Friday, December 11, 2009

The Neo Fascist Approach to Humanity

What say you? This is a real winner, isn't it? Uplifting and a edifying. The horror of it is, these nihilists know very well the memes of this stuff find their through the culture, into people's minds, spreading their evil message. Ideas have consequences.

Brilovett on the Objectivist dating site Braincrave has an article up with a few gems on ecofascism. It's a "posthumous" interview with Ayn Rand. Here's one:

We don't need the government to protect the environment?

[Playboy 23] My position is fully consistent. [Obj 977] In the Middle Ages, man's life expectancy was 30 years. If it were true that industry is destructive to human life, one would find life expectancy declining in the more advanced countries. But it has been rising steadily. Anyone over 30 years of age today, give a silent "Thank you" to the nearest, sootiest smokestacks you can find. (...)

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