Friday, May 09, 2008

Hidden Ideas Behind the Politics: Ideological Causality

My correspondent says that philosophers merely explain things after the fact. But what comes first, I ask? The event, or the idea? Do ideas not have consequences?

What comes first? B. Barack Obama's presidential campaign, or subjectivism? The Sokal hoax, or the notion that the senses are an unreliable source of knowledge because they can be tricked? Immanuel Kant or Massimo Vignelli's CuboSeat? The exception taken for rule, or malignant Narcissistic egocentrism.

In all the above it's the idea that has consequences in the physical world.

Surrealists and abstract artists are plain: they go straight to the subjective universe. But are we aware of the hidden political message behind works like Vignelli's, or for example Escher's?

The optic husslers come before the surrealists, telling us from an objective place that what we see is an illusion. They produce artistic renditions of the notion that our senses cannot be trusted. These eye-trick artists are the foot soldiers in the battle against reality. They 'prove' to us through their art that our senses are so dumb, they even fall for cheap parlor tricks like theirs.

And if that is the case, then objective knowledge is for ever beyond our grasp. What we take for real are actually subjective, personal versions of reality. Or per Kant - we create our personal universes in our heads, isolated forever from the illusion we take for reality.

Nor is it possible to have an opinion on one another's universes. Because by whose standards would we make such an objective judgment? This is impossible. There are no bad universes, or ugly universes, just different universes which perhaps we don't understand, coming from another universe as we do.

So here we can see that ideas have consequences. Kant's and Hegel's subjectivism is the cause of B. Barack Obama. Long live 'change' to 'progress,' the battle against reality goes on ... and half the world is buying ...


Want more subjective news? Here it is. And apparently it's not just that left people are nicer, subjectvists are beyond nice, "they are the nicest, most intelligent people we've found" >>>

N.B. It would seem that the message changes. It's getting easier by the minute: independent thinking isn't even a requirement anymore: "It's free, it's easy and everyone's doing it!" Ah, it's okay then ...

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Lil Jimmy said...

Perceptions are the rule of thumb. People like you because of what they perceive, not what they know. But there are also realities and these are tucked away nicely inside metaphysics.

The unbeliever says they're perceptions, the believer says they're realities. They may have been perceptions but at the point of belief they become realities.

How can I prove that? If you believe, I don't need to because the transformation will have taken place for you. And if you don't beleive, I don't need to because the transformation will not hve taken place.