06, 2007

Ayaan's Trust

Ayaan Hirsi Ali has a new website, celebrating the inauguration of the trust fund that is to raise money for the round-the-clock protection, now that funding has been withdrawn by the Dutch government.

Anxiety for her safety often prompted the national security services to lodge her on high-security Air Force Bases and other 'creative' means of 'protective custody'.

The author of "The Caged Virgin" and "Infidel" is an incisive logician, a staunch Islam critic and apostate.

A former Dutch M.P. she is currently a permanent U.S. citizen, working for the American Enterprise Institute. On the institute site links are available to articles and short stories.

The Spectator: ‘We are at war with all Islam’, by Mary Wakefield

"It would be easier in some ways to ignore Ayaan Hirsi Ali, to label her as bonkers — but it would also be irresponsible. She’s not just another hawkish hack, anxious to occupy the top tough-guy media slot — she has the authority of experience, the authenticity of suffering. >>>

The title of her Home Page unwittingly explains why she received the Moral Courage Award by the American Jewish Committee in 2006 ...

... "tolerance of intolerance is cowardice" ...

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