Monday, October 15, 2007

Dutch Transnational Progressivism Alert

The Dutch are up in arms as the Crown Prince's consort - the future Queen if there is to be one - has called the Dutch national identity into question.

The Princess' father was a Junior Minister in the Argentine junta, so the Princess is always eager to show her Leftist credentials. The Socialists were so perturbed by this marriage that they could only be pacified if the father would forgo attending his daughter's marriage: so much for national identity - pettiness would be one ethnic characteristic.

The discourse wanders in many trivial directions, except for the light in which this must be seen, namely transnational progressivism, of which the Princess and her family are typical proponents.

We had better be prepared for more assaults on national identities and nation states: delete the border!

The underlying ratio to this piece of multiculturalism is that our DNA is ninety nine point nine nine nine percent similar. On that basis how can we speak of race, or of culture, let alone of such a non-existent thing as 'national identity' which in the past has only been the cause of 'wave after wave of ethnic cleansing'. Nor are we territorial animals, or plants with roots; we are humans with boots, according to the simplistic multicultural Out of Africa ideologues. Aren't we basically all 'the same', stemming as we are from a common female ancestor?

This speech should typically trigger alarm bells in a cautious post democratic new-empires-without-emperors watch dog, like myself. I just perused the green links, which were written only last May. It was all very much conjecture then. But in a matter of a few months the North American Union seems inevitable (!) and the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) is all but official reality.

The latter is particularly alarming as it provides the UN commission - the International Seabed Authority (ISA) - with its own source of revenue. In the cacophony of confused ideas, is the UN itself now considered to be a state? New World Order paranoids better keep close watch! Keeping you posted!

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