Monday, March 03, 2008

The Contradiction of Dogmatism

The Spectator: "Unthinking Dogmatism", by James MacMillan - Hat Tip: Road Sassy

James MacMillan explains why he hates the assumption that he is a liberal left-winger

My revulsion is particularly acute in the artistic circles I sometimes find myself in. I regret to say that the most eager acceptance of the new hectoring political puerilities are to be found in The Arts. This has its roots in Romanticism, of course, but a gradual systemisation of radical politics settled in the early 20th century. Think of how, from the 1920s, groups such as Imagists, Vorticists, Futurists, Surrealists, Expressionists habitually declare their commitment to Revolution. Yes, any old revolution would do, but as long as it overturned manners and lifestyles as well as aesthetics and politics.

This has nothing to do with a love of life, a love of the poor or the outsider, but >>>

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