Sunday, July 27, 2008

Artists for Liberty and Modern Values

Atlas Shrugs: "Weapon of Musical Defense"

Last night I made good on my promise on my new radio show Voices of Freedom on KFNX to play new and original music with a message, a counter jihad message. Great rockin' tunes. Several concerned and talent rock stars got together and put to music everything they had learned about Islam after 9/11. What took years to learn has been put to fabulous music.

They are currently producing a CD of roughly 22 songs which will be available on itunes.
Last night I played the world premiere of Appeasement (minute 5 on the show Download 2nd_Show_July_24.mp3 ) and promised Atlas listeners the opportunity to download two songs for free. GO HERE FOR THE FREE DOWNLOADS.

What happens when a desire for peace at at any price meets an insatiable desire for world conquest?

is about the tacit acceptance of the Cairo Declaration of Human Rights in Islam by the UN. We think it's a pretty shocking document and more people would be shocked by it, if only they knew about it

From the new website:

We're getting ready for a forthcoming web launch. We know it's a mysterious name but you'll just have to wait. We’re not quite ready for our full launch yet when we will be making an album of songs available. These will be ground breaking songs that explain concepts that most journalists, politicians and even controversy seeking artists have shied away from.

WMD is a group of concerned rockers and rock stars. We’ve studied and read since 9-11 and found out some facts that are pretty hard to find out. We want to share these with a wider audience. We know many people are reading blogs and web sites about these topics but we want to reach out to those who don’t or won’t read the books and blogs on Jihad and Islam. (...) >>>

Condell also weighs in:

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