Sunday, August 09, 2009

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We give you ... "Warm Breeeze" played by ...

Fusion Juice

Genre: 'Jazz'

Contemporary Jazz has a new sound in Denver Colorado. " Fusion Juice ” is comprised of some of Denver's finest musicians. This quintet delivers groove oriented Jazz with an emphasis on smooth sexy guitar sounds. "We really felt that the time was right for a more guitar oriented Jazz group here in Denver" says Fusion Juice guitar man Jimmy Schoettle.

Playing original contemporary Jazz, plus wonderful interpretations of classic Jazz fusion hits, this group knows how to satisfy the soul. If you are tired of the same old sounding jazz, then sample Fusion Juice and see for yourself why it's the freshest sound in Denver Colorado.

The current line up for Denver's Hottest New Jazz Group includes Jimmy Schoettle on Guitar, Matt Brodie on Sax and Flute, Carl Sorenson on Keyboards, Scott Fitzgerald on Bass, and David Young on the Drums.

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