Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sharia law for Salah Choudhury?

The American Jewish Committee in a new press release is urging the Bangladesh caretaker government of Fakhruddin Ahmed to take a strong stand for justice and drop the unwarranted charges against Salah Choudhury, publisher and editor of The Weekly Blitz and winner of the Moral Courage Award 2006, whose trial for sedition has resumed on 22nd January.

In these pages I have done a number of urgent appeals to the readership to sign the petition, the last one around 1st January. The number of indignant blogs, comments and posts daily published about the woes of Islam and the injustices of sharia law, plus the calls for universal human rights and freedom of speech and conscience can hardly be counted. It is therefore more than a little sad that the petition for this brave journalist, who is on trial for his life for sedition, viz. for his beliefs in inter-faith dialogue, fails to get more attention.

The current ticker of the petition stands at 3,354, which is better than it was around Christmas, but is still not on such levels that it reasonably can be hoped to assert any sway over the radicals within the judiciary in Bangladesh.

Therefore another appeal TO SIGN THE PETITION FOR THE LIFE OF SALAH CHOUDHURY TODAY - right this minute!
Here is the link to the petition. If you don't get to the right page directly, please copy and paste "Choudhury" into the Google search box and click the first petition listed. If you own a blog or a website, please consider inserting a link of your own to actively support the campaign.

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