Friday, June 19, 2009

Amorphophallus titanum! Que?

... the huge, (stinking) shapeless phallus ...

Dutch News: "Titum arum set to bloom in Leiden"

One of the world's strangest plants, the giant titan arum (amorphophallus titanum), is expected to bloom at Leiden's botanical gardens on Sunday night. The botanical gardens are open on Sunday evening as part of midsummer celebrations. The titan arum produces the world's biggest flowers after eight to 15 year's of growth. The flowers, which have a terrible stench like rotting meat, last just two nights. A second plant is set to flower in about three weeks time (...) >>>

High resolution photos

This Hortus Botanicus page contains a link to the webcam. Perhaps nice to watch towards opening time.

Watch one on an earlier occasion at the Brooklyn Botanic.

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