Monday, January 07, 2008

New Year's Resolution? We Help You Kick the Habit!

At Politeia: (...) the smoking habit is supposedly one of the hardest things to do, until one realises that the stories surrounding smoking and the associated withdrawal symptoms are just myths.

The debunking of these myths - erected on the one hand by the promotional policies of the tobacco companies, and on the other by the victim-based legal industry - is about eighty percent of the work of nicotine 'rehab' (...)

Smoking today does nothing for your public image, nor does it settle the nerves, or assist concentration. Smoking paves both the pulmonary system and the teeth with tar, causes cancer, and stinks.

Kicking the habit on the other hand leads to a better health and freedom from addiction, not to mention the relief - wow! - of being able to sit through an entire meeting without having to balance the prevailing weather conditions against the intensity of 'the urge'! (...)

Is your New Year's resolution to kick the habit and regain control over your own actions? (...) the beauty of the reality method is, that it doesn't involve will-power. (...)

Keep the above in mind, and above all - ignoring the urge isn't lethal! (...) If health issues are at stake, do not delay (...)

Good luck! And by all means, drop us a line if you think it may help.

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