Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Last Stand of the Baby Boom Empire and other bed-time stories

The last few days provided us with the following news worthies:

- Here's one of the simple European multi-culti variety: Beate Winkler, director of the 'European Monitoring Center on Racism and Xenophobia' in an article on the website of Deutsche Welle is making remarks about humans not having roots, but boots ... Now I wonder where does this piece of rhyming relativism stem from? My conclusion: scientism ("humans are at root nomadic") dressed up as a sneer at Pope Benedict's and Marcello Pera's book "Without Roots", in which they make mincemeat of multi-culturalist balderdash like Ms Winkler's. Well, let's leave it for the time being for what it is: the last throes of a generation of wreckers. More later on in this post.

- Al-Guardian's columnist Timothy Garton Ash is wondering how come Europe hasn't a story for the future. Could it perhaps be that a people who deny their own history aren't worthy, or perhaps are simply incapable of envisioning a future? Sad indeed.

- Speaking of sadness: Al-Guardian goes on to call Somalia, now almost free of Islamist terrorists ... America's new puppet, which just goes to show what deep feelings of blind hatred can do to a psyche. This is why Christianity doesn't encourage it. And that is why the Left's gathering averseness of Christianity is almost on a par with their hatred of George Bush (and democracy) (see paragraph down on The Last Stand etc.).

- Back with the boys in Brussels it transpires that Mr Verheugen, Germany's Commissioner for Industry, is advocating moving the E.U. goal posts by unearthing proposals to give small countries less influence than larger ones. They don't really need commissioners, minor functionaries would be sufficient (whatever). You'd almost think he's doing it to please the Turks who are very fond of power politics, but this is probably not the case. He's just trying to set the tone for the German presidency, lowering expectations of the small fry in re of the Constitution talks.

- Elsevier was for-seeing it and warns that "the Constitution is back on the agenda". As did I (which is not that difficult once you understand how their manoeuvrings work) and wrote in this blog just how utterly untrustworthy and tricky these boys in Brussels are. Because officially they have no business at all to bring back a subject that has been voted down by two member states. The veto still being in place (this is what the constitution proposes to change and why the Dutch have voted it down), even one would have been sufficient. Real role models for ethics and observers of the rule of law, these boys in Brussels.

- And while Muslims are screaming for attention and everybody is looking that way The Last Stand of the Baby Boom Empire is upon us (see also the first item in re of Ms Winkler's roots versus boots and the para on Al-Guardian's opinion on Somalia). Just mark my words, these are their last throes before they're pensioned off. Upon growing up in or just after World War II, all their lives they have done their damnedest to wreck the West's collective, cultural memory that has been built up over the better part of two millennia. First we had to turn communist, then broody post-modern deconstructionists and live through the sexual revolution, then became socialist squatters on their behest, then Maoists, back to trying socialism yet again, this time by a third method and all the while also being progressive, pacifist feminists.
I tell you, the last thing still standing and gathering strength, is Christianity. This is the last asset they'll try their hand at wrecking before packing it in. However obnoxious and tiresome, after going through hell yet again in engaging them in public discourse, after they've failed at that too, perhaps the rest of society can re-find their inner strength and construct something positive and lasting for the future, at long last. And they can go and enjoy the benefits of the old people's paradises they've constructed over the years to be rid of their own elderly parents.

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